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List Of Ten Favorites (Exercises)

Posted by terrepruitt on November 12, 2009

Today is “whatever” Thursday, I wanted to find some pictures to post, but nothing really struck me.  I have thought about it all day and I couldn’t come up with anything.  Then I thought of lists.  People are always posting lists.  In fact, my last post was somewhat of a list; a list of benefits of resistance training.  On my short drive after class from Santa Clara to San Jose, I decided to post ten of my favorite exercise in no particular order:

1)  Dumbbell Chest Press (especially on a stability ball)
2)  Upright Row (on one Pilates DVD I have she calls this the “Zip Up”)
3)  Lat Pull Down with Alternating Backward Lunge
4)  Tricep Kickback (with a dumbbell)
5)  Standing Tricep Pushdown
6)  Heel Raises
7)  Wood Chops
8)  Bent-Over Row
9)  Bicep Curl
10) Sit-ups (on the BOSU) (she did NOT just say that, oh yeah, I did)

Of course, I love Nia for my aerobic (cardio) workout and with that I get a lot of these same motions as some of my favorite exercise, but this is just a list of some of my favorite exercises I like to do with equipment and/or weights.

Comments?  Questions?  What are your favorite exercises?  What do you like to include in your workout?

Share your list.

4 Responses to “List Of Ten Favorites (Exercises)”

  1. Ooh fun! I have been working with my trainer for almost 5 years now and I definitely have my “favorites” and not so favorites. And some have switched places which is cool. (or moved into the F list after being Un) Here are mine, in no particular order.

    1. Monkey walks
    2. Wood chops with 10# medicine ball (thanks for reminding me)
    3. Giant ball transfers (ab workout where you hold big ball between feet, arms overhead, lying down on back. Lift legs (with ball) up. Reach up and grab ball with hands, touch it to floor over head. Then meet feet in the “middle” again, transfer ball to feet, ball goes to touch floor by feet. Repeat)
    4. Burpees!! I used to hate these with all of the fiery passion in my soul, but I now love them because I can do them without throwing up (that’s always good, eh?). I can do 10 with great gusto, which makes me happy.
    5. Plank-jacks. (jumping jacks in plank position – thanks Jillian Michaels!)
    6. One minute plank. Ahhh.
    7. Bicep curls while sitting on big ball.
    8. The thing where you run as fast as you can with a giant rubber band around your pelvis, then SLOWLY crouch backward to starting position. (boing-backs?)
    9.Stand-ups: hold onto strong rubber tubing things tied to a wall. Sit down, arms extended. Stand up. Repeat. This is a lot harder than it sounds.
    10. Jogging on trampoline while “punching” with 2 lb weights. I was introduced to this when I hurt my ankle.

    NOTE: STILL hate pushups. And jumping rope. Oh well.


    • WAHOO! Replies are finally working again on WordPress!!!! Yay!

      I have found that trainers have their own names for some things. So I am not familiar with a “Monkey Walk”. What is that?

      Love your list Foodie. Thanks for stopping by. It has been awhile.


  2. Monkey walks are walking around on hands and feet (with legs sorta half bent). It’s a lot more exhausting than it sounds! I do about 5 “laps” across the floor and I can barely stand up!


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