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How I Found Nia

Posted by terrepruitt on May 15, 2010

People always ask me how I found Nia. Here is my story: I had just begun exercising. I had found Turbo Jam and I liked it. I did the DVDs in my living room before work. At the time I worked in San Jose not too from where I lived so I would get up early in the morning and do it before work. The women I worked with always told me that they loved to dance, but they couldn’t get their partners to dance with them. They also would tell me that they wished they could find a dance exercise.

I was also seeing a lot of people — at that time — that were my age or even younger that couldn’t walk up the stairs or sit on the floor and get up again. Plus there were some young people around me that were going on High Blood Pressure Meds and experiencing other health issues.

So I started looking online for an exercise that was dancey. I thought maybe I could find something that I could learn to teach others. I found trance dance, but from what I saw and what I read, it said that you closed your eyes and just danced. It didn’t sound like there was ANY rhyme or reason. I sounded as if you were in a trance and you danced. The information talked of having people watch so the people dancing didn’t run into or hit each other. So that didn’t sound like what I would be interested in.

Somehow I stumbled . . . . literally, I don’t know how, just clicking on this link and that link . . . .I found Nia. I checked out the main site and it sounded interesting. I found a class that wasn’t too far. I went. I liked it. I bought the book. I went to another class. Then months later, I found another class at a different time and I tried that. Then months later, I talked my friend into going with me one more time*.

In between the second and third class I was thinking about taking the training that would enable me to teach. But I wasn’t sure. Nia sounded a bit “woo-woo” to me. So I kept reading. I really focused on the fact that it is based on science. It is based on research. The movements are movements that our bodies were designed to do. The movements tie into the way it is taught. Some of the words that are used might give the impression that it is really “woo-woo”, but it is not. There are also some elements of Nia that are like ancient practices. I kept thinking that some of these practices have been around for hundreds of years and they really have a basis in health and wellness. It was all very intriguing.

*My fourth class I attended was my “deciding” class. I went to make a final decision. I decided to do it. I decided to get sign up for the intensive that would allow me to teach. It took me so long to decide I was signing up within 30 days of the training.

I had NO idea what the training would entail. And that my friends is what another post is made of.

Nia. It is awesome. It IS an exercise. It IS a cardio workout. But I will not lie to you to try to keep you interested, it IS so much more. For some reason I cannot (nor can anyone else I talk to) put my finger on, it makes you happy. Try it and see for yourself. Try MY classes, or try someone else’s. Get a DVD, I don’t care. Just try it and then let me know what you think.

6 Responses to “How I Found Nia”

  1. Becky said

    Being happy sounds nice. I think I’ll start googling and see what I can find. Thanks.


  2. niachick said

    I’m always impressed (and interested) in how people “find” Nia. My sister-in-law introduced me to Nia in 1999. I knew the moment the music started (actually I knew the moment my sister-in-law said that Nia is done barefoot!) that I would love it. Little did I know that I’d become a teacher of Nia!! That happened two years later when I took the White Belt Nia Intensive.

    Nia does have a Science, a Craft and an Art, so for those who are more mental and analytical, the Science of Nia really speaks to them. I have a student who falls very much into this category…she wants to know the “why” and “how” to everything we do in Nia. Me? I’m body and spirit. For me, Nia was physically perfect for me — barefoot, freedance, “my body’s way” and then the realm of spirit is introduced in Nia as well — my own unique creative expression of Nia.

    I have had students of traditional aerobics come to my classes. They take my class, say it’s “nice” but never come back. To them (and I did ask) Nia is (as you mention in your blog) a little too “woo woo”. That always amazes me when someone says that. I find that so judgmental!!! If it’s cardio you want, you’ll get it. That’s the design of Nia. But, as you said (and as I market it in my area) “it’s so much more.”

    Thanks for posting Terre. Very nice…I’ve learned a little bit more about you!!!



    • I sense that a lot of people want to be told EXACTLY what to do when they are exercising. I sense some people that don’t want to connect to their own bodies so they want someone to tell them how to move, what they should sense, how high they should jump/reach, how low they should bend/reach . . . . .whatever the case. With that in mind, in Nia, when we encourage them to seek that information for themselves they go, “Huh?” I believe that is one reason why people might not want to give Nia a try. Some just want to be told what to do and not to discover their own bodies on their own.

      I believe that for some people, listening to, moving with, sensing — discovering their own bodies is VERY woo-woo. I believe that some people think just the THOUGHT of “listening” to their body is woo-woo. Even though it is material for another blog post . . . . . people NOT listening to our bodies is what contributes to us being in an unhealthy state of being.

      Oh, Jill, I could go on and on in response to your comment. It is a very rich comment that sparks a fire from which I just want to share, share, share (ya know?).

      One thing I like about Nia is the “art” part, because I AM the science part. I want to know why, how, and all that, so to me Nia is a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE learning platform because I am using it to help me be more flexible, more flow-y, more “letting go.” It is a challenge and I am enjoying it very much.


  3. Becky said

    I left a comment yesterday but it disappeared in the ether.
    It was — I like the idea of something helping me with happy. I’ll be googling to find out more.


    • Yeah, I see it, but according to the WP information it was left at 4:48 am this morning (5/16). I had just gone to bed. Ok, actually I went to bed at 3:30 am, but . . .

      I have my comments in a “have to be approved” process because I get soooooo many spamming comments, I don’t want them on my blog.

      I often wish I could send you some happy. Thank you for stopping by and commenting — TWICE! That makes me happy.


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