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Pictures Of Art Box Project San Jose – Round Two

Posted by terrepruitt on December 22, 2012

As I was coming home from Target, one day I saw a huge rose.  It made me happy.  I loved it.  Later on – as in months later – I was at a stop light and noticed a man sitting at a utility box.  As I drove past him I realized what he was doing and decided to stop and talk to him about it.  He explained it was something the city of San Jose was doing.  Anyone could sponsor a box and an artist would volunteer to paint it.  I first posted about this in July, then in August.  Since then I have taken a few pictures of painted boxes in my area.  I would love for people who have seen other art work to send me pictures so I could post more.  I’ve only seen six.  I am sure there are more.

These boxes make me happy.  Even if I don’t care for the art work, I love that they are adding art and color to the city.  I also think it is really great that the city is not paying for it and that they are sponsored projects.  As you are driving, walking, moving, living in San Jose look around.  See if you spot one.  Take a picture or two and send it to me.  If you can, take a picture of the “label” so we know who the artist is.  I forgot to get a picture of the label naming the artist of the coffee cup boxes.

I took a lot more than the pictures shown here and in my last post, but these were the ones that showed the art the best.

In my last post I mentioned that some of the boxes are very close to busy/traffic-y corners.   Like the rose.  That is a busy intersection.  I didn’t want to stand in the street as long as it would have taken to get a good shot.  I forgot that I had taken a picture while I was at the stop light on the other side of the street.  That one came out ok.  I love this rose!

This is the photo I took from across the street while waiting at the traffic light!  Such a vibrant rose.

Wow!  Look at the sponsor.  I just noticed that (right now as I was putting this picture in my post)!  Awesome “Ladies Loving All Art”.  That might spawn another blog post!

No, your vision is not off, you ARE seeing double . . . sort of.  Two shots looking the same, sorry, but I liked both angles even though they are just slightly different.  🙂

Dance Exercise, Nia, workout, San Jose workout, San Jose art

Dance exercise, dance, Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia dance class, San Jose Art

Dance, Nia dance, Dance exercise, Nia workout, San Jose Art Project

Look at this one!  SOOOOOO colorful!  It is mouth-watering good, huh?  Look at all that fruit!

Dance, Dance exercise, workout, Nia, San Jose Nia, cardio workout, fun workout, San Jose Art Project

Dance exercise, dance workout, cardio, Nia, Nia San Jose, San Jose Nia

This set of utilities boxes is yummy and fun!

Dance exercise, Nia dance, Nia workout, Nia San Jose, San Jose Nia, San Jose Art Project

What a beautiful color blue.  It is like the sky!

Dance exercise, Nia dance, Nia workout, Nia San Jose, San Jose Nia, San Jose Art Project

Ooooh, LOOK!  The fruit in the tree looks like hearts!  Love that!

Dance exercise, Nia dance, Nia workout, Nia San Jose, San Jose Nia, San Jose Art Project

WOW!  Listen to this one!  It is as if the you can hear the music the musicians are playing!  Swirls of notes and sounds!

Dance exercise, Nia dance, Nia workout, Nia San Jose, San Jose Nia, San Jose Art Project

Dance exercise, Nia dance, Nia workout, Nia San Jose, San Jose Nia, San Jose Art Project

I am very happy about this project.  I think it is very cool.  Thank you, San Jose.  Thank you, sponsors.  Thank you artists for sharing your talent.

So, what do you think?  Do you have a favorite out of all six boxes?  They are all pretty cool, but I bet you have a favorite, huh? 

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Posted by terrepruitt on October 13, 2009


Know what a BOSU is?  It is a piece of exercise equipment.  Picture a stability ball, you know those round ones full of air that you can sit on?  Picture that cut in half with a plastic “cap” on the flat side.  It is very versatile.  It can be used for a variety of exercises and it can be used on either side.  The flat side can be placed on the ground so you are working on the rounded side or you can place the rounded side on the ground and do your work on the flat side.

Flat side on ground, standing on rounded sideEither way–depending on what you are doing–you are going to be challenging your stabilizing muscles in addition to the muscles you are exercising.  That is a great way to get more muscles working during your workout, burn more calories, and make you a more strong and stable body.

You can stand on either side (the flat side or the rounded side) and do dumbbell work: biceps curls, shoulder presses, upright rows, lateral and rear deltoid raises, bent over rows, etc.

You can lie on either side (the flat side or the rounded side) and do dumbbell chest presses, supine triceps extensions, curls, crunches, and sit-ups to name just a few.

Using either side you can do push-ups, mountain climbers, or add it to your burpee.

With push-ups you can either put your feet on it or hold it with your hands.They can also be used for cardio work.  They can be jumped on and off of, they can be used for lunges, or as I mentioned before, they can be used for mountain climbers and burpees.

I think they might be a favorite of personal trainers because there is so much you can do with it.

To me they are a little easier to store than a stability ball because they take up less space, but unlike a ball they won’t really challenge your muscles just by sitting on them.  But as I mentioned above you can use them for a lot of different exercises and they will add an additional challenge to almost any workout routine. I think I have see them in the Target by my house in San Jose, so I am sure you can buy them at Targets or stores where they sell sports equipment/exercise equipment.

As with any exercise equipment you use and as with any exercise you do–caution is required.

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