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Alkaline Water

Posted by terrepruitt on March 10, 2011

After my Nia Class earlier this week, two students and I were talking about water.  I was saying that I DO NOT like lemon in my water, but since water is a bit acidic, I had been drinking lemon in my water.  I don’t like the taste.  I don’t like lemon, but as I learned from the video in my Balance of Acid and Alkaline post, in the body it digests to alkaline.  Lemon helps the water be less acidic.  One of my students said that she had recently seen Alkaline Bottle Water.  She asked what it was.  I had no idea so I looked it up.  I thought I would share what I learned.

What I found was claims that ionized water is alkaline water.  Some information states that ionization is done via electrolysis and others say the it is done via adding minerals.  Wiki states, that a water ionizer separates water into alkaline and acid fractions using a process known as electrolysis.

The information that states ionized water is done via electrolysis states that it is best to drink it right away, when it is fresh.  The information states that the health benefits of the water do not last when the water is bottled.

I looked at a lot of sites that had the chemical make up of the water or something (such as – H2O → H+ + OH–) and what the chemical make up was before and after ionization.  I don’t know what all that means.  The more I looked for more information the more confusing it became to me.

I couldn’t actually find any information on what is done to bottle water claiming to be alkaline water.  Maybe it is run through an ionization system and then bottled.

As with everything (it seems) there was information stating that ionized water is great, it can all but cure diseases.  Then there was information that stated it was all a bunch of hooey.  So as with any thing and all things, I have to say that you just have to try it for yourself.  I have not yet done it myself, but I know you can purchase pH Test Strips from health food stores, so I would think that testing the water would be the best.  I guess it also depends on what you are drinking the water for.  If you are drinking the alkaline water because it is less acidic, then maybe any of the above would work.  But if you are drinking it because it is ionized and you are looking for all of the health benefits that are touted, then as with anything you would have to see how you feel when you drink it.

For now I will stick to putting lemon in my water.  How about you?  Are you a fan of ionized water?  Alkaline water?  Do you drink lemon in your water?

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Voss Water

Posted by terrepruitt on October 2, 2010

I really think water is a vital part of our diets.  I believe that people should drink water.  I believe that all water from bottled water, filter water, purified water, to tap water probably has some good things and bad things in them.  There are some waters that I think of as designer water.  So I would not ever really think to buy it.  Recently I was a guest at a party where they were serving Voss water.

I had seen it before because I have seen other people drinking it.  I thought it was a designer water.  Since it was there and it was the only water I was gonna drink it.  I don’t know what I was expecting, well, honestly I was expecting bubbles because someone had said, “be careful the water is carbonated”.  I took a sip and was thinking that it was very odd for carbonated.  I had grabbed a “still”.  There was “sparkling” and “still”.  Carbonation makes me burp and so I don’t tend to drink it, but I wanted to try that to.  As I am writing this I am laughing because I don’t know what I was expecting.

It tastes like water.  I can’t tell it from the other water I buy.  It is said to be from pure springs and be pure, but I really can’t TASTE a difference.  The bottle is nice.  I like it.  It is heavy though.  The information I am seeing stats that the company is committed to a reducing their carbon footprint.  The company wants to run as pure as the water. I am just saying I can’t taste a difference between this water and the other brand I buy.

Do you know about this water?  Have you tried it?  I just thought I would share my experience.

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