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Oriole In The Bath

Posted by terrepruitt on June 19, 2019

Once a month after stretch class, on the last Thursday of the month, a group of us meets for coffee. Sometimes it is a very small group and sometimes it is much bigger, but it is a way for us to keep in touch and for us to check in with each other. Sometimes after yoga on Tuesdays we go for lunch. At a recent lunch the conversation came around to birds – it was a very windy, crazy, fun-filled path that got us to birds, and I was telling them about our bird bath. A couple of us stated that we love to watch the birds bathe. If you have seen any of my bathing bird posts you know I love to watch them. Because how the conversation started I wanted to show them a picture of our bird bath. Then I remembered I had a video of an oriole bathing. Then I was kind of sad because none of my students had seen it, then I realized I had tweeted it and not posted it on my blog. So . . . I decided to post it here to share.

You know how I love to watch birds bathe. They just seem to enjoy it with all that fluttering and hopping around. Since the orioles are so cautious I was super happy to catch one in the bath. It is a quick bath, but still pretty cool. I do actually have another video of an oriole bathing, but I will post this one first.

Such a gorgeous color.  So very yellow.  Perhaps they are feeling a little more comfortable since they’ve come back for a few years now . . . if, in fact, these are the same birds.

We keep the bird bath bath clean and full.  I don’t do either (clean it or fill it) as much as my hubby.  We love to have birds visit so we make it as inviting as possible.

Do you like to watch birds bathe?  And drink?

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