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Letting Go

Posted by terrepruitt on December 7, 2010

In my most recent Nia class, I decided that I wanted to help people focus on the good of the season.  I think that sometimes there is a lot of negative emotions around the Holiday season.  By negative emotions I mean the way people actually feel during this time of year.  There is always the ever present I-don’t-believe-in-Christ-so-I-don’t-agree-with-any-of-it, the it-makes-me-sad-so-therefore-I-am-going-to-be-sad, the WHAT?-ITS-CHRISTMAS!  The feelings of inadequacy; there is not enough money, goals for the year were not accomplished, baking isn’t getting done, cards aren’t being sent, house isn’t getting cleaned, nothing is enough, there is too much . . . . .oh my the pressure!  I was thinking all of this is negative stuff.  So in class the focus was pushing away the negative, somewhat rejecting it, with the intent of bringing in the positive.

Both the “negative” and the “positive” is different for everyone so that was a very individualized point.  We didn’t discuss anything that I mentioned above, so everyone could rid themselves of whatever they needed and attract whatever they wanted. It was very nice.  It is a focus and an intent that can be used any time, I just thought we’d give it a spin this season.

As with all focuses and intents we use in a Nia class they can be carried into one’s day and/or daily living.  This is where the thought of “letting go” keeps popping into my head.  I love this season.  I love cleaning my house, getting it all ready to put up the decorations.  Then I love spending days . . . at least two or three days decorating the tree and the house.  I always laugh because sometimes I can’t remember where I “normally” put something and it might end up in a new spot.  Then I spend the season either saying, “Yes, that’s good.” or  “No, that really doesn’t work.”

I sometimes feel very foolish for the sheer joy I feel when I look at a silly Christmas decoration that I cherish.  But I do.  I feel joy at the beauty and the sparkle of Christmas.  This year since I am a bit limited in my movements I am having to really draw on that joy.  I am going to have to strategically place things so that I can see “Christmas” everywhere yet not have as many decorations out and up.

Things tend to work in concert.  We ended up with a much, much smaller tree than usual.  Cool, since my hubby had to handle it without my help.  Since it is smaller it will require less ornaments which will allow me to stay off my foot.  Also a small tree requires less maintenance and the couches didn’t have to be moved.  See?  It is all gonna work out fine, I just need to let it go.  Reject the negative when I start to feel a pout coming on.  It’s ok that it is my favorite time of year and I can’t run around.  Oh well.  I can walk.  My toe/foot IS healing.  It is all good.  For heaven’s sake its Christmastime.  Let the negative go, embrace the season, embrace the unity.

4 Responses to “Letting Go”

  1. Lovely post Terre. I, too, feel the joy of the holidays. However, my husband and I do not put up a tree (our cats would tear it down in 5 seconds and this time of year is so busy at our gift store that we would have no time to enjoy it anyway). We don’t buy gifts for one another — we view every day as a day for giving. We carry the Christ spirit within our hearts on a daily basis.

    I find that all of the “negative” reasons that you mention in your blog for people going bonkers during the holidays are the very reasons that my husband and I continue our “letting go” of any obligatory feelings around this holiday season. We still sing Christmas carols, we light candles and maybe put up a few decorations around the house…it’s all in moderation.

    We also see Christmas as a time for children rather than for adults…the innocence and excitement is joyful! I remember my own youthful exuberance around Christmastime. I still have tree ornaments from my childhood and will hang a few of them on my ficus tree as a reminder of that time of innocence.

    Not everyone observes Christmas obviously, and being in the customer service business (The Nutman Co. USA, Inc.) we are careful not to overdue the traditional Christmas decorations around our gift shop. We have a wide cultural customer base, as do many merchandisers, and we honor all.

    I truly honor YOUR beautiful spirit of the holidays!!!

    Much love to you!



    • I believe that it is very important for people to celebrate the Holidays (whatever ones they celebrate) in a way that brings joy to them. I love that you do that.

      I also believe that a lot of people see Christmas as a time for children and not adults and I do not feel that way. I feel that eveyone can enjoy the time and allow it to be a time of excitement and wonder. I like to think of people being able to grasp that childhood sense if only for a short season. This society makes us grow up way too fast and it is fun to be able to be a child again if only for a few days a year.

      I almost stopped dead in my tracks today when I was out and some that was helping me at a business said, “Merry Christmas.” It warmed my heart and made me sad that I felt I couldn’t say it back because “not everyone observes Christmas.” I understand that and I hope that everyone has a happy and joyous Holiday Season and a Merry Christmas (if they are so inclined).

      And — yay for you getting your marketing out there in your comment! You go, Girl!

      Much love to you too.


  2. SuziCate said

    Letting go is hard to do, but my the peace that follows! Good job, Terre! People tend to get so caught up in expectations that they lose the joy and end up dumping their negativity everywhere they go. Christmas is simple at my house. We give gifts, but not extravagent. I only go out in the hustle and bustle a few times (but that is more due to having been held up at Christmas time years ago), and do most ordering online. I do LOTS of baking and giving away of sweet treats! Don’t like getting out in crazy crowds, but do enjoy intimate gatherings of family and friends. Love the lights, smells,music, and the sentiment of Christmas. Lovely post.


    • Oh I wrote it and I said it, but I am having a hard time. I am doing it though. It is more important that I have a good time with my friends. But since I don’t do spring cleaning, I do Christmas cleaning, so my house REALLY needs to be cleaned. PLUS the day I broke my toe was the day I was going to clean — just general cleaning — so it has not been cleaned in awhile — at least not REALLY well cleaned. But . . . . . sigh . . . . I am letting it go. I did what I could and now my toe is swollen.

      We don’t buy for a lot of people and never extravagent stuff. I don’t go out, I have stuff sent to me.

      For me Christmas is a clean sparkling house with LOTS of decorations. But . . . . it is different this year and that is the way it has to be.

      I do know a lot of people that get upset and depressed this time of year and I was reaching out to them (in my intent) with that post. I am hoping that they can have peace.

      Thanks for stopping by. I am sure I will have the opportunity to say it again but Merry Christmas.


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