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Moving With the Changes

Posted by terrepruitt on October 9, 2010

In my last post about the Nia workout I referenced an index I created for the Nia Technique Book.  I want to point out that some of the section titles you see might be different than some of the information you hear now coming from Nia.  The Nia Technique Book was published in 2004.  The creators of Nia – Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas wrote the book to explain how Nia came about and to share its principles and moves.  As you read the book you will see how Nia was not just thought up over night — actually it wasn’t thought up at all — it was born and it was grown and continues to grow and change.  That is my point here, the names you might see of sections or principles in the index and in the book, might be different now because Nia is always moving, changing, and growing.

The basics remain the same.  The core principles themselves have not changed but, they might have morphed a bit.  In my post about Principle #11, I have said some of this before.  I try not to repeat myself in entirety but often times it is ok to repeat some things.  I like to repeat that Nia has been around for 26 years, the main ideas of moving to increase health, moving as the body was designed, and many more are still the same, but at the same time Nia has changed.

As I was typing up the index for the Nia Technique Book I noticed that, aside from Principle #11, Principle #9, #12, and #13 had different names then when I learned them and as we move forward the names change.  But that is just a natural way of things.  Things need to adapt a bit in order to survive.  The core of it does not have to change, but it might need to be tweaked a bit.  Even as the things have changed the book is still great information.  Things have not changed enough for the book to be obsolete or have to be rewritten.  The book is still an excellent starting point if you are just beginning and an excellent tool if you’ve been doing Nia for years.

Another thing I like to remind people is that I am a Nia Teacher and Nia Student.  I post information on my website and blog about Nia.  I might voice my opinion or my understanding about Nia, but the concept and the idea of Nia originated with Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas.  I am just helping to promote Nia.  It is a workout, an exercise, a dance that makes one feel energized and happy.  It is something I love to share.  Come to one of my Nia classes or find one near you!

7 Responses to “Moving With the Changes”

  1. Hi Terre!


    My favorite of the Nia Principle changes is #11. What used to be “Business and Marketing” (a rather corporate-sounding principle) is now “Creating a Sacred Livelihood”. I live my life as everything is sacred, including that which I passionately offer into the world (Nia).

    Thanks Terre!!


    • Well according to the book it used to even be “Fitness Is the Business of the Body”. Even though the name has changed it really still is about the business (livelihood) and marketing (creating) so it is still the same basic principle. But I do believe that the new name along with some tweaking has brought the heart and spirit into it so it helps make it less — as you said — corporate and more from the heart. Since Nia is a passion for us Nia teachers the new name — to me — allows that passion to be tapped into.

      I have tapped into the “sacred livelihood” pool when I needed it and it made it easy to do what I had to do because it is sacred and not just “business”.

      Thank you for stopping by!


    • Reading through some forum info. Even though the name of the Principle sounds less “corporate” the principle and agreements with Nia have become more corporate. Interesting . . . . .


  2. suzicate said

    I like your attitude. to be a great teacher of anything, you have to continue to be a student as well!


    • When I am learning a routine, I do as much as I can by myself, but there just comes a point when I have to do it in front of the class. After that first class, I usually have learned as much as ALL the time I spent learning it by myself. It is amazing how much one learns when teaching.

      And then of course, just being a student in someone else’s class and/or being on the path of student. Yes, we have to continue to “be a student”/learn.



  3. Becky said

    Putting “go to one of Terre’s Nia classes” on my life list.


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