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TweetDeck — Just A Little

Posted by terrepruitt on September 8, 2009

This is a simple overview of TweetDeck.  And by simple I mean it does not include all the features and tips and tricks of TweetDeck.  My posts regarding Twitter are not for the power users to learn from.  It would be great if they commented and shared information, but basically I am sharing what I know and I feel as if I have barely scratched the surface of what Twitter and all its hundreds of applications can do.  In this post I do not cover all that TweetDeck can do.  I only briefly address what I do, so far, with TweetDeck.

First off, one of the things that some people love about TweetDeck is that you can manage multiple Twitter Accounts with it.  I don’t have multiple accounts so I don’t use TweetDeck like that so I won’t be talking about that here.  All I can tell you about multiple accounts and TweetDeck is that there is something that says, “Add more accounts” and above the box you type in it says “From” and I am guessing that if you have multiple accounts it will list them there and you can indicate which account you are sending from.  (I circled that in the photo.  At the bottom.)

For my one account, I use TweetDeck to see various tweets all on one screen.  I have an “All” column set up so that I can see tweets from all of the people that I follow.  But, I am beginning to think that only the people I recently follow show up because I don’t see tweets from people that I started following when I first signed up for Twitter.  So I made another column for those Twitterers.

I also have a column for “Nia People”.  This is a “Group”, these are the people that I have met online that teach, do, practice, and love Nia.  With this column I have actually set it up so that I see certain people that I am following that I know have something to do with Nia.

I have a “YelpSV” search column.  With this column it is set up so that I see people that send a Tweet that mentions YelpSV.  It searches for tweets that contain @YelpSV.

See? You can set up different columns and you can set them up different ways.  You can set up a column for a search on “Workouts” and it will capture tweets that have that word in them or you can set up a column for a group called, for example “San Jose” or “Exercise Classes” and actually indicate certain people whose tweets you want to see in either of those columns.

It is quick and easy to set up columns so you can change them whenever you would like.

I also have a mentions column of HelpYouWell set up so when people @HelpYouWell I see those in a separate column—although they sometimes show up after the ones in the other columns.   And I have DM (Direct Message) column so I can see messages sent directly to me, HelpYouWell.

I don’t have an issue with “API” (whatever that stands for), but I hear of people that do. Apparently Twitter only allows third party applications (systems? programs? Whatever.) 100 “touches” (that’s what I am calling them) per hour.  So if your account “touches” twitter (either sending, receiving, dealing with, whatever) 100 times in an hour you have to wait for the next hour in order to “touch” twitter again.  But this is only with third party stuff, like TweetDeck.  If you are on Twitter.com it does not do that.  So use TweetDeck and if you max out, use Twitter.com until the hour is up and go back to TweetDeck.

4 Responses to “TweetDeck — Just A Little”

  1. OMG. I can’t go there. Thank you for the lesson on TweetDecks. I admire folks who can take all of this in and know what to do with it!!! You’re so “in” with all of this!!! You go girl.

    I’m keeping my social networking to a minimum. Facebook, blogging, email and now Skype (as soon as I get my webcam up and running) is my limit.

    I do commend you for posting on your blog consistently and for keeping it informative. Even though I don’t use Twitter, I find the information fascinating.


    • You are funny. You are doing plenty. Twitter might never be something you would like, but you know where to go if you ever decide to try it. 😉

      My posts on Twitter barely skim the surface. But hopefully it is easy enough. I was hoping that it wasn’t so detailed that people that didn’t use twitter wouldn’t read it. I was hoping that it would be enough for non-twitter users to go, “Ok, now I see how some people do it.” Ya know? It is nice to be exposed to some of this whether we use it or not.

      I have a posting schedule, because I post a variety of things I want to at least have consistency in the schedule so people know they can check for new stuff on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Sometimes I post really late, but I am trying to keep that calendar consistent!

      Glad you thuoght it was good enough to read. I try to keep them short too! (Which you know is difficult — as you can see from my replies.) Tee hee~


  2. Hey! I see my Avatar! Nifty!!

    I have used Tweetdeck. I do have several different accounts: my Foodie account (food/exercise topics), my personal account (personal/writing topics) and a work account (topics having to do with my work place).

    The PROBLEM I have found is that sometimes I’ve been in a hurry and inadvertently sent out Foodie tweets (about cupcakes or pizza!) FROM my WORK account. OOOOOOOOOOPS. Not good. Even though I can delete them from my work Twitter profile, they have ALREADY gone out and are forever living in other peoples’ accounts. That is so not good.

    So I’ve stopped using Tweetdeck because I need to be more careful. I now have to physically log in and out to Twitter to be VERY INTENTIONAL about what account I am using when.


    • I am still trying to get used to the whole idea (of Twittering) before I take on multiple accounts. And I KNOW that I would do the same thing (send from the “wrong” account).

      I think tweeting about pizza is appropriate from any account. But that is just me and my love of pizza!

      Ooooooooh! Look at you! LOVE THAT!!!!! Being VERY INTENTIONAL!!!! How awesome is that! Who would have thought that TweekDeck/Technology could have helped with that? Sorry you learned the “hard way”, but . . . . maybe a blessing in disguise.


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