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Posts Tagged ‘moderation’

The Fourth Yama – Brahmacharya

Posted by terrepruitt on February 29, 2016

This one sounds like a weird one.  Well, I think it sounds weird, but then again, these are the rules of yoga and yoga was actually meant to be for those that were very serious about it.  Those who were pretty much willing to give up everything and willing to follow the Eight Limbs of Yoga.  But since it has been introduced and fed to the masses the ideas have been adjusted a bit. Often times Brahmacharya, the fourth yama is described as celibacy.  I actually like continence better, with it meaning self-restraint or abstinence, especially in regard to sexual activity; temperance; moderation it allows a little leeway in there.

The text talks about how having sex actually releases your life force so it shouldn’t be done just carelessly.  One shouldn’t just have sex to have sex . . . . so opposite the many teachings and attitudes of today.  So many things are geared towards getting more and having more no matter what it is, just doing what feels good with no regard to consequences.

So perhaps in terms of sex we think of Brahmacharya as not having meaningless sex.  Because many of use are not going to be on the path of celibacy.  Since marriage and relationships are part of what make many of us happy.  There are other ways to think about Brahmacharya.   The Heart of Yoga says moderation in all things.  In a lecture about they yamas, Connie Habash, our teacher, said she likes to say that Brahmacharya is a balance of ALL of our energy (not just sex).  She even gave an example of wasting energy as go over things in your head over and over.  Perhaps having a conversation that will never happen, or replaying a situation in your head over and over.  Dwelling on things.  Wasting the energy.  These makes sense to me.

At this time I would like to point out, I am just sharing, it is not that I have mastered this.  I actually kind of think of myself as the queen of going over and over things in my head.  Ha, this is part of what makes things like yoga a practice.  I need to continually remind myself to “let things go”.  And move on.

Energy can be wasted on other things, too, just in the having and doing too much.  This wastes energy.  All of the needing to have keeps us so busy working that we don’t have time for relaxation.  And there are so many other “doings”, we are always on the go, that we don’t have time for just being.  There is so much energy being expending that it seems we just run ourselves down.

Always being on the go and not allowing for time to relax and play is not a balanced situation.  Not having the balance does not lend to a healthy life.  The idea, especially in regards to sex, is to not get so caught up in things that we lose our way.  We lose sight of trying to better ourselves through things that might take time, such as eating well, exercise, relaxation, and meditation.  All of these things take time and should be included in our lives to help us achieve balance and not have us wasting our energy.

Don’t you like the sound of balance and moderation better than celibacy?  Also, do you feel that balance in one’s life IS a good thing?

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Corn Fed Up!

Posted by terrepruitt on March 25, 2010

I am saddened that it has come to this.  I have started to make a list of products in our home that have High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in them.  And I am going to begin eliminating them from our house.  (Yeah, sorry, Honey, if you are reading this, I meant to tell you before I posted, but . . . )

I am disgusted with the fact that it is in everything.  I do not believe that it is “natural” or that it can be consumed in moderation.  It is in too many of our everyday processed foods for it to be consumed in moderation.

I love Worcestershire Sauce.  I use it in ALL of my marinades.  I am in search of a brand that does not contain HFCS.  If you know of one, please, let me know.

This will not be an easy process as some of the items, which I will discuss at a later date, are going to be really difficult for me to part with, but I am just fed up.  There is WAY too much corn in America’s diet and I am done.

But in the spirit of fessing up, not only will this not be easy, it will not be an overnight thing.  I need to wean us off some of these things.  As I said in the e-mail/contact form to Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce is a STAPLE.  So we will finish what we have which will give me some time to find something else to use.

I actually didn’t even know HFCS was in Worcestershire Sauce, but after my Nia class today I went to Jakes in Willow Glen and my friend and I were talking about how HFCS is in everything.  I grabbed all the condiments off of the condiment area and we started reading the labels.  Let me tell you I was soooooo disappointed.  I never thought to look because it is just something I always buy.  Now, when I buy something new, I look, but I have grown up with Worcestershire Sauce so I never questioned it.  But now, I wonder, did it always have HFCS in it?

If you know of a Worcestershire Sauce without HFCS, please let me know.  Thanks.

This is a copy of the what I sent Lea & Perrins.  Pretty sure they don’t care.  There website says, “We couldn’t make it better”  Uh, yeah, you could, you could take out the HFCS!

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