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Happy One Year Anniversary

Posted by terrepruitt on August 31, 2013

I am really happy.  This coming week marks a year that we have had Nia on Tuesday mornings at the Camden Community Center in San Jose.  Workout classes – especially group exercise classes at city community centers – can come and go.  I have been blessed with a small but very consistent group of individuals who are interested in gaining or retaining their health through movement.  I am further blessed that some of my students who attend my Monday and Wednesday Nia classes have made it over to the community center.  Nia on Tuesdays started on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.  Our year class will be Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia at the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Zumba, PiYoI have been teaching Nia on Mondays and Wednesdays in the Willow Glen area of San Jose since February 2009.  Most of the individuals that make up the Monday and Wednesday group have been coming for most of the four years and seven months.  They too are a dedicated group of students that I appreciate.  I rent the time at that location.

I am not sure if many classes at city community centers go on for years.  So I am very happy that we have made it to the year mark.  I think that as long as the students continue to attend we will have a class.  I am hopeful that we will expand our numbers as we enter into our second year.  This is the community center where the students requested a second class.  There was an opening so their thinking was, “Why not fill it with Nia?”  So they wrote a note asking the supervisor if they could have Nia in the time slot that has just opened.  The supervisor is allowing us to give it a go.  If, this story sound familiar it is because I wrote about it in my Goodie Jar – Check In #27 post in the beginning of the month.  I was so excited that was definitely something that went into the Good Things Jar!

The Thursday class has started out with good numbers.  Hopefully that class will grow too.  It is made up of the core group from Tuesdays, but with a few different people.  This past Thursday they were all very kind, patient, and understanding while my music and the player were not cooperating.

As with most dance exercise workouts it is really fun when there is music.  While Nia can be done without music, it is nice to have music so that each individual can dance in their own way while we do the routine.  The group was very nice and let me run to my car after three songs so I could get my boom box.

So, I am just grateful and sharing my gratitude.  I am grateful to have great Nia students at all of my classes.  And I am very grateful that the San Jose Parks and Recreation Department is allowing me to have two Nia classes.  I am jumping for joy at our one year anniversary.  I have actually been working for the city for over a year, but it took a couple of months to get a class.  Yay us!

Here’s to our Nia class being one year old at the community center.  Here’s to more to come!  Thanks for sharing in my joy!

8 Responses to “Happy One Year Anniversary”

  1. Congrats to my pretty wife on your one year anniversary at Camden. You always make anniversaries great!


  2. Angelica said



  3. Angelica said

    It is US/ I who want to thank you for coming to the Camden Community Center and for teaching us Nia for one year already aaaand for now coming twice a week to teach us.
    You continuously bring so much spunk and positive energy to class and WE/ I appreciate you very much!!
    The numbers of students is increasing steadily, WELL DONE!!
    Congratulations and much love!! Angelica.
    PS: A big THANK YOU for the sweet candle :-)))


    • Thank you. I am so glad you enjoy it.

      I am so happy to have brought you something you love. It is MORE than just a dance exercise class!

      I am excited about our second class. We are doing well with it so far.

      I am glad you appreciate the energy. I appreciate all that you bring to class, too. Including the people. I know you are out there spreading the word and inviting people to attend. So thank you. Thank you so much for all that you bring to class, to Nia, to me, to the world! 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting! I wanted to get a picture . . . maybe next Tuesday!


      • Angelica said

        Oh ~ I finally just now saw your response to my response!! THANK YOU!!
        I will see you tomorrow and if you like we can try a picture :-/ 🙂

        LOVE to you!!


        • 🙂

          I was thinking it would have been nice to take a picture of the class on the one year anniversary. But it is difficult because it is best before because we are not — ok, ME, I am not all sweaty before and after we all wander off.

          It is ok. Maybe we can do it for the TWO YEAR! Ha, ha, ha!


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