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Posts Tagged ‘Mother’s Day Card’

Hummingbird Card From Girls

Posted by terrepruitt on September 17, 2021

I was doing some yoga or stretching and I notice a sparkle behind something.  This card had fallen behind some furniture.  I think it is lovely and a way for me to document some of the lovely cards I have received is to put them on my blog.  To me, they make a good Friday Photo.

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Fancy Mother’s Day Cards

Posted by terrepruitt on June 26, 2019

Our cats give us Mother’s and Father’s Day cards, respectively. For as long as I can remember my husband had been giving me these HUGE cards for Valentine’s Day. Last year or the year before he did not. He said the store was out of them. It is funny because I shop at that store and I have never seen them at all, but I guess it would help if I actually walked down the aisle that has the cards. Anyway, this year it seems that the cats wanted to give me those humungo cards, too. For Mother’s Day. These ones have recordings of songs in them. And the cats really loved their choice of cards because every time I opened one they would come out to listen and sniff.

It is amazing what they can do with cards now-a-days, huh? Recorded songs or even, in some you can record your own message. Amazing. These ones not only have recordings in them but FLASHING LIGHTS!  Cards are not cheap, so it is really amazing that they can do all that and still make them relatively affordable.  So incredible.

Here are the cards I received from our girls on Mother’s Day.

Do you get cards from your pets?

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