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31 Things Report So Far

Posted by terrepruitt on December 7, 2011

Nia Teacher, Nia in San Jose, Dance Exercise in San Jose, Cardio Exercise in San JoseReporting in.  How are you doing with the 31 Things Project?  Getting rid of anything?  Today after teaching my Nia Class I took my trunk full of plastic water bottles to the recycler.  Those things take up a lot of space.  My entire trunk and half my back seat was full.  I have a big trunk.  There were two large bags and a box sitting in our garage the rest I stored in my trunk.  It is not easy to save up recycling because it takes up a lot of space but it isn’t worth it to go to a recycling place unless you have a lot of stuff to recycle.  So we have it around for a long time and are always having to dance around bags of bottles.  But there is a place in San Jose next to the Willow Glen studio I teach at and the people there were SOOOO nice I think I might drop by more often.

My list thus far is: today, I rid our space of plastic bottles.  Yesterday, I went into my office closet for something and ended up throwing some stuff out.  Closet is still not clean, but it is a bit more organized and some of the stuff in it is more easily accessible.  The day before I noticed a drawer in the kitchen that had gotten a bit out of control so I tidied that up and threw out some of the stuff in there that was no longer useful.  The day before that I fixed a watch band.  I have several watches and most them need batteries or new bands (sounds like a perfect “thing” for my project).  The one that has a working battery has a “broken” band.  Well, the leather band itself was fine, it was the pin that hold the band to the watch that had broken.  Now, please understand that I know it is easy to remedy these things, I just don’t always think about them.  They slip my mind.  I was looking for something in a box and I found some pins.  I had saved the pins from a broken watch band.  So I was able to put the saved pin into my watch band and — Voila!  A watch.  Yeah!  I love watches and I have not had one that could actually be worn in so long.

Fixing that band did two things; 1) it has encouraged me to put “fix watches” on my 31 Thing Project list and 2) it changed two useless items (a pin and broken watch) to two useful items.  Unfortunately that little tiny pin was not taking up a lot of space so no space was created, but time certainly was.  Ha, ha.  Ok, times was not CREATED, but I now know what time it is!

This is proving less easy than I thought because of the Holiday season, but I am committed to the project so I am going to do it.  I need to remember that the idea is not to take up a lot of time.  Give me a chance to exercise focus.  Yesterday I spent way too much time in my closet!  I got distracted by things in the closet that I was not looking for.  So . . . how are you doing?  Do you have seven things on your list of “done”?

2 Responses to “31 Things Report So Far”

  1. I have this incredible propelling urge to start sorting the clutter. Seriously, you have unearthed a bug in me. You are doing great with your sorting!


    • Well, I it is not necessarily BIG, but the little feels great even though it is not even scratching the surface. And it DOES unearth a bug. I am hoping that by the time the month is through there will be a little space here and there AND I will continue it after December. It seems silly during the Christmas when I am actually “adding” so much to the house with decoration, but maybe it will carry over.

      So, has this bug that has been unearthed at your end of the nation gotten rid of anything?


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