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Sweet Potatoes

Posted by terrepruitt on December 4, 2010

I know sweet potatoes are full of good stuff.  They are good for you to eat, but I didn’t think I liked them.  I mean they are SWEET right?  Well, recently I saw a recipe for roasted sweet potatoes.  You know how I love roasted veggies.  So I thought I would give it a try one day.  While my hubby and I were buying veggies today we bought some sweet potatoes.  Today was the day!  By the time we got home from our Christmas Tree excursion, I didn’t want to look for the recipe.  I figured that just knowing you can roast them was good enough for me.

Since I am not familiar with sweet potatoes I didn’t know what flavor to give them.  My plan was onions and shallots, but my hubby was saying that they ARE sweet so I thought maybe a more sweet flavor would be better.  Hmmmm?  So I decided on both.

I cooked a pan of “sweet” sweet potatoes and a pan of savory sweet potatoes.  Now I know why I didn’t think I liked sweet potatoes . . . . they ARE sweet.  So to me they don’t need to be cooked with sweet flavors.

In my “sweet” pan I used lemon olive oil, lavender salt, and salt.  In the savory pan, I used garlic olive oil, shallots, white onions, smoked garlic salt, and salt.  I decided I liked the savory ones better.  The potatoes themselves are sweet enough, to me they don’t need additional sweet flavoring. As you may remember sweet potatoes were on the list of anti-inflammatory foods.  Yay!  So that is one of the health benefits.  They are also a great source of complex carbs and antioxidants!  Here is some nutrient information about sweet potatoes:

(a cup of baked sweet potato with skin has about:)

—-180 Calories
—-72 mgs of sodium
—-41 grams of carbohydrates
—-7 grams of dietary fiber
—-4 grams of protein

—-769% of the RDA’s Daily Value of Vitamin A  (WHOA!)
—-8 % Calcium
—-65% Vitamin C
—-8% of Iron

Eating a little “good” fat with this (like the olive oil) helps your body absorb that vitamin A (beta-carotene).

This veggie really packs a punch.  I am going to try cooking it different ways.  Do you eat sweet potatoes?  How do you cook them?

13 Responses to “Sweet Potatoes”

  1. Hi Terre! I’m having a heck of time commenting on your blogs! For some reason I’m being blocked. Anyway, I got into this one by backing into it so to speak. I’ve been enjoying your blogs on food and of course on Nia.

    I had to comment on this one. I loves me some sweet potatoes. When I was little, my mom would bake sweet potatoes and make them sweeter by melting marshmellows over them. I thought that’s how all sweet potatoes came so whenever we would go out to eat or to someone else’s house and there were sweet potatoes being served, it was just never the same as mom’s since no one else in the world put melted marshmallows on them!

    Now when my husband and I have sweet potatoes, I boil them (like I would normal potatoes) and then mash them, adding in a dab of maple syrup and some cinnamon. I loves me some sweet potatoes!!!

    Thanks for your posts. I’ve been unable to comment on some of your other ones, but do know that I’m reading them!!!



    • That is weird that you are being blocked because you are on WP too. When you were on the other one I was always blocked from commenting on yours.

      Thank you for being creative and finding a way to comment anyway! MUAH!

      I am familiar with the sweet potatoe casserole with marshmallows. I think that is one reason why I have never tried them. That is how I had always seen them too. When I first saw my mom cook one in the oven like a regular potatoe I thought, “Hmmm . . . maybe I could try that.” But I never had because they are always OTHER potatoes to eat and I KNOW I like them.

      I want to try them all different ways. The ones I bought were not the really orange ones they were like russet potatoes, but long. But pretty darn sweet. I think I am going to try the orange ones, the ones that get called yams.

      I had been wondering why you weren’t commenting. You are my most frequent commentor. I just figured you were busy. Thank you so much for all of your support!


      • This happens to me when I come to your blog and I am not already signed into my wordpress account. May not be the same thing Jill is going through though.

        And the potatoes? Amazing! 🙂


        • When I am not signed in I would have to fill out the form, but I just sign in so I can comment on the blogs I read without filling out the form. I read five WordPress blogs and comment on them.

          Thank you for your input . . . who knows what is up. Us “normals” sometimes have issues with electronics, not everyone is a technopath like you. 🙂

          I am so glad you liked to potatoes because I really want to add sweet potatoes to our diet more often. Hang on for more sweet potato experimentation!


  2. SuziCate said

    I love sweet potatoes, but I’ve never made them savory like that…now, I am inspired. And I’ve never heard of lavender salt…what is it and where can it be purchased? Do stores carry it or is it an online product?


    • How do you make your sweet potatoes?

      I bought the lavender salt at an Art and Wine Festival. I am trying to rest my toe and hurry to go out right now, but when I am in the kitchen I will get the information and get it to you. I am sure they ship. If I don’t get the info to you, remind me. It is really good. Just a hint of lavender.


      • SuziCate said

        I don’t like the sweet potato casseroles everyone usually makes for Christmas. I like them baked whole and served with a touch of butter. We also like sweet potato fries, but hubby likes to add confectioners sugar and cinnamon to them…doesn’t really need any more sweetness.


        • The next time I am at my mom’s and she cooks sweet potatoes I will taste it. She cooks them like you – bakes ’em whole. But she doesn’t use butter. But using fat helps release (or allow your body to better absorb) some of the nutrients. A “good” fat is usually recommended.

          I would like sweet potato fries with sugar and cinnamon as a dessert. And savory ones as a dinner side. I know a lot of restaurants serve sweet potato fries now.


  3. SuziCate said

    And I also roasted them once and made a potato salad with half yukon gold potatoes and half sweet potatoes, was different but good.


  4. […] good that would be. Have you tried that? I am sure you will read about it when I do. I really love roasted sweet potatoes now that I have finally found them. Parsnips might be my new […]


  5. Yui said

    I also love to have savory sweet potatoes. I love to taste the slightly sweet and salty taste from this food. I take simple seasonings to have my savory sweet potatoes; garlic powder, salt, black pepper and chili powder are great for mu taste.
    How to Make Sweet Potato Fries


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