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Banned Foods

Posted by terrepruitt on April 2, 2011

You might have noticed that everything I do is on my way home from teaching Nia.  It is true, I tend to run my errands after my Nia Classes.  I am out, so it is easy to just stop to pick up what we need.  Two issues with going to a store after I teach 1) I usually look akin to a drown rat with my sweaty limp flat hair and 2) I am usually hungry.  I am one of those people who should not go shopping when they are hungry.  I end up walking down the aisles where dinner ideas start popping in my head.  With menus forming into my head as I am shopping sometimes I end up backtracking and going on all over the store.  By the time I get all that I need I am really hungry.  There are a lot of foods that I don’t even bother bringing in the house.  I work hard not to eat the “junk food” but sometimes when I am hungry and it is there, I will eat it.  Therefore some things are “banned” from being in the house like potato chips, ice cream, candy, cookies, and stuff like that.

There is no need for that stuff to be in the house.  But there are other things that aren’t necessarily “junky” foods that become unhealthy when you eat the whole bag or box. Two such foods I should really just keep out of the house are sunflower seeds and cereal.  You know I love sunflower seeds because I have posted about them.  I love them.  I can eat a whole lot of them.  There is a lot of fat in sunflower seeds so eating a lot of them just adds a lot of extra fat.  They have 17 grams of fat in 1/4 of a cup.  Extra nutrients are not good.  Not matter whether it is fat, protein, or carbohydrates.

The cereal is Kashi 7 Whole Grain Honey Puffs.  I think these things are like Super Sugar Crisps.  Remember that cereal.  I love cereal but I know it is not really a healthful food.  For one serving this cereal has 1 gram of fat, 80 grams of potassium, 25 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fiber, and 3 grams of protein.  So it is really something that should be considered a treat.  To me it is just like a desert.  (Hanging my head) I eat it like I will not be allowed another meal.  This is a confession here people.

I just need to NOT buy this cereal.  Every time I buy it I do good for a day or two and then–whoosh, it’s gone.  I know this, but when I go shopping after Nia I am really hungry and I think I can eat it as I believe it should be eaten, as a treat, maybe every other day and according to the serving size, but I never manage that.  I need to just not buy it.

What about you?  Is there a food you think you are better off just not having in the house at all?  Is it a snack food?  Is it something that might be considered somewhat healthy when eaten in the proper portion?

6 Responses to “Banned Foods”

  1. Becky said

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t even read this yet because I’m scared you’re going to tell me I can’t have sunflower seeds anymore!
    Okay… I’ll go read…


    • Becky said

      okay — yes, I need to eat them in moderation. Actually I do very well at that. I only buy them about once a month and I get the organic plain nothing added no salt version (if that matters). I had this cereal that my grandmother used to buy. She would set a bowl out on the table to nibble on all day. When I became an adult I started buying the cereal until I finally realized how many calories are in a bowl!! Cracklin Oat Bran — I really love that cereal but it is my weakness. I don’t buy it anymore.


      • Thanks for sharing. Many cereals have ingredients I am trying to avoid so I don’t buy a lot of them for that reason. I have never had Cracklin Oat Bran. I have Cheerios in my pantry, I love them, too, but I can eat them properly, not the wheat puffs!

        And you are smart for not buying your weakness, me, not so much. :-/


    • Ha! I know! I love sunflower seeds, too.


  2. niachick said

    Lordy, Terre, you make me laugh out loud. I love the description of being “akin to a drowned rat”…yes, I’ve gone to the grocery store after Nia in that condition as well. It’s on my way home. I do attempt to bring a different pair of pants so that I’m not in bell bottom pants with a big mesh side or back on the leg (and usually in clogs which really brings the best out of Nia pants) ha!

    I’d love to say that those same foods that are banned in your house are banned in mine. Being a co-owner of The Nutman Co. USA, Inc. though, there’s usually enough chocolate and candy around the house (especially around Easter when the whipped cream eggs are in). It is my goal to cut back on the amount of chocolate I eat. We do keep other stuff in the house, too. My husband is a nut (no pun intended) for Kettle potato chips. I’m not much of a chip lover, but I will eat them if they’re put in front of me. My fave is gluten free Newman Oreos. Yum yum.

    Sunflower seeds…yep, we have those, too. We like them in salads and I also like to pop a handful in my mouth every now and then.

    As always, LOVE your blogs.


    • I’ve had people in my class say, “Oh, I didn’t know that I would sweat.” Well, Nia is an exercise class. It is a workout. So everyone is going to be different but if you normally sweat when you exercise and you allow for the music to move your body, you are going to sweat. So, yes, I often look like a drown rat. The people at the bank must think I always have wet hair.

      I would rather have sunflower seeds or the cereal I mentioned than chocolate. I like chocolate, but I am not a chocoholic. I would have a hard time with the salted caramels and taffy you sell. I am so glad my hubby does not “need” to have chips or stuff in the house because I know that I would be the one eating it. I have not yet determined that I need to cut gluten out of my diet so while I am sure that Newman’s GF Oreos are good, I think that if I am going to have an Oreo it will be a REAL Oreo. But, I bet they have transfat and canola oil in them, so I would rather not.

      You sell sunflower seeds too! Oooooo, and pumpkin seeds. Yum! I love sunflower seeds on salads. That is where it starts. I put it on my salad, then end up snacking on them all night long. I don’t know how you do it selling all those goodies. I would definitely be eating them all! (Oh, unless they have the ingredients I am working to avoid. Then I would have an easier time not eating them).



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