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Looking for . . . .Love, Purple Puppies, Marilyn Monroe

Posted by terrepruitt on October 6, 2011

Funny, I was about to type that I post mostly about Nia since I am primarily focused on teaching Nia, but right now I looked at my Categories and I have 111 post under Nia and 111 post under Misc. Funny. This post will fall under Misc.  This post is about some of the search terms I see. Sometimes I see people using a question as a search term. I always wish I could contact that person via e-mail to answer their question. I have thought about posting replies, but I haven’t done that. I am often surprised and sometimes shocked at some of the things people search for. I am laughing right now at the most popular search term since I have been blogging. It is funny because WHO thinks of these things? Why would anyone actually be searching for it? I am actually very happy — now that I think about it — that I posted about it because apparently people want to know. Do you? Have you ever wondered about a puppy that is purple? Seriously “purple puppy” is the biggest search on my blog. Hilarious, don’t you think?

dance exercise, Nia classes, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia teacherIt is especially funny since I just happened upon the purple puppy and her pink sister and I thought it was so oddly cute that I decided to post about it  Makes me laugh that other people are curious about purple puppies. Makes me wonder why people are curious about purple puppies.

The next biggest search term is relevé. See, that makes sense to me. I under stand people wanting to know what it is or how to do it. Or just wanting more information about it. There are people who dance that might have heard that term but not being a ballerina, might not know what it is. Or someone wanting to be a ballerina might want some hints and tricks. That one makes sense to me.

The next one is Voss Water. I am somewhat surprised that Voss water isn’t higher on the list. Seems as if for a long time I had been seeing that come up again and again and again. But it is number three.

Number four is Carlos AyaRosas. That is nice. Carlos is the co-creator of Nia. His name was Carlos Rosas, but near the end of his career with Nia he changed it to Carlos AyaRosas. I love that people are searching for information on him. I imagine they are people who love Nia and they are wondering where he is and how he is doing. I believe he is in Texas with his new wife. And I have faith they are doing wonderfully.

I am not sure about you, but I was surprised by number five. Are you ready? Purple puppies. Plural. So not only do people search for purple puppY, they search for purple puppIES. I wonder what they want to know? I wonder if my post gives them any information they want to know. As I scroll through the entire list of search terms I see even more searches for the purple puppies just phrased differently.

The next popular search is optical illusion. That one is big. I see that one comes up a lot with the plural version search and all of the elements of the optical illusion; horses, babies, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein. Funny. That post gets a lot of hits. I can understand that, who doesn’t love an optical illusion. They are so cool. Tricks of the eyes and brain.

Well, I was just looking at the search terms and they often make me laugh, although today there were not any funny searches, but I think the next time there are I will write a post. Maybe you can help me figure out what some of them mean. Or maybe we can just have a chuckle. I am still laughing about the purple puppies.

4 Responses to “Looking for . . . .Love, Purple Puppies, Marilyn Monroe”

  1. niachick said

    Interesting!!! (as always). So Carlos AyaRosas is searched alot???!!!! I love it! And yes, he is in Austin, Texas now with Annie AyaRosas. I’ve never searched under his name, nor purple puppy(ies), nor Voss water (although I really like their bottle), nor optical illusion.

    This morning I searched for a book that my husband was telling me about. He only knew that the first name of the author is Paul and that it had to do with a civilization before the Mayans. Couldn’t find anything about it, but I found alot of authors named Paul with some interesting books. I think the “search” aspect on the Internet (especially Google) is so awesome. Who puts all that information on the Internet? It amazes me how much info is available.

    Love your blogs!!! (I did reply back to one of the comments you left on my blog a couple of days ago).



    • Carlos is one of the most popular searches. You don’t do searches because you read the blog. So you just take what you get. 🙂

      I USED to think the search on the internet was cool. But lately I am not confident in what the search returns. Google seems to put products and companies on page one more than other things. I know the paid ones are always first, but lately I am wonder what else they are putting first. I used to do a search and get a variety of results, now it seems that the first things that pops up (under the paid ads) are products with a similar name. I am quite suspicious about it.

      WE put all that information on the internet. I put information about purple puppies, you put information about the 13 moon calendar, a university puts information about a study . . . WE do it!

      Thanks for loving my posts! Hugs to you!!!


  2. Becky said

    I love looking at the search terms that bring people to my blog! Some of them are hysterical.


    • I know. I think I want to do a post on the funny ones. I wish I could answer people’s questions. But maybe that could be a post too. If they were searching they might not have found an answer. 🙂


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