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Weighted Bar

Posted by terrepruitt on January 20, 2011

Look what my parents bought me for Christmas.  Yup, I asked for dumbbells, but I did it at the last minute so then gave me cash instead—WAIT!  I just realized that.  Hmmm?  Maybe I’m onto something . . . .  Sorry, I digress.  Anyway . . .they gifted me more than plain dumbbells cost so I got a weighted bar too!  Yay!  I just got it and I can’t wait until my toe is  COMPLETELY  healed so I can really use the bar.

A weighted bar can be used in so many ways.  It can be used as you would use dumbbells.  You can use it for bicep curls, bent over rows, dead lifts, lunges, triceps extensions . . . . pretty much like dumbbells.  The length adds to the effort of   having to keep it stable.  So, I can use it now, sitting down, but since it does add an additional balance element to it,   I need to wait until my toe is healed (and I can actually balance my foot) before I start adding that extra weight.

One reason wanted this was so that I could do Good Mornings, because that is one exercise that needs a bar.  Holding the bar over your shoulders just makes more sense.

For now I am able to still do Nia in my classes, but I am limited until my toe heals.  I am not doing much with weights at the time being.  I am very excited to really get to work with my bar, though.  So stay tuned.

6 Responses to “Weighted Bar”

  1. Becky said

    Yay for the new weights!
    I am refocusing my thoughts back to my health now — after too long of not caring over the holidays. I always feel more mentally focused on good when I’m focused on my physical wellness — it doesn’t make sense when I waiver!
    So… back to the drawing board so I don’t regain the 70+ pounds I lost last year. 30 more to go!
    I started training for my first marathon (it just might be in a city near you!)


    • I missed you over the Holidays. You were busy. I think that being busy lends to “not caring”, but it is more of just BUSY than really not caring. Do you agree?

      Refocus. I need to refocus too because I have sat for too long trying to heal my toe and now I need to let it heal but get moving again.


      Don’t tease me. Don’t say you might be near me and not really mean it. That is not nice. Because I will be sad now if it is not. But if it were near me that would be so cool. I would so go and cheer you on.


  2. niachick said

    OMG. You are my idol. I cannot believe you’re blogging about this. Someone bought me one of these probably 2 years ago and I had no idea what to do with it. It’s been propped up in my office until today when I read your blog. I’ve brought it home. I would love to know more about what to do with it. I’ve done my bicep curls!!!

    I love you!



    • OMG! They are GREAT! GREAT! You can do soooooo many things with it. Play with it. What weight is yours?

      Just walking around with it over your shoulders is a good exercise. As long as it is not crushing your neck. You can have it on your shoulders and do lunges or hold it out in front of you. Or put one end on the ground and lunge. Just play with it, but be careful. I have faith that you can safely play with it because you will be body aware . . . . .

      I will do more posts about using it!

      I love you because you always let me know that I am helping! Totally makes blogging worth it!



  3. suzicate said

    Don’t you just love picking out your own presents? Can’t go wrong there! Hope your toe is completely healed soon.


    • I love both. I love receiving something I love and being able to pick out stuff. I like the balance of both. 🙂

      I felt uber blessed to have way more than what I needed for dumbbells so I was able to get the bar too!

      Thanks. I hope my toe heals soon too!


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