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Double The Goodness

Posted by terrepruitt on September 1, 2015

What better way to start a month than with a Goodie Jar check in?  Any of you still doing a goodie jar or any version of one?  A Goodie Jar or a Good Things Jar is where you make a note of a good thing and put it in the jar to read later.  That is the basics so how you go about it is up to you.  The possibilities are endless.  You could decide upon guidelines on what is allowed in the jar or just put whatever you want.  My idea is whatever is a “good thing” that makes you smile.  You can assign yourself a schedule as in “you have to do it once a day/week/month”.  Or you can do it whenever you experience something that makes you smile.  When you read them is also something unique to you.  Our Goodie Jar is read on December 31st.  It is kind of nice since we are past the age of going out and getting crazy.  We usually are home all night and so this is a little tradition, a way of celebrating.  Now, many of you, perhaps people who frequently read my blog, already know about this because I think I am on my third year of doing it, but there are many people out there that don’t know about it.  And for a lot of people it is a good way to keep focused on the good things in life.  There is always something good so it is nice to have a way to keep that at the forefront.  So, I am happy to report that I have had to go back to using my first goodie jar.  But that is in addition to the new container I had moved, too.  We now have two “Goodie” locations!

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia at the San Jose Community Centers, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex City of San Jose, San Jose Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, PiYo, Nia TechniqueHow awesome is that?  Our Good Things filled up one container so we had to move it to another one!  That is good stuff.  Granted some of our things are full sized pieces of paper.  John used that as documentation for one or two good things.  Plus we use all types of paper and all types of sizes.  There are also a few tickets in there.  So they take up a lot of space, but still!  A lot of good things.

There are always good things to say about the Nia classes because of the fabulous students that come to class.  In fact, as I type this I was reminded that the attendance I had at this past Nia class on Sunday at the NW YMCA was the largest I have ever had.  So that is going in the good things jar.  That was a good thing!

My yoga classes are a consistent good thing, too.  There seems to be a lot of good revolving around those, too.  Currently, yoga in the park.  So nice to be out in the gorgeous day . . . even when the lawn maintenance people are there.

Our cats are doing well.  We decided to stop the medicine for the little cat.  We had three days left and we decided that she was just getting, too upset and it was just causing too much stress in the household.  So we stopped that.  She has yet to realize that evening time is not “torture” time.  But she will get there.  I even got an exposed belly and purrs today.  The whole situation around us getting the cats and all that mess was really a great time to utilize the goodie jar because that is when I need it.  When a happy situation turns to muck, it helps to have a process in place to help concentrate and focus on the good things.  So we are rolling along.

So, what about you?  Are you doing a Goodie Jar?  Do you have a way to help you stay focused on the Good Things?  How is it going?


8 Responses to “Double The Goodness”

  1. Rose Mills said

    I’m sure kitty will eventually come around! I bought Matt a “line a day” journal which allows him to focus on just the good because there isn’t enough room for any negativity!
    Hope you’re well.


    • So with the “line a day” journal, one writes a line of good things once a day?

      I am well. And you? Are you doing well?


      • Rose Mills said

        Exactly – one line a day, every day for 5 years. Every year, you have the chance to look back on what you wrote last year. I thought it was such a lovely idea, especially as my OH is studying English at university!
        I’m glad. I am too, thank you! Still relatively new to the blog world, but I’m loving it! It’s such a nice atmosphere!


        • That IS a lovely idea. I think I would be a cheater though. I know that some days I would have more than one line and others I wouldn’t have any, either because I forgot or I couldn’t think of any. That is what I love about something like this . . . there are so many ways to do it and whatever way you actually do it is the best way for you!

          Glad you are well, and “the most excitable little lady in England”! Ha, ha, ha!


  2. Liv said

    Love this! I was inspired to start one in January this year but I’ve been terrible about adding to it. Not because there haven’t been good things or because I’m not acknowledging the good things, but time and laziness are definitely factors. I did better when I was doing daily lists of 3 good things for each day in my journal so maybe I need to go back to that format.


    • Yeah, whatever format works for you. As you can see with our set up, there is one container where the good things go (well, this picture shows the two, duh! That is what the post is about, but you know what I mean) and one container that holds the pens and the papers. These containers are on our peninsula in the kitchen. So for me there is always a minute to jot down a note.

      I can do it while cooking dinner, waiting for my bread to toast, or waiting for coffee. With it being pretty much in the path of all that we do, it helps serve as a reminder.

      I think that whatever works, whatever one actually does is the BEST! So whatever works for you that you actually DO, yay!


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