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Posted by terrepruitt on March 24, 2011

Holy Moly!  Our weather has been wet lately.  Really wet.  No, not as wet as a tsunami and it will not leave as much devastation as was left in Japan.  But it is really wet for us.  I am glad I teach Nia inside.  It has been raining for days, but for us, here in San Jose we have had hours, even a day when it has stopped.  This is La Niña.  I had to look it up, because when my husband and I got married 13 years ago there was El Niño.  According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: “The 1997/98 El Niño ranks as one of the major climatic events of this century.”

The administration studied the information available and was able to predict as early as January 1997 that the winter of 1997/98 was going to be wet.  As the year progressed they became more confident with their predictions of heavy rainfall and flooding.  So I had heard all of this while planning our outdoor wedding.  We had a plan if it rained or if the ground was too wet, good thing because that is what ended up happening.  It rained the day of and the ground was too wet for us to be outside.  Because El Niño is a warm type of storm pattern we were actually able to go outside for a few pictures. 

This storm we are having now is cold.  That is why I looked it up because I remember hearing that this year was an La Niña year and I didn’t know the difference between the El Niño and the La Niña.  Colder than normal temperatures is the characteristics of La Niña.  Another characteristic is that it follows El Niño.  I remember there being rain last winter, but it didn’t seem more than normal and the temperatures weren’t as cold.  It seems as if we have these weather patterns all the time.  I guess we only really hear about them when they are really severe. 

Right now the rain is causing flooding and landslides.  We are fortunate because with raining happening non-stop in some areas there can be planning and people can take precautions.  There is time in some cases to prepare.  Not always, early this week I heard that an area where there was only one way in and one way out got closed off.  The gulch had a landslide so those that were IN the neighborhood were stuck and those that were out were stuck.  Some people are being evacuated.  My heart goes out to them.  I hope they remain safe and are able to come back to a home intact.

I’m just thinking out loud.  I was curious about the weather.  I also keep thinking that this is a long period of rain, but I keep thinking 40 days and 40 nights must have really seemed like forever.  Also as much water as we are getting it is still not as much as Japan.  I guess I keep thinking about Japan.  I hope you are too, not to dwell and be upset, but to hold space for them.  To pray for them and to think positive thoughts.

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Help With Drinking Water

Posted by terrepruitt on July 8, 2010

San Jose weather up until about June had been all over the place!  One day it would be cold, one day it would be windy, the next day it would be raining, then the next day there would be sun, then the next day it would cold, rainy, and windy.  Then—bam! HOT!  It was all over the place.  Honestly, I have a difficult time drinking water when the weather is cold.  When I am cold because the weather is cold drinking water makes me MORE cold.  So I had thought of coming up with things that help me when I have to work at getting “enough” water.

One thing I do is, I heat it up.  When the weather is chilly I just put it in the microwave for about 30 to 45 seconds.  I like it warmer than room temperature but not so hot that I feel as if I need to actually be drinking tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

When the weather is warmer, but I am wanting something more than just plain water I put a cucumber in it.  I had seen this and wanted to try it, then a friend brought it over earlier this year and reminded me.  (Thanks, Friend!)  I am not a fan of lemons, but some people do that.  I like to put a few slices of cucumber in it.

Other things I do, I change what I am drinking the water from.  Sounds weird, I can imagine, but it works for me.  I pour it in a mug instead of drinking it out of my usual bottle.  Sometimes I drink out of different glass, just to have a different sensation.

I find that when the weather is hot I don’t even have to think, I just drink, but when the weather is cool or comfortable, I need a little more reminder.  I drink it when I am practicing a Nia routine or teaching a Nia class, but honestly, lately, just during the day I need to step up my water drinking, I have slacked off a bit and I am feeling it.

Do you drink water?  Do you add things to it?  Drink it plain?  Have a special glass you drink from?  Tell me, I love to hear different ideas.

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