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Refrigerator Cleaning

Posted by terrepruitt on April 18, 2009

I was in my refrigerator the other day and I noticed that both of the vegetable drawers were empty. That in itself is NOT a good thing, but what it lead to, is a GREAT thing. It reminded me that I had had a conversation with my mom about this so I thought, “Heck, maybe it would be an ok blog.” My mother actually couldn’t believe that I don’t clean my refrigerator.

Well, to be exact, I don’t empty the entire thing out and wipe it down as often as you might think. What I do, is wipe empty drawers and shelves. I HATE emptying out the entire thing so when there is an empty spot I wipe it. If there is a shelf with hardly anything on it, I put those things on another shelf and wipe the now empty shelf.

Veggies are always leaving remnants of themselves in the drawers so I tend to wipe (and dump) those out more often.

There are a lot of great things about the wiping-an-empty-spot method. For one, you don’t have to take everything out and deal with it—-I so hate that. Another thing is, if you are trying to put the few items from one shelf on another so you can wipe an almost empty shelf sometimes that “forces” you to throw away an outdated something rather. I have a tendency to keep things because I hate being wasteful, but when I have an almost empty shelf and I just need space to move one or two things but there is an outdated item in my way—-great time to toss it.

And a BIG HUGE benefit is guests. They come in your house and go into the fridge and they say, “Wow, your fridge is so clean.”  When in fact it might not be sooooo clean, they are just focusing on the empty spot—-because that is usually what they are in there in the first place, they want to put something in there. And they see the empty spot which you just wiped so they think the whole thing is clean. AND in reality, it IS cleaner than it would be if you actually only wiped it out when you took the time to empty the entire thing.

What do you think? Do you think my wiping-an-empty-spot method is good? Might it help you out? Well, my mom liked it.

6 Responses to “Refrigerator Cleaning”

  1. michele said

    I like it…I’ll try it!


    • It works for me. I mean, ya still have to empty the entire thing out and clean it, but not as often. And it makes it easier if you are employing the wipe-when-empty and toss-for-room technique.

      I am sure you have your own method because you had a fridge with a glass door didn’t you?


  2. Wait until the day before grocery day as this is when there is the least amount of items that need to be moved around. This is a great time to check your inventory before making the shopping trip to see if you really need what is on your list. Also, be sure to shut off your refrigerator before starting the cleanup process.

    Best regards!
    Sidcup Carpet Cleaners Ltd.


    • Denise – That is a good idea. I go to the grocery store a couple times of week for fresh veggies. So usually only a spot or so is empty. Also with the method of just cleaning as you go the fridge isn’t open that long. Not sure how fridges are in the UK, but I wouldn’t recommend turning it off for cleaning here. But I when I used the remove-everything method, I would shut the door evry once in awhile. Perhaps people do turn them off?


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