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Posted by terrepruitt on March 22, 2011

I’ve mentioned that one day after Nia Class I learned one of my students is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor.  How I learned that, she told me to try the Wet Sock Treatment.  She also gave me a homeopathic medicine called Trauma.  The box says it is for temporary relief of pain and inflammation from injuries, muscle sprains and pulls, bruises and trauma.  I said I would try it even though I am a fan of Zheng Gu Shui.  I have been wanting to post about this since I got it because it is pretty awesome.  I am a fan of it too.

It is so nice because unlike Zheng Gu Shui it does not have a scent.  It also does not stain anything.  It also is not drying.  I think it actually moisturizes.  It is a cream so it is much easier to apply than Zheng Gu Shui which is a liquid.  It is so scent free and residue free that I would often put it on after I got in bed and would just go right to sleep without even bother to wash my hands.

It has arnica in it and I have been told that arnica is great for bruises and it helps with inflammation.  It has many other flowers and herbs, including witch hazel, chamomile, and echinacea.  I would recommend people try it if they have the need for an ointment of this type.

This “problem” with it is according to the package and the website it is only “available through licensed providers and pharmacists”.  Maybe that means you can actually get it at a pharmacy.  I didn’t even think to look.  Well, if you are interested in trying a homeopathic medicine that has no scent yet gives great relief maybe you can check.

9 Responses to “Trauma”

  1. niachick said

    Thanks again for such an informational blog post, Terre. You continue to rock my world!

    So is the Chinese herb you mention an ointment or paste? Since you talked about “scent” and the product having no stain, I’m gathering that “Trauma” is something that is rubbed into the body rather than a sublingual tablet. I have quite a few homeopathic remedies that I get from my health food store which are sublingual tablets. AND I have a product called “Traumeel” that gets rubbed into sore muscles which works famously.

    My ultimate preference though for muscle aches and arthritis/bursitis and other physical aches and pains is China Gel. It’s a product that has camphor and menthol. I’ve used it for years on my neck, shoulders, lower back, hip and knees. Great for relieving arthritic pain. However, the scent is one that is definitely powerful, unlike arnica.

    That’s my two cents (not that you asked for it!).


    • I am so glad that you like getting information. I like that when I post sometimes you learn stuff, sometimes you teach stuff, sometimes you share, sometimes you just like it, whatever. I love that it is different and you keep coming back. Thank you.

      Ok, I was talking about Zheng Gu Shui and if you click either the words in the blog post or here it will go to my post about that. Is that what you were asking about? Zheng Gu Shui is a liquid. I think of it like dark tea. I know it stains my body so I assume it would stain material so I am very careful not to let it get on material. I let it dry (on my skin) before I put on clothing. And it also has that camphoring “burning” affect on sensitive areas (back of knee, crook of elbow, eyes, etc.).

      Trauma is a cream or ointment. But it is really soft. I was going to post about Traumeel too. I just got some of that and that is why I was finally posting about Trauma because I am going to do a comparison.

      I wonder if China Gel is Zheng Gu Shui in a gel formula? Sounds so much the same at least with the strong odor. Is it a white gel? Does it stain? Is it “oily”?

      I always want your sense because it is worth way more than cents. 🙂


  2. Becky said

    That sounds great! I’ve never heard of that or a Naturapathic doctor? Wow! I should really learn more — or just keep coming here and have you teach me! Yeah, I choose that option.


  3. The no scent thing really catches my attention. I am soooo sensitive to smells and can’t tolerate any.

    I have had chronic pain between the shoulder blades from my car wreck several years ago. Sounds like something I should try!

    You do rock my friend. I love all the info you provide.

    I really liked your iPad post too. I would love to have one to critique. Ha!


    • Do you know what your pain is from? I know you said it occurs all the time and it started after your auto accident, but do you know why it is happening?

      Often times back pain is due to a muscle imbalance. That is why I am asking. Or sometimes it is something structural, but strengthening muscles can assist in easing the pain. With all the various things we do, talking on the phone, carrying purses, carrying groceries, carrying kids, walking dogs, working on computers, holding a camera, etc. we often cause imbalances that get our backs to hurting. Your auto accident could have made you more susceptible to our “crooked” life styles?

      You rock too, Angelia! HUGS to you! Congrats on the pulling off of your super secret project!!!!! Yipee!


  4. suzicate said

    Ok, I’m going to google this one, too…I really do intend to order some of these super things you suggest so I’ll have something waiting at home for me the next time I decide to overdo it!


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