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Winter Time Ideas

Posted by terrepruitt on November 1, 2014

It is winter time, although with the way the weather has been behaving the past few years I am not sure that nature knows how to respond.  Animals and plants do not have clocks and calendars, they react to their internal clocks and the way the weather is.  If it is warm they might not realize winter is on the way and they need to prepare.  If there is no water they might not be able to prepare.  If their homes or hunting grounds are being torn up because buildings or houses are being built they might even be at more of a loss.  But there are still a few fruits and veggies we might see during the winter.  Perhaps not all of nature is confused.  One is the delicata squash I recently mentioned.  A friend was over asking if we ate the skin.  She also mentioned winter squash and while I had heard the term before I never really paid attention.  It used to be in the same category to me as how things are classified.  I never paid attention to what is a winter squash and what is a summer squash.  I just buy what is in the store.  I have been receiving winter veggies and fruits in my delivery.  Perhaps more accurately described as fall fruits and veggies.  I have pomegranates, persimmons, and pears.  We have received chard, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, and delicata squash.  What do you do with that stuff?

You know me.  If you have read one, you’ve read them all . . . I roast it.  Roasting is so easy.  It is easy, tasty, and time efficient.  Time really is the main reason why I love roasting.  Cut it up, oil it, garlic it, salt it and put it in the oven, then go do whatever it is you still need to do.  So easy.  But I can’t do that for everything.  Ok, with the squash I get “fancy”, I roast it THEN I stuff it, but c’mon . . . there has got to be other ways.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Zumba, PiYo, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCATonight I made a stuffed pumpkin.  I didn’t have any ricotta so I used the Neufchâtel cheese I had left over from the chicken dish I made – documented in my post Leftover Rainbow Chard To The Rescue.  I think it might have even made it better.  I’m not sure.  I just didn’t want to buy a container of ricotta just for 2 ounces. So I just decided to use the Neufchâtel since I had bought 8 ounces of it and only used 2 ounces.  It was fine.

I do want to roast a pumpkin to make soup out of it, but what else do you do with all of these wonderful winter vegetables.  I have never gotten beyond my Fancy Toast when it comes to persimmons and I have about seven sitting on my counter right now.  What do you do with persimmons?  Can they be uses in a “salsa” or a chutney?

Can you use delicata squach for soup?  I also received some baby bok choy.  Read any of my posts?  If so, you know I LOOOOOOOVE baby bok choy.  It can be cooked and eaten by itself or added to just about anything.  YUM!!!!

I am just thinking you might have ideas that you could share.  Some tried and true, some favorite recipes that you might want to share.  I asked last year and I received a SPECTACULAR recipe I am going to share soon.  It is easy and yummy and one of those things you make that you just want to put on/in everything because it is so good.  You can eat it by itself.

So . . . what have you got?  What do you do with all of or any of this wonder winter produce we have?


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Guess What I Did With Delicata Squash

Posted by terrepruitt on November 20, 2012

Ha, ha, ha, ha.  So I received another new thing in the organic produce box I have delivered, Delicata squash.  It was delivered on the day before I was going to go to a week long (53 hours) training for Nia Blue Belt.  The box came Friday morning and I had a lot to do so I put the veggies in the fridge.  I was hoping that I would get to cooking it during the week, but I didn’t really count on it.  The training was an hour away from 8:00 am to 6:00 or 7:00 pm. Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Zumba I think I had seen the squash on the list that comes with the delivery and I was thinking comparable to a zucchini.  I didn’t get around to cooking with it until the week after it was delivered.  It was the Sunday of the following week.  Since I was thinking zucchini like consistency and cooking time, I was going to bread it and cook it in the oven.  When I cut it I laughed because it was HARD.  It was like a pumpkin.  I didn’t know if I could roast it.  I didn’t think it would cook in the time I had alloted.  And even after I cut the ends off I didn’t think about it being seedy like a pumpkin.  It was.  So switching gears, I didn’t know what to do with it.  I decided to slice it in half and roast it with olive oil and salt —- big surprise, huh?  Me ROASTING a vegetable.  I was going to FILL it with cheese and just bake it.  Well, I cooked it a bit then decided to taste it.  It was really good without the cheese.  It was also sweeter than I had thought it would be so I didn’t think the cheese I was going to use was the flavor combination I was after.  So I switched cheese and decided to just put a little bit of cheese on it instead of filling it.  Instead of a lot of parmesan, I used a little cheddar and gouda.

I had also peeled it.  I didn’t know if the outside would become edible during cooking.  In my quest to cut it up I had started cutting it in slices so I had ended up with one slice with the skin/outside.  I cooked it to see if the skin would be edible.  It was.  I was disappointed that I had peeled the rest of it.

Well, this turned out to be one of those surprise vegetables that was just delicious.  As I said it was very good without the cheese.  So I would definitely cook this squash up with just a salt, a little pepper, and olive oil.  Adding anything to it is not necessary but could end up being great.  Just like the cheese.  I am glad that I tasted it before just piling on the cheese on it because it had a delicate flavor and so I used a lot less cheese and didn’t add any other seasoning.

I am not sure that I have seen these in the store or anywhere before.  I probably have but didn’t know what they were so I didn’t pay attention.  Now I will purposeful look for them.  (I have been looking and I cannot find them.)

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, ZumbaAccording to Wiki, this type of squash is a winter squash also know as the Bohemian, squash, peanut squash or the sweet potato squash.  Further info states it belongs to the same species as the zucchini.

The World’s Healthy Food lumps winter squash together, their site states that it has the following percentages of the RDA of the nutrients listed:

vitamin A 214.1%

vitamin C 32.8%

fiber 22.9% (5.74 grams)

manganese 19%

vitamin B6 16.5%

potassium 14.1%

vitamin K 11.2%

folate 10.2%, in just a cup of baked squash.  I think it is a great addition to a healthy diet.  It is really delicious.  And this is one of the reasons why I decided to get an organic produce box.  I never would have thought to buy this!

Are you familiar with the Delicata Squash?  How do you cook it?

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