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Would You Take Two Minutes To Health and Wealth?

Posted by terrepruitt on April 7, 2009

Well, would you?  Do you?  Do you floss?

First let me say, although you might not have noticed, my blog is late.  I went to the dentists today.  I go to one in Milpitas even though there are probably hundreds in San Jose that I pass to get there, but EVERYONE there is so nice and pleasant.  I like my dentist office.   If you don’t like going to the dentist, you are going to the wrong one.

Anyway, back to my ramble about flossing.

If you want to feel great and aid in the prevention of numerous health issues, floss.  It takes less than two minutes (for most of us) and it can add years to the life of your teeth and gums.  I heard someone say, “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.”  Ha!  I thought that was pretty good.

But flossing is about more than just keeping your teeth.  It is really helps with your overall health.  It seems like more and more, studies are showing that dental health is connected to overall health.  Hmmmm, imagine that?

Basically everything in the body is connected and that is one of the things that makes being healthy a bit of a challenge because everything needs attention and care in order to keep the body running properly.  But one of the EASIEST and FASTEST things you can do to assist in your health is floss.  In addition to making your mouth feel great, sometimes you end up with that I-did-something-you-didn’t-do-attitude (just like you get when you do your workout in the morning)  since you know most people don’t floss.

Now what’s this about wealth?  Well, if just the fact that you will be healthier does not encourage you to floss, what about saving money?  Oh yeah, the healthier you are, the less money you will end up spending.  Hmmmmm, imagine that?  So investing a few dollars and a few minutes in floss is just the thing to assist you in saving your money* for other things.

So why not give it a shot?  There are so many types of flossing products that I am sure you can find one that makes it safe and easy for you to get your floss on.  What do you say?

Sometimes links go dead so “saving your money” has been replaced with a different link.

4 Responses to “Would You Take Two Minutes To Health and Wealth?”

  1. mattresses said

    Flossing and taking good care of teeth in general also has benefit for overall health. Bacteria in the mouth can end up in other parts of the system, and many doctors feel it can lead to infections in the heart.


  2. judy said

    I love that I get to say I floss. I remember back in the stone ages when I’d just started living on my own, I hadn’t been to a dentist in years, and I’d see those 1-800-Dentist commercials and cringe. Now I never have to cringe, and – bonus – I get to love this post, guilt-free! Thank you!!!


    • I know, huh? Makes you feel good that you can say that. Plus when you floss, it makes you feel good. I swear by floss and tartar control crest! I swear it really works! I am so glad I posted a guilt free post for you!


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