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Daylight Saving Time

Posted by terrepruitt on March 16, 2010

First of all I thought it was Daylight SavingS Time. It is Daylight Saving Time. I am not a fan. I don’t know if they have ever done studies on it, but I don’t think it is good for our bodies to just up and change the time. And I REALLY don’t think that after 21 years it was a good idea to change the times of year that we adjust the time. I honestly believe that for the past four years I have had a VERY difficult time adjusting to the new times of year.

Let me share with you why I am not a fan and I do not think that changing the time is good for a body — at least mine. I am a night person. I am “more awake” at night than in the morning. Around 9:00 at night is when I begin to get my energy. When it is light later . . . it takes me even longer to wind down. It is very difficult to convince my body that it is night time when it is light out still.

A little history:

Daylight Saving Time had been observed in the United States spottily since 1918. From February 9, 1942 until September 30, 1945 it was observed all year long.  Daylight Saving Time was not consistently observed for 21 years (from 1945 to 1966) because there was no federal law.

In 1966 the law stated DST ran from the last Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October, but states could pass a law of their own if they didn’t want to follow DST.

Then in 1974 an emergency act was passed setting the clocks ahead on January 6, 1974. It was amended on October 27, 1974 returning the clocks back to Standard Time. Then DST was observed from February 23, 1975 through October 26, 1975.

Then from 1986 to 2007 the United States observed DST from 2:00 am on the first Sunday of April until at 2:00 a.m. on the last Sunday of October.

After 21 years in 2007 it was changed to:   DST beginning 2:00 am. on the second Sunday of March to 2:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of November. So for over half my life, my body has been operating on a specific time frame for the time change and I can tell you that after four years, it is still not used to the change.

Hawaii and Arizona are among the states that do not observe Daylight Saving Time.

I was very fortunate that people love Nia and don’t let this time change affect them. The first morning of the time change I had a Sunday Nia class in San Jose as a follow up to a health fair I attended in Cupertino the day before. It was fabulous the students that showed up to get in their first workout of the DST! We had a great time.

What do you think about Daylight Saving Time? What do you think about the change? Or more accurately, what do you FEEL? How are you feeling when we change the time? 

Or better yet, I wanna know, are you one of those people who efficiently goes around and changes all your clocks?  Or do you do the math on a few until you just get tired of that and change them?

9 Responses to “Daylight Saving Time”

  1. I haven’t looked to confirm but I remembered (possibly wrongly) that this was the brainchild of Ben Franklin. Along with the Turkey as the US Bird and a flag that said “Don’t tread on me” and had a snake and of course the post office and several hundred other little ideas (bi-focals, franklin stove). There is a county in Indiana that also doesn’t change it’s time. It may have finally succumbed to local pressure since everyone referred to that county as “screw time” when I was there.


  2. I actually like Daylight Savings Time. I am a nightowl too, but for some reason my body drags during the winter. I never seem to adjust. When DST hits, it’s like I bounce back into my spry self. I LOVE it and can easily go on less sleep. I guess I need all the sunshine I can get. 🙂


    • Angelia —

      You need more CAR DANCING!! That will keep your energy up in the winter! (Can you tell I was just at your blog?) GREAT video! Love that car dancing.

      I wonder if people in different parts of the country are afftected differently? I don’t know where you are, but here in Sunny, CA I don’t necessarily need more sun/daylight. But I truly am a night owl. I love the NIGHT.

      Thank you for visiting and comment (oh yeah, love comments!) on my blog!


  3. suzicate said

    I hate the way the initial change affects my body clock. but I love the extra hours of daylight…I feel like I’m more productive. When the sun goes down early, I automatically feel tired and don’t want to do anything. I realize it is all in my head, but I can’t shake it!


    • Yeah, I don’t have that issue. Most of the time. I am a night owl and so night is good for me. Perk up at night. I think I might move to AZ where they don’t “do” DST.

      I love having you here. Thank you sooooo much for visiting and commenting! You writers are amazing!!!


  4. judy said

    I have trouble at first, too, but I like it after I get used to it. Gives me more time to walk Lexi and do stuff outside. I like being able to hike at 8 pm, for instance. More outside time. Yay!


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