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Ten Minute Workout

Posted by terrepruitt on May 31, 2011

There are a lot of 10 minute workouts.  Ten minutes is really not a long time, it probably won’t get you to any lofty fitness goals, but that is where specificity comes in.  If your goal is to run a marathon or bench press 200 pounds then 10 minutes of working out won’t get you there.  You need to train specifically for specific goals.  Ten minute workouts are good for other things.  If you are really pressed for time and just need a quick fix.  If you are new to exercising.  If you are doing another form of working out and just want to add a little something more.  If you are recovering from an injury.  If you are just learning a new exercise.  If you have ADD.  🙂  There are a lot of good reasons and ways to incorporate a ten minute workout into your day.

There are also different ways you can do a workout for ten minutes.  Again, how you do it depends on why you are doing it.  If you are pressed for time sometimes just getting through it is what you need to do.  That ten minutes will just help you feel like you did something good for yourself even if the rest of the day is jammed packed with a lot of other stuff.  If you are just starting an exercise program it could be that getting through ten minutes is all you can do . . . it depends on the workout.  If you have a great program that you do, say cardio, like Nia, but you want to add in a little training with weights or additional stretching a 10 minute workout could be perfect.  And if you are recovering from an injury it could be that 10 minutes is all that you can do safely.  When learning a new exercise it could be that 10 minutes is all that your brain can take at a time.  Again, it all depends on why you are doing it AND what you are doing.

Before I hurt my foot, I had come up with a little 10 minute workout I felt was a good way to get a quick workout all over.   I designed it to be done with the workout tools and toys I have.  I only did it a few times before I hurt my foot.  Since I really was having to concentrate on teaching my classes, I pretty much stopped doing everything else.  So now I am feeling that a ten minute workout would be great for me because of a few of the reasons I stated above.

The list/workout is what you see pictured here.  It is nothing revolutionary it is just 10 exercises that you do 10 times each in 10 minutes.  In my next regularly scheduled post (Thursday) I will explain the list.   In subsequent regularly scheduled posts (Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays) I will give more detailed explanations of the exercises, modifications, and various things that come up related to this 10 minute workout.  And everyday, I will post when I have done it.  I will actually be doing some of the exercises in a modified fashion because of my foot.  I have to modify my activity based on my teaching schedule and daily activity.

Anytime you want you to can do this list.  Post in the comment that you did it too.  Ask questions and I will either answer them in the comments or in a separate post.  I think this is a great way for me to share some exercises with you. I hope you will join me in this 10 minute workout.  Really 10 minutes isn’t that long.  Ten exercises done 10 times each in 10 minutes.  Ten Ten in Ten.  You can do it.  And you can let me know when you’ve done it.  Ok?  What do you say?  Are you in?

4 Responses to “Ten Minute Workout”

  1. niachick said

    Another great 10 minute workout is Ageless Grace (www.agelessgrace.com). I’m going for my certification in September. It is not just for the elders, either. I thoroughly enjoy doing the 10 minute workout in the comfort of my chair! It doesn’t have weights associated with it, but it is a great workout for flexibility, mobility, strength and stability.

    I enjoyed reading the 10 minute workout you do, too!

    And I remember the 7 minute conditioning of Nia: 1 minute for each of the 5 Stages of Self Healing; 1 minute getting up and down fromt the floor and 1 minute of laughing (several seconds for each side) on your back, right side, belly and left side.

    Thanks as always for your posts!



    • Cool. I thought that looked and sounded a lot like Nia. Congrats to you on your decision to get certified.

      Since we all have different fitness goals it is great that there are so many different kinds of workouts available. I believe that I really need the bone strengthening benefit that weight bearing exercises and weights give you. My grandmother is crippled from osteoporosis so I gotta work d’em bones.

      Oh the Nia 5 stages is great for all kinds of things but to me that is like dessert, I can do that after I am done with my Nia cardio dance workout and my 10 minute workout. But when I have aches and pains I do it too because it is really awesome for working out those bothersome attention getters (“aches and pains”).

      Lots more on this to come!


  2. Michele said

    Looking forward to more on this post…definitely need inspiration in this area – 10 minutes would be a good start! Thanks! xoxo


    • Great. There is a lot more to come. I am going to post about each exercise in order of the list unless I get a question that sparks a post or I really feel I need to re-visit something. After I go through once with a post for each exercise, I will probably go back and re-visit a few.

      Thanks for commenting. xoxo back at ‘cha!


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