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Nia Jam for Carlos AyaRosas

Posted by terrepruitt on July 31, 2010

So today (July 31, 2010) was the Nia Jam and it was the third one that I have taught in.  Cool.  It was awesome.  I just have to say, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”  I know many of you feel this way because I see you post it in blogs, on Facebook, and in tweets.  Just “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”  When you are with people doing what you love and they are doing it too!  The Nia Jam was so beautiful and awesome.  There were teachers from all over and we just danced—-and our students let us and they followed along.  It was magical.

One of the creators of Nia is retiring at the end of this year.  I must admit that I don’t really believe it (yes, probably denial).  I mean, I believe he is leaving and I understand that, but I don’t believe that he will not be pulled back—by his own heart—into being involved somehow.  I can understand that he is ready to move away from the day-to-day and all that it must involve, but I have hope that he will be doing it somehow.  I picture him teaching in the city to which he is moving.  I guess I will see.

The focus of the Nia Jam today was a celebration of Carlos AyaRosas.  We did a jam using katas from his routines.  Our intent was a thank you and a gathering of “Carlos” energy.  I felt that we did a great job.  I felt that our hearts were alive with gratitude for the dances he has created for us and for Nia.  I felt there was a lot of “Carlos” energy!  I have a feeling that he would have been honored and he would have been proud of us for sharing our love of Nia using his katas.

A Nia Jam is a great way to experience Nia.  Teachers gather to co-teach.  Once the music starts we just go.  There is a trick sometimes to doing the microphone handoff, but it all works out in the end.  Today is was joy, it was magic, it was fun, it was Nia.  It was exactly what a jam should be.  I like to think it is what Carlos had in mind when he created the katas we danced today.

Thank you, my Fabulous Nia Teachers.  And thank you, Carlos for all that you have given to Nia.

Here is one song, this is not an example of Carlos’ choeography, because it is a Free Dance.  I didn’t want to miss one minute of his dances.  I could only bring myself to record a Free Dance.  🙂

Want more information regarding what Nia is, go to my site:  HelpYouWell.com.

10 Responses to “Nia Jam for Carlos AyaRosas”

  1. suzicate said

    AWESOME….fun, fun, fun…I could do this, I want to do this! If you EVER find their is a NIA happening in my city, please let me know!!!!!!!!


    • Yes, anyBODY can do Nia. It is created for everyBODY.

      If you ever think you might want to try it when you are in another city you could always look on the nianow site to see if they have it. If you have an hour while you are on vacation or something. You never know. 🙂


  2. Melisa said

    That sounds like so much fun!

    I attended my first class with Carlos yesterday before the second day of the Taste of Niability workshop I went to over the weekend. It was really wonderful and inspiring and a little bit exhausting, too. I’m drained today but can’t wait to go to my regular Nia class tomorrow.


    • I am glad you love it. It is very energy charged, huh?

      Did you happen to meet Pam Johnson at the Niability workshop?

      And how was the workshop?


      • Melisa said

        The workshop was fantastic. It was just a “taste” of the 9 movement forms but I feel like I learned so much and that learning will surely enrich my Nia practice.

        Here’s what I wrote about it: http://magpieima.blogspot.com/2010/08/my-weekend.html

        And, yes, I did meet Pam and enjoyed talking with her very much.


        • Yes, I imagine all of their workshops are fantastic. They have been teaching Nia for a long time and they keep learning and refining and they do such a wonderful job. And Nia is amazing (the ideas and principles and “stuff’). And then it is amazing because you are moving your body and it feels great.

          And I am glad you met Pam. She was in my White Belt Intensive with me. I am glad she is still doing Nia.

          I read your blog and I thought it was fabulous. Thank you for sharing the word of Nia. I tried to comment but I have been getting this error (bX-ywtyjz) on Blogger for a long time and it just won’t post my comments. I have tried on several people’s blogs and I used the search to try to find out why (as the error advises) but there is no information and I do see where I can contact anyone. I am bummed because I always have trouble posting on Blogger and there are people’s blogs I would like to comment on. I think I have tried on about four in the last seven days.


  3. niachick said

    Hi Terre! I just now am having a chance to reply to your post about the Nia Jam. I love jams!!! Fun, fun, fun for sure. I love your tribute to Carlos (I was actually thinking that Carlos was THERE!!!). 🙂

    In the video…are you taking the video? I was wanting to see if I could pick you out of the dancers (nice group!). Were you in the video?

    I also appreciated reading the responses from other folks! People are loving Nia!!! YAY!



    • No, Carlos was not here.

      Yes, I am taking the video. I didn’t want to miss any of the Carlos-choreographed songs so I video-ed this during a FreeDance. I was using my phone. I forget my camera will do videos and for that I have a tripod, I should try that . . . .

      Usually when people give Nia a chance they love it. Sometimes it takes people getting used to it.

      Thank you for stopping by!


  4. Michele said

    Yay Terre, I love the passion in this post!!


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