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Baby Blue Jays – August 2009

Posted by terrepruitt on August 20, 2009

We have recently had baby blue jays surface.  For the most part I don’t even know they are there.  When they do make noise it is hilarious.  I can’t tell how many there are.  I think there are at least two, maybe three, but at least one has a hilarious voice.  It is not the squawk of a blue jay yet.  I can’t even describe it, but it makes me laugh.  Whatever I am doing I will stop to listen to him.  It is so funny.  I tried to record it today, but . . . I only have my iPhone and the baby stopped the second I pressed record.  Then all the other birds started in and drowned out his little voice. 

Anyway, it is Thursday, and I haven’t posted birds once this month so I thought I would share some baby pictures.  The babies are deceptively large.  At first, you don’t realize that the baby is the baby because he is so much bigger than the adults then it opens its mouth and makes this pathetic noise or it walks and has absolutely no grace. 

So, please keep in mind I am not posting this pictures because they are good pictures and I wanted to share, I am posting them because they are our babies and I wanted to share.






Its a beautiful day in San Jose for this bird to sit by the water. 





 Do you see his brother (sister?) on the rock behind him?
















I think the one on the rock is the one that is has the funny little voice.  It is so funny. 

















Babies just stand different.  They are still learning.  It is so funny to watch them move.







I think the one on the rock still wants to be fed because he will open his wings and make his little noise.  He “screams” at the top of his voice.  But scream is a harsh word since it sounds so cute, but . . . you can tell it is a workout for him.  He puts a lot of effort into it.

















 Ooooh, balancing on one foot.  Good.



2 Responses to “Baby Blue Jays – August 2009”

  1. judy said

    Holy cow! I love these pics! I was having a bit of a blue day this morning, but now it’s been cheered by TP’s bluebirds! Hugs!


    • Oh, sorry about your blue day! I am sure that if you were here listening to them, you would be laughing. I don’t know what they are doing. I think there are actually three. And I think, two of them have gotten their “big bird voices” and they like to hear themselves because they have not shut up. This will continue for about a month or two. There is one that is just now losing his baby bird voice. It is funny to watch their development.

      They could also be having a fit (being so noisey) because they are used to having the yard all to themselves and the occassional squirrel, but John put out other bird food so there are “Orange Guys”, pigeons, and other birds. Fun!


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