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Posted by terrepruitt on July 15, 2010

In Nia our sixth principle for the White Belt is the base.  #6 The Base; Feet and legs.  I sat down to write and as I was searching for something to post about it dawned on me that base came up yesterday and today.   It is a different type of base yet a base is a base so there can be a connection, but in this post I am just going to share the things that came up and later write more on the Nia White Belt Principle #6 in another post.

Yesterday I was out with a friend and we were eating something that she just found divine.  She is one of those creative-in-the-kitchen-people and also trained in the kitchen.  She was breaking down this item.  She was tasting it and eating and trying to discover what it was.  She came up with what she thought it was and then we both lit up when we realized that once she had that—the base, we could do whatever we want with it.  We could make any flavor we want.  It could become the condiment to end all condiments.  It was awesome.  Something you know but when you come across it and see how it can blossom into something or so many other things it is fun to be reminded that things start with a base.

Today, I joined a small group of Nia White Belts to learn some music and work on a routine.  There are not as many Nia teachers down in my part of the Bay, the South Bay as there are in the North Bay and the East Bay so whenever I get to meet with them I get very excited.  We went through the steps that we were taught to go through when learning a routine.  We did the first step in the process.   Then after a couple of times of dancing the song it was clear we pretty much had the base down. The person leading the group started to say, “Or you could . . . .”  “Have the class do this . . . . ” so there is was again . . . the base.  In this case we had the base steps down and once we had that we are free to play a little more.  We can play with speed, levels, or even changing the moves.

I just think it is so interesting that I have had two very strong reminders of the importance of the base.  It is important to have a strong base.  It give your strength and security which will allow you room to grow.  Cool.  Fun.  I love it.

That was my day.  How about you?  Any “base” examples you can thing of?  Anything else you want to share?  Do you have any stories of a “base”?  Maybe a weak base story to help support the idea of how important a strong one is?

7 Responses to “Base”

  1. Gropius said

    I always think of nature as my base. It’s constantly changing, but within well defined patterns of time and natural laws. It’s what I can turn to when things elsewhere are crazy. I think of how we’re altering it and fragmenting it and hope we don’t soon reach that breaking point when it’s no longer the base for any of the life that defines this beautiful planet.


    • That is what is so cool about a/the “base” it could be anything. It can be compared and connected to anything, but it boils down to having a strong, stable secure base. If earth/nature is the base it needs to be strong.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Woohooo!


  2. Dani H said

    My base is my family ~ my daughter and two grandchildren. They are not the sole focus of my life, but they/their love provide me the strength for everything else in my life from dealing with heartache to leaping into the unknown. Nice post, Terre! *Great Big Soft Fluffy Squishy Hugs*


  3. My friend Wilma calls it base camp. A place where you find yourself, and know yourself, and take care of you. A strong base camp makes for living in the present moment and being able to be strong for family. Cool stuff. 🙂


  4. […] and the 8BC System 4–FreeDance 5–Awareness – Dancing Through Life 6–The Base; Feet and Legs 7–The Three Planes and the Three Levels of Intensity 8–The Core of the Body; Pelvis, […]


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