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My Favorite Flower

Posted by terrepruitt on April 2, 2009


My blogging intent was to blog about healthful things, exercises, nutrition, but I keep thinking that readers might like other things too.  And I keep thinking of things I want to share.  I have so much I keep learning about Nia, we are doing more things in San Jose, and life is just full of stuff.   I am going to try to start posting three times a week instead of two.  I think that I am going to keep up with my opinion on healthful things on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but on Thursdays my posts will be different.  We will see how this all goes.

With my first post that is less-in-the-realm-of-wellness-and-the-like will be simple.  I wanted to share, that my house smells like flowers.  I love Star Gazers** and recently (almost two weeks ago), my husband bought me some.  He bought roses and Star Gazers, but the Star Gazers have lasted longer.  And they make our living room and dining room smell so nice.

You cannot walk down the stairs or sit on the couch without getting a big whiff.

They are so gorgeous.  What is your favorite flower?

Star Gazer

**Lilium “Stargazer” (the Stargazer lily) is a hybrid lily of the Oriental group according to Wiki

6 Responses to “My Favorite Flower”

  1. judy said

    I don’t know enough about flowers – I mean their names. I didn’t, until this post, know the name of Star Gazers. (Did you take the picture? It’s very cool. I don’t know flower names and I can’t take a good picture to save my life. What kind of a superhero am I?)

    Your new blog plan sounds great to me!!! I’ve been wondering about that all other stuff floating around your brain. 😉


    • I don’t really know that much about flowers. I just know that those are Star Gazers because when I first saw them I HAD to know what they were. It is a lily and actually it is a stargazer (no space, oh well), but it was created only about 25 years ago. Interesting, huh? We almost always have some in the house. It is important to grab the yellow/orange pistils in the middle as soon as you can because if you let them fall they will stain whatever they fall on.

      Thus far I have taken all the photos on my blog.

      You are a tremendous superhero.

      And . . . I don’t know how well that plan will be adhered to. We will see.


  2. michele said

    Love this post – love your blog…I need to catch up:) I have always loved the simplicity of daisies and the gerberra(sp) is my favorite now – but this post is reminding me about the absolute divine scent of the stargazer – I might have to go get some!


    • Daisy are so wonderful in their simplicity. And they last a long time. And you can “complicate” them by dying them—that’s fun. So I looked up gerbera to see which on that is and it is like a daisy but with more petals. At least to me. So that makes them a little more interesting huh? Hopefully you have a Farmer’s Market in your area where you can get flowers affordably!


  3. I like Rosa rugosa bushes that my sister has in her garden, the scent is almost intoxicating on a early summer breeze.

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    • I had to look that up. I have seen those, but did not know what they are called. They are very pretty. I feel like they are sweet flowers. I love that they have a nice fragrance! Thanks.


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