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Rules of the House

Posted by terrepruitt on October 12, 2010

The other day when I was doing something besides Nia :-), I realized that there was a “rule” involved with it.  Do you have “rules” in your house?  “Rules” that you or your spouse has instituted?  I am not saying you have to agree with the rule or even understand it, but it is just something you might do in order to make your spouse happy (or not upset) and vice versa?

Maybe there are rules you have come up with together?

Here are some of our house rules.  Following these rules just makes life easier.  In no particular order.

-Never leave an empty coffee pot.  After the coffee is done, always leave water in the coffee pot.  At least six cups.

-Never leave a door to the outside or the garage open.  Never!

-Do not touch the cheese with hands.   Better to not touch anything that touches the cheese with hands.

-Do not let anything touch the coffee maker–ever.  (As in a dish towel).

I would imagine that with kids in the house there are a whole other set of rules both for them and for the adults.  😉

Well?  Do you have any rules that the family abides by that helps make your household run more smoothly?  I would love to hear.  I bet there are a few that would help our house.

13 Responses to “Rules of the House”

  1. Michele said

    -Turn off the lights when you leave a room
    -hmmmmmm…I am sure there are more…can’t think of them 🙂 Oh! don’t talk back!!
    -Say good morning before you ask for anything.
    …hmmm what else???
    -May I please? Thank you. Yes please.


    • I have given up on the “turn off the light when you leave a room” because it is just easier for me to get up and turn off the light myself. I would LOVE to institute the “don’t talk back” rule in my house—well for him not me! Tee hee!

      I have to laugh at your “rules” because they are obviously children rules. GREAT rules, but funny when you apply them to spouse.

      I think that these rules that you have in your home really show in your children – because when they are out, they are very nice and well mannered.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. LOVE YOU!


  2. “no bad mouthing TV”

    “use the clothes dryer, clean the lint”

    “Toilet paper goes OVER THE TOP” <– priority man law


  3. suzicate said

    Ha, I have LOTS of those rules, but those in my house ignore many of them!


    • I can imagine. It is not always easy following the “rules”, but often times it is—for me—because I am rushed and it doesn’t matter to me, but then I stop and realize that it matters to my spouse and it is better to make his day less of an annoyance than to rush through my day.

      I bad mouth TV all the time because it is so stupid. As I sit and watch it I yammer at it. Oh, and I ask it questions . . . .

      SC-you didn’t share any of your rules.


  4. Kellie Walker (aka YourLifeInGear) said

    1. Always hug and kiss “Hello.”
    2. Always hug and kiss “Good bye.”
    3. Always ensure that “I love you.” are the last words we hear before going to bed and/or parting.


  5. Becky said

    This made me smile! I’m concerned though… if I ever visit your house, will I be banned from the cheese?


    • If you ever visit my house you can lick the cheese if you want. I would be so happy to have you visit!

      Its the TOUCHING of the cheese that is not going to be eaten right then that is forbidden. (I think I’ll do a post on that too . . . . it will be an invitation to experimentation!)

      (Thanks for being here, B. Means a lot to me.)


  6. niachick said

    Rules, rules, rules!!!! I love rules!!!!

    ALWAYS put the toilet lid down (Feng Shui rule: toilet seat up, money goes down the toilet; toilet seat down, money increases!)

    ALWAYS tighten lids on jars (my husband does not follow this rule).

    ALWAYS clean the lint trap on the dryer.

    NEVER have a dead plant in the house, especially in the bedroom in the southeast corner (Feng Shui rule: dead plants symbolize no life in “abundance” corner).

    DO NOT slam drawers and doors (this is my rule, I follow it. My husband’s rule is to slam drawers and doors as hard as possible).

    NEVER put wrappint from raw chicken or meat in the kitchen trash and then forget about having put it there.

    Thanks! That was fun!


    • Oh my! I am surprised I didn’t note that lid down on the toilet as one of our rules too. We don’t do it for the energy we do it because we don’t trust the cat! Plust the whole germ thing. When you flush they escape! So there are a multitude of reasons to put the LID (not just the seat) down.

      Awesome rules. Interesting the Feng Shui connection. I didn’t know all of that. Thanks!


  7. […] while back I did a post about rules of the house.  Ha, as I was typing this I just thought of another one.  My hubby is not allowed to talk to me […]


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