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Day Nine Of Your Daily Ten Minute Practice

Posted by terrepruitt on February 9, 2017

This is day nine of the Daily 10 Minute Practice.  How are you doing?  Did you pick something that makes you feel good once you have it done?  Did you pick something to do for your daily practice that you have been wanting to do?

I hope this is helping you do it!

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Day Eight Of Your Daily Ten Minute Practice

Posted by terrepruitt on February 8, 2017

This is day eight of the Daily 10 Minute Practice, are you still with me?  I am just going to have faith that there are people out there doing it, but they are too busy or shy to comment.  I am keeping the faith that someone is using the calendar (besides me) that I made.  I have a Nia Class and a Yoga Class this morning, but I will comment when I get my 10 minutes in!

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Day Six Of Your Daily Ten Minute Practice

Posted by terrepruitt on February 6, 2017

So here it is day six.  How are you doing?  While I want to say I hope you are doing better than me, I don’t want to make it a bad thing if you miss some days of your Daily 10 Minute Practice. . . . . like I did.  🙂  I mean things come up.  But I am going to work to get back at it.

So I am sticking with . . . how are YOU doing?

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Running, Lifting Weights, And Nia

Posted by terrepruitt on January 25, 2014

Nia is a body/mind type of practice.  Or mind/body . . . however you want to say it.  I tend to say body/mind because the first step is to get into the body.  But it is different from a lot of other exercises.  It is much more like yoga and Pilates then say . . . weight lifting or running.  I recently taught a class where a woman told me afterwards that she really loves it because she is very athletic, she runs, she plays other sports, but she wanted something that was more freeing and more connected so she decided try Nia and now she is hooked.  She still does all of the other stuff and continues to love it, she is just rounding out her workouts and exercise with Nia as a body/mind addition.  Nia is really great to add to any type of workout regime you have.

Since Nia focuses on allowing the participant to participate at their own level it can easily fit into your workout schedule.  I have had many people who love more traditional sports tell me that Nia is a great addition for them.  They all love that body/mind connection and the way it allows them to feel like a kid.  They love the play of it.

I have had people come up to me before class and say, “I can’t dance are you sure I can do this?”  The answer in The Nia Technique is “if you can walk you can do Nia.”  And that is true.  In a Nia class you might even fine tune your walking a bit.  We might train you to do that Heel Lead that often gets lost in a high heeled or runner’s gait.  Get that flex and extend back in the ankle.  But really anyone can do Nia.

I would bet that you have noticed the increase in the popularity of yoga . . . well, it is that mind/body connection that draws people to it.  Many people are understanding that even a regularly scheduled exerciser benefits from having that mind/body connection.  With Nia there is also the Emotions and Spirit.  The whole enchilada.  BMES.  Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit.

I’ve posted about Spirit before.  It is one of the things that many people really enjoy about Nia.  It can be compared to the “feeling like a kid” again.  The play in the exercise or workout.  The “Wooohooo!”

So the intention of this post is just to remind people – because I am sure I have said it before – that Nia is for everyBODY.  To remind you that people who like the more traditional exercise and workouts, the more athletic type of stuff, as in running and weight lifting, find they really like to add in Nia to the mix.  It actually helps them in their other type of workouts.  They claim — the ones that talk to me — they are more focused when they do run and/or lift weights.  So if you are one of those people who prefer the more traditional exercise, maybe break out of that for a Nia class and see how it works for you.

Check out my schedule on my website Nia Class Schedule or if San Jose is too far for you look at the Nia Classes on the main website.

Do you ever find yourself wanting to try something different for a workout?  Do you want to add something new to your exercise regime?

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Day 1 Of 31 Days Of 30 Minutes In December 2012

Posted by terrepruitt on December 1, 2012

So today is the first day of the December 2012 30 Minute Movement Challenge.  There are so many things you can do, you know that right?  On the days I am teaching a Nia Class I will obviously get in 30 minutes of movement, but at this point, right off the bat, I don’t want to count that as my 30 minutes.  I would count Nia as my 30 minutes if I am doing it as a student.  Being a teacher and being a student are different, so I am going to count them differently.  I will be back today to check in with my 30 minutes completed.  But first some ideas on what you can do, yes?  You can walk.  Walking for 30 minutes is a great exercise.  If you walk fast enough and get your heart rate up it can be an aerobic exercise.  With your challenge you decide whether your 30 minutes will be aerobic or resistance training.  You can also add to it.  Moving for longer than 30 minutes.  Just make certain you are moving (in an exercise-y type of way) for at least 30 minutes.

There are so many things you can do.  I already mentioned walking.  There is my ten minute workout.  You can do that for 30 minutes consecutively or do three different 10 minute sessions.  If you have a device that allows you to create playlist of music you can make up a great playlist and dance for 30 minutes.  You could do 30 different exercises for a minute each.  Some examples:  squats, bicep curls, lunges, triceps kick backs, donkey kicks, push ups, inner thigh lifts, sit ups, triceps dips, frogs, hamstring kick backs, lateral flies, knee lifts, rows, reverse curls . . . . . . and 15 more.

The key is to get AT LEAST 30 minutes in.  The thirty minute time length was originally brought up to help people STAY healthy.  Many people need more than that to GET healthy in the first place.  But we are just doing a challenge for the month of December to make sure we are moving EVERY DAY.  With all that is going on during this season it is easy to skip the workout.  So committing to 30 minutes EVERY DAY will help.

Keeping to a schedule helps a lot.  Committing to a goal, also helps.  We also know that sometimes things do come up and even though we have a schedule and made a commitment there might be a day where we just didn’t get the 3o minutes in.  To help ensure you get it in I recommend doing it first thing in the morning.  I know that when I put things off for later in the day sometimes they don’t get done.  The things I do first thing always get done . . . . funny how that works huh?  If you happen to miss a day, that is fine, just pick it right back up the next day.

Remember you don’t even have to comment about what you did, just comment that you DID move/exercise/workout for at least 30 minutes!  So . . . . what do you think?  Do you have a plan?  Are you done with your 30 minutes? 

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Would You Take Two Minutes To Health and Wealth?

Posted by terrepruitt on April 7, 2009

Well, would you?  Do you?  Do you floss?

First let me say, although you might not have noticed, my blog is late.  I went to the dentists today.  I go to one in Milpitas even though there are probably hundreds in San Jose that I pass to get there, but EVERYONE there is so nice and pleasant.  I like my dentist office.   If you don’t like going to the dentist, you are going to the wrong one.

Anyway, back to my ramble about flossing.

If you want to feel great and aid in the prevention of numerous health issues, floss.  It takes less than two minutes (for most of us) and it can add years to the life of your teeth and gums.  I heard someone say, “Only floss the teeth you want to keep.”  Ha!  I thought that was pretty good.

But flossing is about more than just keeping your teeth.  It is really helps with your overall health.  It seems like more and more, studies are showing that dental health is connected to overall health.  Hmmmm, imagine that?

Basically everything in the body is connected and that is one of the things that makes being healthy a bit of a challenge because everything needs attention and care in order to keep the body running properly.  But one of the EASIEST and FASTEST things you can do to assist in your health is floss.  In addition to making your mouth feel great, sometimes you end up with that I-did-something-you-didn’t-do-attitude (just like you get when you do your workout in the morning)  since you know most people don’t floss.

Now what’s this about wealth?  Well, if just the fact that you will be healthier does not encourage you to floss, what about saving money?  Oh yeah, the healthier you are, the less money you will end up spending.  Hmmmmm, imagine that?  So investing a few dollars and a few minutes in floss is just the thing to assist you in saving your money* for other things.

So why not give it a shot?  There are so many types of flossing products that I am sure you can find one that makes it safe and easy for you to get your floss on.  What do you say?

Sometimes links go dead so “saving your money” has been replaced with a different link.

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