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Honey Do List

Posted by terrepruitt on December 11, 2010

Ok, so every year at Christmas my friends and I get together to celebrate.  Today is our 24th year.  I am explaining that because I am in a rush but I want to post something.  I know if I don’t do it before I leave I won’t do it when I come back.  Since I have my injured toe all I was able to do yesterday was teach my Nia class and decorate the tree.  It takes me a long time to do anything so my posting is a little rushed.  But . . . . I still think this is a great idea . . . .and that is why I am posting it.  Its about the Honey Do List.

Are you lucky enough to have a partner that helps with things?  Do you make a list?  Well, I am lucky enough to have a hubby that does things.  He always helps me a lot when I have company coming over and he is REALLY doing a lot because he wants me to rest my foot.  I am going to share something with you that I think should be on EVERY Honey Do List all the time.

I think it is nice to let your honey know that s/he is appreciated.  So I include that on the list of things to do.  Yup.  The list might look like this:

Silly, maybe, but I think this is part of wellness.  My hubby works hard and I think it is important to let him know that he is appreciated.  Everyone likes to know they are appreciated.  I think it goes a long way.  If your honey is looking at the list of things to do and sees that it could make his/her day.  I think happy and positive go a long way.  If your partner is running around doing things in a state of “grump” that just adds to the negativity out there.  If s/he is running around in a state of “I’m appreciated”, it adds to the positivity out there.

Well, that is my take on it.  What do you think?

4 Responses to “Honey Do List”

  1. Lol,

    I knew I was appreciated and you didn’t need to spend a post on me to know that 🙂

    I love you honey,



    • Oh my! Did you read a different post? This wasn’t for you, Silly, it really was me sharing with other people that maybe they could include a note on the Honey Do List. I had wrote you a list that day and I was trying to get out of the house so I was rushed and I thought I could post about it. Often people complain about Honey Do Lists. The person writing the list complains that the person the list is for doesn’t DO what is on the list and the person the list is for complains because there is so much on the list. So maybe my advice for a “to do” item will help both parties.

      Pfffffftttttthhhhhh. It wasn’t for you, the note I wrote was for you!


  2. suzicate said

    AWE…you two are so cute!


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