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Can’t Come Up With Ideas

Posted by terrepruitt on April 5, 2014

As you may know, I have some things on my mind. The longer it goes on the more difficult it is to function normally. We still receive a small box of organic produce every other week.  Here is what we received in our box this week. I looked at it and thought, “Oh nice.” But not my normal “Ooooooo, what can I do with this and that?  I can do this . . . . . I can do that . . . . ” So I was thinking that perhaps you can help me. I know many of you are good cooks so I was thinking you could give me some ideas on what to with all these lovely fruits and veggies.

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white spring onions

There is some rainbow chard. What do you do with that? I usually saute it with a little olive oil, garlic, and onions.  More like than not I add it to some ground turkey and then we eat it like that or it can be put on top of rice or put inside a tortilla. Can chard be roasted/baked like kale? Making chard chips?

What about radishes? Are there anything to do with them, but put them in salads? That is what I do with them, put them in salads.

What about grapefruit? Doesn’t seem like my husband or I like them? What do you do with it?

The asparagus is gone. I roasted it.  It was really thick so I peeled the bottom.  I was actually cooking four other things in the oven so I had to use a smaller pan than normal to cook the asparagus so I cut it in half.  The bottom portion I also sliced in half.  It was yummy.  I love asparagus.  I am certain I will receive more, so maybe I should get your ideas on how to cook that now.

What about carrots? Again I put them in salads, raw. What about you?  I don’t like them candied, so that is a recipe I can skip.

How about kiwis? Do you just eat them?  My husband just eat them. They are another thing I would put on salads. Do you have others ideas on how to use them?

Ooooooo and the new-to-me white spring onions. Should they be cooked whole and eaten that way or used as I would a regular onion?

What about apples? Seems as if we get them in every box? Sometimes they just stack up. I like really CRISP sweet apples and some times the apples we get are not crisp – they are the mushy kind – so I don’t like to just eat them. Last night I used one I had from the last box to make my hubby a “Porky-Pork Chop”. What do you do with hem? I guess I could just bake ’em, huh?

I also know that I can use the carrot greens in a smoothie but I have never done that.  Can the radish greens be used too?

So help me out.  Think for me because with this whole process dragging on I am starting to get a little worn out and the everyday things are not so everyday.

11 Responses to “Can’t Come Up With Ideas”

  1. Joan Meyer said

    I’ve been making smoothies daily lately! All the greens would work well, even the carrots. My smoothies have bunches of greens, other veggies, and any fruit… along with cinnamon, turmeric, flax, etc etc…. (a form of protein would also be good for you right now)
    also old apples make easy good apple sauce… you could even put the kiwi in the apple sauce… roasted carrots are also good! don’t think i’d like the onions in a smoothie! if you don’t want to use the onions now… just roast or sauté when you’re doing other things and freeze for later use!
    these are not gourmet ideas…. just simple


    • Yes, smoothie are great for any ol’ veggie! I have never put cinnamon or turmeric in a smoothie. Sounds interesting. I would be worried the turmeric would turn my blender orange. That is one thing I do not like about tumeric. I have never thought of apple sauce . . . I never really understood the point. Ha, ha, ha.

      I am not a fan of cooked carrots, however, I will eat them when they are roasted. I might do that. Thanks for the reminder. I can roast the carrots and the onions.

      Great ideas. Thank you.


  2. First,this is advice from a chef’s view point.Organize your items from the ground up. Onions,radishes, carrots together. Then chard alone(it’s special). Then kiwis,grapefruit and apples. Now we are cooking. I would buy 1# of 85/15 ground turkey. Slice your carrots,half of your onions,apples into bite size portions and saute in olive oil till tender. DO NOT OVER COOK! (set a side) Squeeze the grapefruit and save the juice. It should yeild about a forth of a cup. Use part of your saute onion, 2 radishes(sherred),salt&pepper,sweet basil ,balsamic vinegar and your grapefruit juice for a tangy pico. (set aside to marry). Only add the grapefruit juice in last,a little at a time. Stop when you have the right amount of personal acid bite! This is your topping for dinner!

    Brown your turkey with your saute chard(you seem to know how to do this well)
    Add in your carrots,apples and onions
    Cook together for 5 mins.
    Spoon over wild rice
    Use your sweet&sour pico as a topping
    Use sliced kiwis(peeled) as a side dish. The strong strawberry taste will go well with this dish


    • Yay! A way to use the grapefruit! Thanks. You are getting ALL of the fruit and veggies in one go! Yay. This will be an entirely new flavor for us. Because, yes, I usually just cook the ground turkey with the chard with garlic and onions. I read this too late for tonight’s dinner, but I’m gonna try it tomorrow. Cool, Dwight. Thanks!


  3. Chris Tighe said

    Terre, Some ideas. Cut up the apples and kiwi and put in smoothies. You can also hollow out the apples, cut in half and bake with a mixture of nuts and butter and a little honey. You and cut the grapefruit in half, section, sprinkle with brown sugar and put under the broiler until you have a hot topping. Slice the radish thin and put on buttered bread for a tea sandwich, add more veggies like avocado and sprouts or cream cheese. Use the rest in a big soup. Easy to just let cook in a crockpot. Chris Tighe



    • Yes, smoothies are great for using up all the fruits and veggies (except the onions) :-)! I had thought about that apple idea. I have always wanted to try that. Thanks for reminding me.

      Whoa! Broiled grapefruit? Hmmmm. I gotta try that. I think I have enough for broiling and Dwight’s recipe!

      Radishes on tea sandwiches . . . .of course!

      Thanks for the ideas, Chris!


      • Joan Meyer said

        broiled grapefruit is wonderful!!!! if they are sweet already, you might not even need the sugar on top… the broiling brings out the juices and sweetness anyway! just cut in 1/2 and put under broiler…. but keep an eye on them! yuummmmm!!!


        • I guess you can broil (or grill) just about any fruit, huh? I’ve heard of pears, peaches, pineapple, so why not grapefruit.

          And — yes, gotta keep an eye on anything broiled.


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