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Voss Water

Posted by terrepruitt on October 2, 2010

I really think water is a vital part of our diets.  I believe that people should drink water.  I believe that all water from bottled water, filter water, purified water, to tap water probably has some good things and bad things in them.  There are some waters that I think of as designer water.  So I would not ever really think to buy it.  Recently I was a guest at a party where they were serving Voss water.

I had seen it before because I have seen other people drinking it.  I thought it was a designer water.  Since it was there and it was the only water I was gonna drink it.  I don’t know what I was expecting, well, honestly I was expecting bubbles because someone had said, “be careful the water is carbonated”.  I took a sip and was thinking that it was very odd for carbonated.  I had grabbed a “still”.  There was “sparkling” and “still”.  Carbonation makes me burp and so I don’t tend to drink it, but I wanted to try that to.  As I am writing this I am laughing because I don’t know what I was expecting.

It tastes like water.  I can’t tell it from the other water I buy.  It is said to be from pure springs and be pure, but I really can’t TASTE a difference.  The bottle is nice.  I like it.  It is heavy though.  The information I am seeing stats that the company is committed to a reducing their carbon footprint.  The company wants to run as pure as the water. I am just saying I can’t taste a difference between this water and the other brand I buy.

Do you know about this water?  Have you tried it?  I just thought I would share my experience.

22 Responses to “Voss Water”

  1. Melisa said

    They sell this at my sauna but I’ve never tried it since I just bring the same old reusable bottle I’ve been carrying for years and refill it from the tap. I don’t get how you can reduce your carbon footprint when you are shipping your heavy glass bottles from Norway all around the world.

    I drink tap water. Lots of it. Many quarts a day. I filter it at home through a Pur filter but I fill my stainless steel bottle with regular tap water when I’m out because I think bottled water is a both a financial scam and an environmental nightmare.


    • I didn’t understand it either and even though I wanted to learn, I didn’t want to learn bad enough to navigate through their site. When a menu item is clicked it opens this little tiny window that you have to keep scrolling through just to read one point. Not the way I like to obtain my information (scrolling, scrolling, scrolling).

      The bottles are HEAVY too. But oh-so pretty. I do like the way they look. All sleek and designer-y.

      I have a difficult time drinking our tap water because it smells so strongly of clorine. I feel like I am drinking pool water. Just don’t care for it. I do have a filter container that I use too. I think it is like the non-dairy creamer; I am just used to the water I drink.

      AWESOME having you here. Thanks.


  2. We actually have this water here at the Loft. Its imported I think. I like it. Good water. But I really don’t taste the difference either. When I first seen this bottle I thought it was shampoo! I think it looks cool. $5 a pop here at the Loft. People gladly pay for it too. Especially on the weekends. We just had a company meeting and one of the owner’s goals is to up the sales with voss water. we’ll see what happens.


    • Yes, I believe it is from Norway. I don’t not like it, I just think it is a bit much. I think I thought it was shampoo too.

      I am actually glad to hear that people are buying and drinking water. I really think water is important. I bet it is perfect with yummy food because you don’t want to have a drink taking away from the food flavors. Maybe, huh? I am not a good wine “pairer” so I just drink what I like, but I bet that sometimes effects my food.

      Sometimes you just have to have one person drinking it to start it off, then others will see and think, “Oooooo!”. So every at the beginning send someone out to drink a bottle. Then just do that every so often if you don’t see a bottle in someone’s hand or on the table! 🙂


  3. j said

    I agree. Sexy bottle. Not sexy enough to go buy some, but I would definitely admire you if you were holding it next time we meet.


  4. suzicate said

    I’ve never heard of Voss Water.


  5. My languages may be rusty, but I believe Voss is Norwegian for Tap. 😉


  6. Edwin said

    i really like the taste..its splendidly tasty..except for the price..nothings less than 40$


    • I have a bottle of Voss and a bottle of what I normally drink and I can’t tell the difference, except the Voss water is in a pretty glass bottle. I don’t know how much is cost here.


  7. BOB said

    YOU CAN TASTE A DIFFERENCE I CAN YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡


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