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If it doesn’t fit, try Again

Posted by terrepruitt on January 11, 2011

As I was putting Christmas Ornaments away (yes, I am still putting “Christmas” away) I was reminded of Nia. My thoughts then morphed to working out and exercise.  Ya see, I was trying to put an ornament in its box. I have trouble with this ornament every year.  Do you have any of those ornaments where you store them in the box they came in?  I have a lot of those ornaments and every year there are some that give me trouble.  I try putting it in this way, then I have to take it out and turn it, then try again, and try again, and after a few tries finally get it in the right way with a resulting “Ahhh . . . . . .”

That is what made me think of Nia.  Nia is made for everyBODY.  The exercises we perform, the movements we do, the entire workout is designed around the design of the body.  Often times people are not accustomed to moving their body in the way it was designed.  Some people don’t turn their heads which can loosen the spine and muscles in the back or gyrate their hips which can loosen the hips and possible allow you to stand up taller.  It might not be for everyONE, because in Nia participants are not told exactly how to move.   It IS one of those things that you have to ACTUALLY try.  It also helps to try it more than once.  Try going to classes when they have different routines.  Try it with different teachers.  Try treating it differently; treat it as a cardio workout, treat it like an exercise, or treat it like a dance.  Try all different ways.  If you don’t love it instantly, then don’t give up, try again.  You could find that when you keep trying and do it a different way you’ll be saying, “Ahhhh . . . ”

If not, Nia, there are so many other things that you can try.  Find something you like.  Keep trying.  Don’t give up and think you don’t like exercise or working out because it comes in so many different forms, I am sure you can find something you would like.  You can always contact me and we can talk about it.

8 Responses to “If it doesn’t fit, try Again”

  1. Jason and I have been doing very well in exercising (I am so proud of him!). And you are right, I have ornaments I struggle to put up (and yes we still have tree #3 up) and it similar to finding the right fit in exercising to progress to a healthier body. It takes time to find your “fit”. I like running. Jason? Not so much! Wonder if he would like Nia? 🙂


    • Yeah, sometimes you just have to keep trying until you find something that fits. And sometimes it could mean the same thing but in a different way. As an example, running; running indoors on a treadmill, running on a track, running in the neighborhood, running on trails—-all running but very different.

      He might like Nia. It is one of those things you never know until you try.


  2. niachick said

    There is no fitting Nia into a box. It’s not just fitness, although so folks come just for the satisfying physical aspect of Nia. In fact, you mentioned the word “morph” in your blog post. That’s how I’ve viewed Nia over the last 10 years…just when I think I know everything there is to know about Nia, it morphs and invites me to rise up even further.

    I loved your correlation to holiday ornaments. I love it when ordinary activities like putting away ornaments can remind me of something “Nia”-ish. Truly dancing through life!

    Thanks Terre!


    • Right, Nia doesn’t fit in a box and I think people shouldn’t just try something once and give up on it. Whether it be Nia, running, weight training, putting an ornament in a box 🙂 or whatever . . . .

      Sometimes when I feel foolish about something (not being able to put an ornament I’ve had for years in the same box — and I do that every year) I think of how it relates to other things because so often things can be related. Nia is truly one of those things that can be related to so many things.

      Thanks for visiting, Miss Jill!


  3. niachick said

    And BTW, you are waaaaaaay to tidy for me. Putting ornaments in plastic bags…and I bet it’s the same plastic bag it came in isn’t it? You are so awesome.


    • As I was putting stuff away today it dawned on me that it could be done in a more organized fashion. Most of it is just put in boxes willy nilly. I think that if everything had a specific place that might help make it easier. It is NOT organized at all. It is a mess. EXCEPT for the Lenox ornaments. They are all in one container and all in their original packaging. Plastic, styrofoam, box . . . . whatever. But mainly only those ones, there are others we keep in their original packaging, but not all. I need to work on cleaning it up — a lot!


  4. suzicate said

    What a fabulous post, great analogy! There is always something for everyone.


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