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Posts Tagged ‘keep on trucking’

December 30 Minute Movement Challenge – Day #7

Posted by terrepruitt on December 7, 2012

YAY YOU FOR BEING HERE!!!  Still trucking, I see.  I had to look that phrase up.

According to Wordwizard, there are several references listed that state it means “to carry on”.  Some references refer to truck driving as in driving through the night and some refer to a marathon dance contests of the 1930s; “or with the type of lively dancing known as truckin’ (from a song of the same name, written in the mid-1930s).”  The site goes onto say it didn’t come from trucking but had to do with railroads, and on to say, that some people believe it came from the Grateful Dead.  The post ends with:

“So, the origin could have been from the marathon dance contests of the 1930s with the image of trucks driving through the night, or from the dance and song, which might have come from the image of the long-haul truck or from the baggage trucks used in railroad stations. Or the expression could have come from a jazz dance step, that was used for exiting a stage, which was based on the image of . . . . and which might or might not have been related to the popular dance step, . . . . and which was slang for sexual intercourse . . . . . . . . ,”

Sigh.  Who knows, huh?  All I know is we are still doing our movement on day six!  Yay.  I’ll be back.

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December 30 Minute Movement Challenge – Day #5

Posted by terrepruitt on December 5, 2012

Yay!  Day five!  How are you doing?  Feeling good, huh?  You’ve done five days and you are gonna keep on trucking!  (Remember that term?  Where did that come from?)

Post a comment to let me know you are done.  I will be back to let you know.  I have to teach my Nia class and then run some errands, but I will be back with to comment with my 30 minute done!

Thank you for being here!!!

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