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TechKaraoke SV and Silicon Valley Tweet-Up Joined Forces

Posted by terrepruitt on October 29, 2009

On Wednesday, October 28, 2009, TechKaraoke SV and Silicon Valley Tweet-Up joined forces and held one major party at Rosie McCann’s in Santana Row near the heart San Jose. There was talking, dancing, drinking, eating, singing, laughing, networking, and all of it going on at a very high decibel.

Some great prizes were raffled off:

– a bluetooth headset (a Plantronics Discovery 975)
– a portable storage drive from Seagate
– a cookie basket filled with Halloween cookies from Cookies By Design
– Archos/Viliv Mobile Internet Device (MID) powered by the Intel Atom Processor

There was so much excitement about these prizes that I barely heard the numbers being called and I didn’t hear who won anY of the fabulous prizes. This even was also raising money for Anissa Lopez Foundation / George Mark Children’s House.

Michael Brito, the founder of Silicon Valley Tweetup, announced he was leaving Intel for Edelman Digital.

I met several people and connected with some people I have had the privilege of meeting before. I love tweetups because it shows that the internet’s social media network is really a social network. People coming together in real life after having met and communicated via the internet is really an amazing thing. This was the first SV Tweetup that I was able to attend because I didn’t have a class.  I think I have missed the ones in the past because I was teaching.  I knew I had been missing out, but now I truly understand what I was missing. I am hoping that it will workout that I am available for the next one because I really enjoyed myself at this one.  Also, I believe I heard Michael announce it will be a book signing for Shel Israel, but then again, it was so loud I could have heard wrong. You will have to stay tuned to see . . . .

There were a lot of great costumes there, but this was my favorite!

5 Responses to “TechKaraoke SV and Silicon Valley Tweet-Up Joined Forces”

  1. Hey Terre – We must have been on the same wavelength while writing our blog posts (http://bit.ly/3PToul). I love meeting people at these events and connecting with them again and again online!


    • That must have been it—a wave—because I had another blog planned and at the last minute decided to blog the Tweet-up. I really loved that Twitter costume. I thought it was brilliant. As I was posting it I realized I just walked up to her and asked for a picture, I had interrupted her quest for food, so I didn’t even ask her name.

      I was happy to see you posted the picture of you and Darth. He was formidable.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!


  2. I LOVE the Twitterbird!!!!! That is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. […] put them together.  Tonight it was in San Jose — I like them when they are super close.  I wrote about the Halloween event last year.  I posted a picture of my favorite costume of the night–last year.  Tonight there was not […]


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