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Not Flexible Enough To Do Yoga

Posted by terrepruitt on July 11, 2022

So, I had the conversation again, you may be familiar with it, in fact you may have had the same thoughts yourself.  I have people tell me all the time they are not flexible enough for yoga.  This comment makes me so sad.  And, to be honest, it is rubbish.  The comment makes no sense at all, but it may stem from the fact that people don’t understand yoga or they want to be further along in the practice than is reasonable.  I have a question to answer when presented with that statement, but I seldom remember it, my question is:  “Would you go to the gym only if you were strong?”  

Most people don’t start resistance training when they are strong, they start it to GET strong or improve their strength.  Why is it people don’t approach yoga the same way?  One does not walk into their first yoga class knowing all the moves and being able to do them all.  Yoga is a practice.  I posted once about how I was taught yoga was actually originally created for yogis . . . people that wanted to spend their entire lives learning yoga . . . not only the poses, but all the other things involved.  So with that alone, it proves that people cannot just do the poses from the very first time they try.  Some take years of “doing” to be able to “do” them.

So I think the statement is rubbish because YOGA MEETS YOU WHERE YOU ARE!  That is the thing about yoga.  Since it is a practice you do it as you can.  If you can lie in shavasana for ONLY 1 minute at first – LIE THERE FOR ONE MINUTE!  Then next time it might be 3 minutes, but then the next time it might be 30 seconds . . . that is ok.  If you can’t touch your toes in a forward bend, do what you can.  BE where you are.  If you want to be “flexible enough to do yoga” (not my words, I don’t agree with that statement) – DO YOGA.

One does not get strong by NOT lifting weights.  One does not get flexible by not doing yoga.  If you want to do yoga, do it.  It is not meant to look a certain way, but to allow one to get into their body.  In addition, it could be that your body will never get into a pose like you see on Instagram or in Yoga Journal, I have another post that talks about body design – that is a whole other story.  Yoga is a practice and the only way to do it is to “do” it.

I hope this allows you to realize that you don’t need to be anything when you practice yoga, yoga can help you discover what you ARE, yoga accepts you, and gives you space to adjust and just be.

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Awesomeness In A Jar

Posted by terrepruitt on November 15, 2014

Once a month or so . . . I think my last check was September . . . I like to check in on your Good Things Jar project.  Are you putting things in your Goodie Jar?  If you are not participating the actual container do you take time out of your busy day, your busy week, your busy month to thing about the good things?  Do you have a moment when you are grateful?  I always have good things, but I will admit, last month for some reason I was really “busy” and I didn’t put much if anything in the goodie jar.  This month -so far- I did stop and put a few things in.  I was able to make note of a few things at once.  One of my latest documentations for my good jar is a Nia Class I just did on Friday.

I have a student who really likes Nia andDance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Zumba, PiYo, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCA she wanted a class closer to her home. So she approached a gym or actually a club near her home and asked them if they would consider having Nia classes.  Well, we met with the club and we agreed to have a “demo” class.  A regular Nia class but one that would I would do free of charge and they would allow anyone that is not a member of the club to attend and they would invite their members.  Well, first of all, I am thankful that I was allowed this opportunity.  At this point we don’t know that we will have another demonstration there.  Along that line we don’t know if Nia will ever be a class that is offered there, but it was nice to have the opportunity.  It is always nice to introduce people to Nia.  This was probably the first time many people had heard of Nia or even seen the name.

But I am especially grateful to and for the five students of mine that showed up.  Actually there were five regular students, one who is a Nia teacher herself and another Nia teacher in addition.  So six showed up from what I am thinking of as “Camp Nia”.  I am so honored to have such wonderful students that they came to support me and Nia.  They came to help show the members of the club how great Nia is.  So that list of people is going in my Goodie Jar.

I have another thing associated with this class that I will make a note of and put in this jar.  This is something I have never put in the jar . . . but I am grateful for EVERY DAY!  That is the bodies amazing ability to heal.  While I was leading the class I scratch the back of my left hand.  I didn’t really make contact with my right thumb very hard, but it was hard enough to draw blood and it was at just the right angle and spot that my left hand went numb and tingly at the same time.  One of the next moves was a fast small chop that we do from the wrist, somewhat as if you are giving someone a “karate chop massage”.  Well, I could not do that with my left had without a lot of pain.  So I didn’t.

I finished the routine and was only slightly aware of the odd pain-numb sensation until I went to get up on the floor and push up with my left hand.  OOOOO!  That didn’t work.

The rest of the day I was VERY aware of my hand.  It started to feel better than I would do something and realize it was not better.  But as the night wore on it got better and better.  I am convinced I hit my hand in such a way that I temporarily injury a nerve.  I am soooo grateful that it is almost 100% back to normal.  So THAT is going in my goodie jar.  WHEW!

What about you?  Thanks for listening to my good things.  I would love to hear about yours?  What have you got?  C’mon, if you are not doing the Goodie Jar project perhaps you would like to make note of the good things here?  

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More Street Dancing

Posted by terrepruitt on October 2, 2014

Nia is a dance exercise . . . dare I say it?  It is much more if you want it to be.  Otherwise you can keep it just as that, an exercise class that you attend where you dance.  That is fine.  When you attend regularly you will more-than-likely experience more, but you do not have to take it any farther than that.  But . . . since I love dance and I teach a dance exercise class, I am going to post AGAIN about dancing.  I am not writing about dancing in an exercise class at the gym, community center, or dance studio, I am talking about dancing ON THE STREET!  My last post was about dancing on the street.  It was the fun idea of dancing while you are waiting for the crosswalk signal to change.  You can check it out HERE!  This post is highlighting yet another video about dancing on the street.  This time it is about dancing WHILE you are crossing the street.

Now it did cross my mind that some of these people looked almost as if they were doing Free Dance in Nia as they were very absorbed in their dance.  Some looked as if it might actually not be a safe thing to do.  But then I remembered that many people don’t pay attention when they cross the street as it is.  Many people have their face down and they are looking at their phone.  So I don’t feel that dancing while crossing the street is any more dangerous than the “phone-walk”.

This looks just as fun as dancing while waiting.  I think they should come up with a crosswalk sign that is ALL dance.  Dance while you wait, then dance across the street.

I do love how so many people seemed to dance while crossing the street.  So many people seemed to get into the moment and just go for it.  So fun.  I love the girl at the end.  She was completely surprised.  I was thinking that some of these people were “planted” and were dancing as part of the people filming the video.  And that could be true, but that girl’s shoe flying off her foot was not planned.  She was surprised.

Not everyone is into dancing or be what you might call a dancer.  That is one great thing about Nia you don’t have to be experienced in dance you just have to be willing to move.  Could be that you don’t have to dance while waiting for the crosswalk sign to change or you don’t have to dance while crossing the street, but you still could take a moment during your day to enjoy life.  That really is what all of this dancing is about.  The people who like to dance get enjoyment from it so they do so while waiting or crossing.  If dancing is not your “thing” that is fine, take a moment to do something that is.  Do something — if just for a moment — that brings you joy.

I love all this dancing!  Thanks, SoulPancake!  A friend of mine post this one on Facebook.  Have you seen this video yet?

(click the pic to watch the video)

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Friends For Life

Posted by terrepruitt on March 13, 2010

Ahhhh, so what are you thinking?  Friends that you have all your life?  Yeah, no.  This is about friends for LIFE.  As in friends for health.  As in friends for well being.  It is very important to have good friends.  The definition of “good friends” is vast and we can have a lot of “good friends”, but I believe that we all can benefit from friends that we can connect with.

Most of us have an array of friends in our life, we have people we call friends but they might REALLY be categorized as acquaintances.  We have friends that call us when they need something, and friends we call when we need something.  We have friends that annoy us and friends that don’t.  We have friends that we might not think of often, but that we are very fond of.  And, when we are lucky we have friends that fill us up.  That make us feel good.  They make us feel grounded and connected to humanity.

These friends could agree with us when we need it and tell us to get it together when we need that too.  They could agree with us on something and disagree with us on others.  They can see our faults and ignore them or try to help us with them, but either way, they are there and they are our friends.  I believe that is vital to our health.  I believe that sometimes life needs to be suspended—in between appointments, and kids athletic games, around the Nia classes, the gym, and the yoga practice, regardless of work and responsibilities–you need to be with those types of friends.

Enjoy time visiting with these friends no matter how frequent or infrequent it is important to connect, to refill, to recharge.  It is awesome.

It is as important as good nutrition and exercise . . . . .at least, I think so . . . . I think there are friends for life.

Do you believe that friendships play a role in life/health?

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