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Posted by terrepruitt on October 21, 2010

Tonight I went to a TweetUp, I love to be able to talk to people in person about Nia.  In our area there is a group of fabulous people (Michael Brito, Jennifer Leggio, and Gabriel Carrejo) that put together the SVTweetups.  Tonight it was in San Jose — I like them when they are super close.  I wrote about the Halloween event last year.  I posted a picture of my favorite costume of the night–last year.  Tonight there was not that many costumes.  Someone said he thought it was because Halloween was too far away.  But since so many people dressed up last year, both my husband and I dressed up this year, I was thinking that more people would dress up.  I was not original at all.  I had a meeting right before the event, so I wore some scrubs and went as a Medical Professional.  I figured that people at my meeting wouldn’t know if that was a costume or it was real. My hubby, bought a costume but came up with another one and pulled it off with ease.

He was Keith Stone.  You know that guy from the commercial that sells the beer?  Well, it was good.  Did I get a picture?  No, but I got a picture of his prize.  See the TweetUps–the Silicon Valley Tweetups, while they are social events, they are also networking events, and charity events.

So while we paid an entrance fee it was really a donation to the San Jose Family Shelter.  Which is a great shelter that helps families in need.  If a family is going through a rough patch they can live at the shelter for a bit and they help to get them on their feet.  Then there is usually a company that sponsors the event and tonight it was Plantronics.  Ya know the company that specializes in headsets.  I’ve always had a plantronics at my corporate jobs.  And now they are making Bluetooth devices too!  They were the costume contest sponsors and my hubby’s costume really was great and he won a prize.

Then there is the social aspect where I get to meet the people with whom I tweet.  It is awesome.  I have met more people at tweetups and I have a great time.

Here I am—just sharing again.  Do you tweet?  If you do what is your handle?  I want to follow you.  You can follow me if you want.  I’m @HelpYouWell on Twitter!

10 Responses to “TweetUps”

  1. niachick said

    You guys are too funny. I love that you are out there sharing about Nia and just being you…and the fact that John joins in these “tweet ups” — and in costume, too! — is just beyond wonderful!!!

    You already follow me on Twitter … I’m Niachick on Twitter. If anyone else wants to follow me, please feel free to do so.

    So, what is it that John won? I see the “dual mic” — but what is that?

    You’re tops in my book.



    • Tweetups are really cool because you get to meet some of the people you tweet with and you get to meet new people to tweet with. I love them because they help support the idea that online social media is not JUST “online”. Meeting in person helps bring it out of the cyber-world.

      John won a handfree bluetooth headset. Its the little black thing hanging on the plastic container.

      Here, see if this link works: http://twitter.com/account/profile_image/JohnPruitt?hreflang=en it should take you to a picture of John as Keith Stone. He is so funny.

      He was surprised he won. I wasn’t, I thought it was pretty original. I think that is what he won for. I don’t know because I was talking (surprise!).


  2. Hey honey 🙂

    Thought you may like some links.

    Keith Stone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLStB-0K-jQ


    You don’t need to post these, but just in case.


    • Thanks, Love!

      I think it is good to put a vid to Keith Stone up since not everyone will know him. And I forgot to put the other one in. I am going to add them both to the post because not everyone reads the comments. But I wanted to put up your comment too!



  3. suzicate said

    Just watched the video…you could have been “Kitty”! Sounds like fun. Congrats to the hubby for his creativity and win!


    • There is another one where he smoozes a bride, I would have rather done that! Dress up in a wedding dress . . . why not, fun stuff.

      I just updated the post to include some other information I was too much in a hurry to include last night. And I thought I had done it this morning, but I navigated away from the page before pressing “update”. (eyes rolling).

      Oh, and I just remembered I DID take a picture of Keith Stone, but the photo will take some explanation because the guy in the photo is NOT dressed in costume, but looks like he is. HA! Thanks for being here, SC!


  4. suzicate said

    I came back and tried to look, but you have to sign into twitter…I don’t tweet, don’t know if I’ll ever get it. I live such a boring life!


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