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Merry Metal Christmas Tree

Posted by terrepruitt on December 22, 2021

I have been wanting a metal tree to hang Christmas ornaments on for years. But we have a lot of Christmas stuff and we really try not to add to it, plus the tree itself was rather expensive, but I kept wanting one. I kept my eye on it and every year the price went up. Then I happened upon one that was half the price of the original one I have been coveting. I think it might not be as sturdy, but it has a lot more “branches” and places to hang ornaments. So this was one of my Christmas presents this year.

I thought hanging ornaments on it would be easy, but it is not. I realized that it is good to hang the ornaments that are 360 kind of ornaments. Because the tree is so visible from every side it is nice to have ornaments that look pretty from all sides. I was also a bit cautious because this is the first time we have had it and I didn’t how sturdy it would be and I didn’t know how the cats would react. I don’t think they have even looked at it. It is pretty good they pay it not attention since I move one of their scratching things and put the tree there.  They just go to the new spot to scratch.

I also had no idea how to hang the lights. I strung them from “branch” to branch where I think it would be cool to wrap them around each branch. I am not sure. I like it, but it took some getting used to.  I hope to get better at it each year.

I like the extra added sparkle in the house.

I had taken videos as I was decorating to document what went where in case I did it the same next year. This is the last one starting about 1/3 of the way down.

As you may have seen in my last post I do have other metal ornament trees, but this one is much larger.  Do any of you have a metal tree? 

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