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A Few Benefits of Nia

Posted by terrepruitt on August 18, 2009

You will notice that the numbers are not sequential, that is because this is just a few of the sixteen main benefits of Nia stated in the Nia Technique Book by Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.   

1.  Nia increases the pleasure of living in your body.

2.  Nia creates weight loss and proper weight maintenance.

6.  Nia increases grace and flexibility.

10. Nia enhances sensory awareness.

11. Nia heightens sexual function.

12. Nia builds reservoirs of chi.

14. Nia improves circulation of blood and improves lymphatic drainage.

Please remember that these are benefits that people practicing Nia have had.  I invite you to share your experiences and tell me what benefits you have gained from Nia.  You can post a comment here or send me information through my site (you can scroll down the drop down menu to “share my benefit(s) of Nia”). 

Nia is a journey where you are invited to discover the wonders of your own Body. 


Nia is practiced in the Bay Area (San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino, Los Gatos, etc.) and the East Bay (San Ramon, Oakland, Walnut Creek, etc.).

2 Responses to “A Few Benefits of Nia”

  1. niachick said

    Hi Terre,

    Nice blog!!

    I can say that I recognize all of what you’ve posted as benefits from my practicing Nia on a regular basis (my husband might question #11). 🙂

    In addition:

    –Nia has brought about a more conscious recognition of the benefits of a “community”.
    –I’ve learned the benefit of smiling…I think that’s a benefit. I never smiled in an exercise class before. Now once the music starts, the smile is there and I’m diggin’ the joy.
    –Nia has created a way for me to know my own personal power through the movement forms. I can be sexy and jazzy, or moody, or strong in my sounding with Tae Kwon Do, or humming and just feeling the vibration of my voice.
    –Nia…and this may go back to the first benefit I noted…creates conversation. If I’m uncomfortable in a group setting, all I have to do is starting talking about Nia.

    Thanks for posting…I’d love to hear what others have to say!


    • Oh remember, it is GREAT to question. 🙂

      I would love to blog more about #11, but . . . . blogging is so permanent and public, I would rather discuss things that relate to #11 in a class. Where it is in person and there can be a discussion . . . . 🙂 And things can be explained.

      ~I believe that Nia as a practice can bring about “a more conscious recognition of the benefits of a ‘community'”, as you state.
      ~This is funny that you mention smiling in exercise class. Nia is such a joyful workout and so many people smile while doing it, I tend to get concerned when I have a participant in class not smiling. And it is funny because there are so many reasons that one could be NOT smiling, it doesn’t mean they are not enjoying the class. I think sometimes people tend to not smile because they are concentrating . . . . . AND it is a habit, something we are programmed to do (not smile) while exercising!
      ~AWESOME! I love you comment about your own personal power. That is very powerful information! Thank you!

      Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to hear from others too . . . . .


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