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Posted by terrepruitt on March 31, 2011

The doctor in my Nia Class had given me the homeopathic medicine, Trauma.  I really liked it so I asked for more.  She said that she likes Traumeel, so I agreed to try it.  Both of them say they relieve the same things (muscular pain, sprains, pulls, and bruises).  The first ingredient in the Traumeel is Calendula officinalis, which is the fourth ingredient in Trauma and it shows “Garden Marigold” in parenthesis.  This ointment has a lot of the same ingredients as Trauma but they are in a different order.  So this ointment is very similar to the Trauma.

It is a bit greasy and has a slight odor.  I just put some of it on along with some Trauma for comparison.  After I put the Traumeel on I had to wash my hand.  It is not extremely greasy but just greasy enough that I can’t just rub it into my hand.  I am actually not convinced it works as well as the Truama.  It actually smells like medicine, somewhat like a band-aid, it is not a strong odor, but compared to the Trauma it is strong because Trauma has absolutely NO odor at all.

When I was talking to my Nia student about Traumeel she mentioned that they have an oral medicine that can be taken.  My Nia friend mentioned it too, in the comments of the post regarding Trauma.  I was able to find informatnoi on the internet,  Trauma has an oral medicine too.  I have not taken either medicine orally.

Posting about these products is my way of getting information to people.  I am sharing my opinion on the products so that you can learn something about them and then decide for yourself which one you might be interested in using yourself if you are interested in homeopathic medicine.  I also welcome my readers sharing what they know.  Having readers comment and share is the best part.

I have concluded that I like the Trauma better.  I feel it works, whereas I don’t get the same sense from the Traumeel.  As stated in this post, I put them both on.  I put the Traumeel on my knee (which gets tired from my odd gait) and I put the Trauma on my toe (foot and a few other toes).  My toes and foot feel nice, but my knee feels the same.  The Traumeel is a bit greasy, whereas I think the Trauma is more of a soft cream that actually moisturized the area I have used it on.  I smell a slight odor with the Traumeel but nothing with the Trauma.

Have any of you tried them both?  Any of you tried either?  What are your thoughts?

2 Responses to “Traumeel”

  1. niachick said

    I’ve never heard of Trauma. I use Traumeel anytime I have an area that needs just an extra ounce of an anti-inflammatory agent. I’m using it this week on my left shoulder and neck. I’d rather use this homeopathic remedy than take Motrin or some other medication that isn’t natural. I don’t find that it has a particularly icky scent. I like the scent of Calendula (we grow it in our herb garden). I also didn’t think it was that greasy; there’s a certain texture to it but it doesn’t bother me and I always wash my hands after applying any kind of balm, lotion, cream or ointment.

    Thanks for blogging about this though! It was another Nia teacher who turned me on to it!


    • Yeah, the scent is not icky, but I smell something whereas the Trauma has no scent AT ALL. The scent from the Traumeel is very faint, but in comparison there is something. Yet is it no where near the Zheng Gu Shui that I love.

      It isn’t really that greasy, but again, compared to Trauma which is just soft and velvety, it is greasy. I do feel the need to wash my hands after using Traumeel where I don’t with Trauma. With Zheng Gu Shui you have to wash your hands because it just doesn’t come off. In fact, you are better off not getting it on your hands as all. Since I only use Zheng Gu Shui, Trauma, and Traumeel, I like that with Trauma I don’t feel the need to wash my hands.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion! It is great because people have two different sides. I like the Traumeel, it does not have a bad scent nor is it heavy and GREASY, but in comparison to the Trauma it is.

      Thank you for being here! Hugs!


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