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Slow Down, Catch Some Chickens

Posted by terrepruitt on March 28, 2013

Nia is a great dance exercise.  Go to a Nia Class and get a great workout.  It is also a practice.  As with any practice there are workshops.  In one particular workshop produced by Danielle Woermann and led by Helen Terry we were reminded to go slow.  Helen was here teaching us her adaptation of a Nia Routine to a specific album.  Helen is hilarious.  She is down to earth, professional, wonderful to listen to (she has an English accent), and currently living in Texas.  The “currently living in” needs to be mentioned because of one of the stories she shared with us . . . but before I get to that let me tell you something she reminded us of.  She reminded us to go slow.  I know often times I want to rush moves . . . that could mean doing it faster than it needs to be done or not “staying through my enoughs”.  But either way the idea is to slow down.  When I slow down I can be aware of more.  I can pay more attention to a move or even to my class.  There seems to a tendency to rush, could be our lifestyles and/or society, whatever, so the lesson was to slow down and the result could be catching a chicken.

There is one song in particular in her adapted routine that I am severely challenged in slowing down.  It just seems so incredible slow.  I have not yet been able to FEEL/SENSE the music and I have been doing the routine for a month.  Which, with the current way I am structuring my San Jose Nia classes, equates to eleven times, thus far.  I have done it correctly, but only when I am COUNTING.  Yes, I am having to COUNT in order to get it.  For this song I really have to learn to listen, sense, feel, taste, hear, smell, become the music in order to slow down.  I have even announced to the class so I have a better chance of doing it, “We have to go really incredibly slow here.”  Sometimes I have to close my eyes so I don’t see them rushing through and join them.  S L O W.  (Where’s that chicken?)

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, ZumbaSlow down.  Work the muscles.  Enjoy the song.  Enjoy the movement.  EnJOY.  SLOW.  Geez . . . it seems so difficult to slow down sometimes.  Sigh.  But really often times slowing down in combination with “staying with the enoughs” (as I already mentioned) helps in catching those chickens!  Ah-ha, here we are . . . . at the chicken story . . . (remember this is coming from a person who is currently living in Texas!).

I might not have the details exactly right, but you will get the point.  Helen said that one day her husband and her neighbor were going to work on building a table.  The neighbor says, “Let’s go catch some chickens.”  This sounded very odd to Helen because they were building a table not catching chickens.  So she asked her neighbor what he meant.  He said that when he was young his mother used to send him out to get dinner.  He said that he would go outside to do the task, sometimes he would end up with a handful of feathers and sometimes he would end up with a chicken.  A handful of feathers means not quite getting it.  So catching the chicken is when task is accomplished!    Makes sense!

In dancing this routine all month, I have enough feathers to fill a king sized down comforter!  So . . . see there?  Feathers really aren’t all THAT bad.  Feathers can be useful.  Feathers can be fun.  A handful of feathers does not ruin a Nia class or even the moment, but it is NOT a chicken.  When you hit the mark, the music, the cue just right that is catching a chicken.

Whatever it is, whether it is slowing down or staying with the enoughs, or learning the music really well, it is a great feeling to catch that chicken.  When you attend one of my Nia classes you might hear me sputter and/or you might hear me “bacbac”.  When you do, you will know either I grabbed a handful of feathers and the escaped ones are floating at me causing me to sputter or I caught that chicken!

You know what we’re talking about when we say, “Catch a Chicken”, right?  Isn’t that a great feeling?  Do you ever feel the need to slow down?

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