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Posts Tagged ‘sister cats’

A Furry Friday Photo

Posted by terrepruitt on April 6, 2018

Here is Teagan. She is a very pretty kitty. She has green eyes. They change color from green to yellow. Do most green eyes do that? I know a couple of people who have green eyes and they say their eyes change color, too. I don’t think Nessa’s change, but Teagan’s do. Sometimes you can see the yellow and the green at the same time. She likes to play but not as actively as her sister. She is a great cat!

I am posting our beautiful black cat as my Friday Photo today.

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Sisterly Love

Posted by terrepruitt on July 7, 2015

I have not decided to turn this blog into a cat blog.  But I have been very much preoccupied with the cats.  Not that they need a lot of attention.  They are very mellow girls.  I just LIKE giving them a lot of attention.  Plus I spent a lot of time at The Dancing Cat last week so my brain is still on cats.  I want to continue to talk about The Dancing Cat because having a place where you can go meet your potential pet is the greatest thing.  I went there to meet a particular cat that had been posted on The Dancing Cat’s Facebook page.  The second I walked in I wanted to scoop her up and run.  She was so tiny and so cute, just a beautiful girl.  But after watching her for a while I realized that our home would probably not be the best place for her.  She is a very active cat.  She is still young and might mellow out a bit, but she is still more active than we were looking for.  Her being active is not a bad thing at all.  And me recognizing that her level of activity is more than we want is not bad either.  It is EXACTLY what a cat cafe is for.  Well, one of the things.  It is also there to allow people to visit with cats, but its highest purpose it to match people with pets.  I didn’t want two cats.  And I still don’t.  I want the sister we have.  They are still adjusting to their new home.  It is a learning process for all of us.  But so far, my hubby and I are very happy.  We are enamoured with the girls.  We feel extremely blessed.  We are grateful to The Dancing Cat.

Since I have never had two cats, I am learning how to do it.  I never know which one to pet first.  And I always feel as if I have to give them equal time.  Which is probably not true at all because Smokey seems to like her pets in small doses.  But, as I said, we are all learning.  One thing that comes with two cats is their interaction.  I recorded a bit of their little bath session today.  I could have stood there all day, but I only got a couple of minutes because I decided I could leave them alone.  Smokey first bathed Esmeralda, then they switched.

I know for many this is not a big deal.  Happens all the time.  I know I will get accustomed to it, too.  But for now, this just amazes me.  Sister love.

The black cat is Smokey and the tortie is Esmeralda.  On the way home with them in the car my husband and I decided to keep their names.  She doesn’t really seem like an Esmeralda to me.  I looked up the name Esmeralda and it translates to emerald.  The tendency with Esmeralda is to call her Ezzy/Essy.  Don’t like.  She really doesn’t seem like an Ezzy to me.  But as the case is with pets there always seems to be a nickname.  Going along with the emerald idea, I have been calling her Emmy!  When I said that my husband said, “Like the award?”  And I said, “No, like short for the precious gem!  An Emerald.”Ahh, we will see.

My Facebook friends have been very kind and understanding about all the pictures I have posted.  I hope you understand, too.

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