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Posted by terrepruitt on February 1, 2011

I love Nia because I think of it as a way I can help people change their lives.  I believe movement is the key to maintaining flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, and stability in the body.  I believe that FAMSS are necessary components to leading a high quality life.  I also believe there are other way people can inspire others.

One day in the mail I received a card.  Here are pictures of it.

It is obviously a handmade card. The flowers sparkle, not just the “gems” in the middle but the flowers are sparkly.   I love this card.  I had it in my kitchen in the middle of my peninsula so that I could see both the front AND the back.  It ALWAYS — no matter what — makes me smile.

This was sent to me from a fake friend.  I say “fake” just so people who qualify their friends with labels such as “real” and “in real life”/IRL can understand that I have never met this woman face to face.  I have only become friends with her through online portals or social networks.  First I believe it was a friend’s blog.  Then my blog and her blog or her blog and my blog, then Twitter.  Or maybe it was Twitter then the blogs.  Then Facebook.  Yeah, I am sure Facebook was last.  There was even some e-mail.  And let’s not forget . . . . US Mail . . . . snail mail.   My card.

My card that was made for me and sent to me by someone I have never met f2f (face to face), although the card proves that she is real.  Very real.  Also, the card is real life.  I live my life and I look at that card.  I actually have it in my office now which is much better because I see it for longer periods of time.  It is in my line of sight.  I have it to make me smile.  I have it to inspire me.  It inspires me to be inspired.  It inspires me to want to inspire people.

It sparkles at me, reminding me to count the happies.

Aroused by divine influence, filled with reverent emotion, stimulated into action all by a true friend that filled a place I didn’t know was empty.

4 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. That is so wonderful and incredibly sweet! This is why I love snail mail. The care and heart is transferred into that card and received across the miles. Much better than anything digital. True friend indeed!


    • Yes, yes it is wonderful and incredibly sweet. That is why I wanted to share. Because it was so very special.

      Digital is great too. I received a card where the person (MOL’s, I call them. Instead of “real” or IRLs or F2F. I think of you as Met Online = MOL. I have to have something to help me remember how I met people.)–where the person I MOL is talking to me via a little pig. She was able to record the message and it was delivered via pig. It is hilarious. And so cool because I got to hear her voice. And we are online friends so I didn’t know what she sounded like. I just think it is all special. No matter what someone takes the time to do. Life is busy. People have so many other things and if they stop and do something for me . . . . no matter how I know them . . . . that is special to me. Just because I met someone online doesn’t make them any less real. Right? Are you there or am I just talking to myself because you are one of the “fake” ones too? LOL!


  2. niachick said

    How beautiful. That is the way I feel about you, too, Terre. That card could’ve come from me, but I’m not that creative in the artsy/craftsy way. I’m always admiring of people who are. And this person thought enough of you to send it via snail mail. I have a good friend in Michigan…I met her at a Yoga teacher training many years ago. We became friends. She visits every year…usually around her continuing education in Yoga. But she ALWAYS writes me letters…actual written correspondence. Cards and/or letters…hand written. She has my e-mail address so she could just as easily do it via e-mail, but she chooses to write it manually in her own handwriting. Amazing. I’m not sure I remember how to write. I’ve been using a computer for so long that my handwriting is actually much different than it was several years ago. Maybe the arthritis in my hands has something to do with it…but I think not. Just rusty cursive skills.

    Thanks for sharing this. YOU are inspiring.


    • Thanks, Nia Chick!

      Now when I look at that card I will have more “happies” to count because of the person who sent it and you–who WOULD have sent it. 🙂

      So fun that you have a good friend you only see every once in a while, but you still keep in touch. I love that.

      I often want to send a note or card in the US Mail, but I can’t write that long so I think, “Oh, I’ll type it.” But then I always feel that would cause it to lose its “specialness”, but I guess I should stop thinking (assuming) so much and just do it, huh? I always think I have to explain WHY I typed it instead of handwriting it. I have tendonitis or something because my hand cramps and I just can’t hold a pen for a long time. I am going to discard the notion that it “has” to be handwritten / handmade for it to be special and I am going to get to doing more mailing!


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