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Allergy Relief

Posted by terrepruitt on December 2, 2010

For some reason, unknown to me, my hubby does not like medical shows.  Medical dramas he will watch, but if I have on a show that is a doctor talking about anything he won’t watch it.  So needless to say, I don’t watch those types of shows.  I don’t know when they are on, but every once in a while I will turn on the TV when he is not home and there is one on.  Like recently when I watched the Dr. Oz show when he was talking about foods that starved cancer.  I just think all that stuff is interesting.  I love to hear what they learn about the body.  It is fascinating.  Well, today I sat down for a moment and turned on the TV and Dr. Oz was on.  I really should find out when it is on and just make a point to watch it when my hubby is not home because I always learn something when I watch his show.

I only saw a few minutes but it was really interesting.  He was saying that it is important to change your home’s filter, ya know for central heating, every three months.  I know we don’t do it that often, but after what he said I think it might be something to consider.  I have always known that it helps trap dust and pollen and things floating around in the air that might help to aggravate allergies.  But I never really thought about insect parts.  Ewwwwww.  He said that insects and their parts are a very common allergen.  YUCK.  Not something I really want to dwell on, but one of those things that I like to know, deal with, then forget about, ya know?

Also he has said that certain foods; onions, apples, and citrus contain Quercetin.  Quercetin acts as an antihistamine.  Which is something that most allergy sufferers take in pill form.  It is awesome to me to be able to get some anti itch help from the food I eat!

The information I am seeing as I look around also states that Quercetin is also considered an anti-flammatory agent . . . and a lot of allergy symptoms are from inflammation so something that acts as an anti-flammatory is amazing to me.

I am very happy to have come across this information.  I don’t always EAT white or yellow onions, but I do put them in food for flavor.  I am starting to eat the red onions they tend to be less sharp.  I do eat apples, but I don’t believe I eat them as often as I should, so I will step up my apple consumption.   Although I like oranges, I don’t eat them that often because it is difficult to find good flavorful ones in the store, but I will work on that too.  If these foods will help quell my allergy symptoms . . . . I am there!

Have you heard of Quercetin before?  Do you eat onions?  What about apples and oranges?  Do you have hay fever/allergies?

7 Responses to “Allergy Relief”

  1. Yep…I’ve heard of Quercetin and when any type of inflammation begins to set in with my body (or that of my husband’s), we take a supplement called “PERQUE” which is for accute inflammation. It has 1000 mg of Quercetin, 60 mg of Pomegranate juice powder, 35 mg of Magnesium, 100 mcg of chlorophyll and 4 mcg of tumeric (also an anti-inflammatory).

    I’ve actually never took it for allergies…and I do have allergies from time to time, so I might just try it! Thanks for your blog!!!


  2. SuziCate said

    My family deals with allergies as well. Hubby changes the filters every month. It’s not something I remember to do, but he dates them each time so he won’t forget…that’s an engineer for you!


    • Every month? Does that help? That is awesome. I am going to work on trying to get it changed every three months and see if that helps.

      We remember because when we change the time we change our fire alarm batteries and the filter.

      I love Dirt Man! He’s a great guy!


  3. SuziCate said

    Yes, every month! I think it makes a difference. We have about fifteen pine trees in our yard and especially in the Spring, there is so much pollen outside that I’m sure it drifts in. We don’t keep our windows open either due to allergies, no house plants because of fungus, molds. However, we have a dog…I’ve found a difference when I purchased an Oreck vacuum.


    • I am gonna see if we can get into that practice here. I bet it would help a lot. We have a few house plants and a cat. She is an indoor cat so she doesn’t bring in the pollens, but I know they get in.

      In big cities I often think that our bodies are so busy fighting off the pollution that it just gives up when it comes to the pollens. 🙂

      I love writing a blog because when people comment I learn sooooo much. Thank you.


  4. […] forgot that apples might even help with allergy relief. I wrote about it in my Allergy Relief post. Now that I am thinking about it my allergies have been better and I have eaten an apple the last […]


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