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Sodalite and Moonstone

Posted by terrepruitt on April 29, 2010

Sodalite – From the things I have read the main thing sodalite is believed to do is bring calm, inner peace, and balance. I have often seen it associated with helping make clear and rational decisions. (Which I would imagine would be easier if your mind was calm and you had inner peace, so those two things seem like they would go together.) In addition to clear and rational thinking, some information states it helps with creative thought too. I have also seen that it helps with inflammation which goes along with the information I have seen that says it assist with immune systems. (Because inflammation is part of that system.)

Moonstone – I see that this stone is said to also bring calm. Most information states, “Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength.” Also, it is said to stimulate balance of hormones. (Which we must remember is necessary in males as well as females.) Several things say it is a stone of protection and that it is a healing stone.

This is stuff that interests me. At one time I thought it was pretty (what I call) woo-woo, but then when I start looking into Nia I started seeing things a little differently. When I first discovered Nia I bought the book (The Nia Technique Book). As I started reading it I thought it was too “woo-woo”, but then they related it to science and it made sense. Then I started thinking that there had to be things on this earth that we were given before we had science that could assist with our health and wellness. So I thought, “Why not energies in a stone?” So, I am just interested in this. I feel more comfortable when I read the information out there (and there is so much out there) and it states basically the same information. Then I feel like at least everyone is on the same page.

I was interested in some of the properties these two stones were said to have. I have not listed them all but just some. I have a few in the house. Not sure they are doing any good, but they are pretty.

Do you think stones have energies? Do you think stones have healing properties?

4 Responses to “Sodalite and Moonstone”

  1. suzicate said

    Thanks for this post! I am still wrestling with this idea…started my post, but haven’t finished it…it’s actually about a necklace (feldspar) that was given to me by someone in a commune sort of place. I’m still trying to process my information…one day I’ll finish. At that store that day, the owner placed a huge crstal in my hand…the tremors/vibrations I felt piercing throughout my body scared the heebeejeebies out of me…this is the part that I’m having a difficult time with. How could I have been so affected by holding a rock?!


    • Well, your family seems ultra sensitive to things’ vibrations and energies so . . . . that does not surprise me.

      I cannot claim to understand it. But everything has an energy and a vibration, right? So why not a rock/crystal/stone that was formed by the earth and its energy, right?

      Maybe sometimes we don’t have to exactly understand it (something – not understanding – I am NOT good at) to benefit from it. I think that as long as it doesn’t “feel” wrong or negative it could be helpful. There are so many people and so much information out there. I am sure when you are ready you will receive what you need.

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting. I really appreciate it. And I love reading your posts!


  2. “I cannot claim to understand it. But everything has an energy and a vibration, right? So why not a rock/crystal/stone that was formed by the earth and its energy, right? ”

    I totally agree with this. I seem to pick up on the energy of a person – what they are feeling or a decision they are making before they make it – it creeped me out some but now I get that it’s a gift passed down. My mom has it. We are energy, the world is energy. Some are more sensitive than others. Like energy from a person left behind (ghosts).

    I do believe rocks have healing capabilities. I have a rock from Salt Lake I carry in my purse and it brings me great peace when I need it.

    Interesting post!


    • I definitely believe that some people are more sensitive to things (energies, feelings, etc.) than other people. And as you said, “We are energy, the world is energy.”

      Its nice that you decided to accept your sensitivity as a gift. Once you did that did it allow you to receive better? And maybe, understand better?

      I believe in the power of the mind and I believe in the power of positive thinking, I would think that those things coupled with energies from rocks/crystals could help heal some things. Now, I just want to mention that I don’t think a rock is a substitute for medical care (I feel like I need to say that in case someone read this and doesn’t quite “get” what we are talking about.)

      Also, I believe that healing should be looked at in degrees. I’ll use your rock and your statement as an example. You have a rock in your purse it brings you peace. Could be that you are having a stressful moment and you think of that wrong and you are able to calm down a bit . . . . have a moment of peace. Doesn’t mean that your stress is gone entirely, just that to a degree you have some calm. I definitely can believe something like that.


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