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Archive for April, 2020

We Are All Doing New Things

Posted by terrepruitt on April 29, 2020

You may have noticed I have missed a few days posting. I have a self-imposed schedule to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Three times a week is a lot when I am not a writer. It is not as if I have things I want to get out or stories to tell. I started posting Friday Photos because I still wanted to post three times a week, but I thought pictures would be fast for me to post and fast for you to “read”. I have a lot to say about what is going on in the world right now- especially since it is really somewhat ALL that is going on right now – but the information changes so fast and as with everything we are all in different situations, I don’t want to have a bunch of coronavirus / COVID-19 stuff on my blog. So, I haven’t kept to my schedule. I do want to share something somewhat related though, a post came across my Facebook feed within the last few of days and I sympathized with the person. Then last night I realized I am in the same boat and a lot of us are in similar boats due to the storm that is raging.

My “boat” is not EXACTLY like my Facebook friend’s because she is more like on a cruise ship whereas I am in a little dingy. She has a dance studio that usually has at least 35 classes a week (I am guessing because I don’t remember, but it is A LOT) and she has converted a lot of them to virtual classes. Granted she has a studio from which to transmit the classes, but she and her fellow instructors are doing a lot of classes. She had shared a list of the things she was saying she needed to be right now which included a manager, a set designer, and a camera woman, I didn’t really think too much about it because the post was long and my focus was on another portion of it. But then a couple of days later my friend asked me what else I had been doing aside from teaching classes and I thought, “Snap! What have I been doing? Why don’t I have a lot of time?”

Then shortly there after I received some payments for some classes and set about sending out thanks yous and the information needed to join the class. And doing the bookkeeping that I think needs to go along with all of it. Also, having sweet little side conversations with the students that are purchasing the classes. Then I needed to think about the classes themselves, deciding on what to teach. I don’t like to teach the same thing every class and the only way I can manage that is to plan my classes in advance. And then . . . I need to make sure that the computer is set up . . . Zoom is basically doing updates every time I start a meeting so I must make sure that my settings have not changed. Then I need to make sure that the camera/laptop is set up to capture me and not just the wall. THEN I need to make sure that the space is set up. I mean, I know that everyone understands that we are doing classes out of our homes so there is going to be a room with furniture and maybe even pets walking around, but I try to keep in clean and empty when I can . . . but that requires continual upkeep and/or rearranging things.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, Nia Technique, SJ City Fit, SJCityFit, City of San Jose Exercise Classes, Cambrian Yoga & Cardio Dance, CYCD, Yin Yoga, online exercise, Zoom classes, virtual yogaAll of that takes time. And I didn’t realize I, too, was having to do many of the same things (audio technician, camera woman, key grip) on my friend’s list that she was saying we are doing for the first time and learning on the fly. And all of this takes time.  It also takes energy.

At first when my friend asked me I was thinking I must be experiencing some sort of time “event” because I wasn’t getting much done during the day nor was I just sitting around watching TV. But then I realized that all of this new stuff, this new way of teaching takes time.

I am so grateful to all of my students who keep encouraging me to continue teaching online. I am so humbled that they keep coming back. I love that they are helping me through the little speed bumps (Did I really have the input volume turned DOWN?) so that I can deliver a quality class – one that I feel good about and one that has them feeling good after taking.  But I really don’t have extra time.  I feel I am working more than I was P.C. (pre-COVID) because it is more involved to do a class.

So while we are not all in the same situation, I know a lot of us are having to do and learn new things.  So for those of you that have added a whole new set of skills to your list – Cheers.  Hears to you – to us!  Hang in there.

So are you doing anything new?  Have you learned something new?  Are you having to be an audio technician or a camera person?

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Vrksanana / Tree Pose

Posted by terrepruitt on April 27, 2020

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia in the City of San Jose, Nia classes in the South Bay, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, San Jose Nia, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, YMCA, Zumba, Nia Technique, SJ City Fit, SJCityFit, City of San Jose Exercise Classes, Cambrian Yoga & Cardio Dance, CYCD, Yin Yoga, online exercise, Zoom classes, virtual yogaEven if you don’t practice yoga you are probably familiar with this pose. It is a pose that is seen often . . . everywhere. I mean, people that do yoga and travel will take a picture of themselves doing this pose in front of famous monuments/scenery. It seems like any type of figure that is made will have this pose as one of its choices. I would say this is a “common” yoga pose. And as with most “common” yoga asana you will see modifications of it. Tree pose is a standing balance pose. There are many balance poses that are on two feet, there are even some that are on hands and knees, just hands, or just knees, but we tend to think of standing balance poses as being on one leg. In my yoga classes, especially the gentle yoga classes, I remind my students that they don’t have to take their foot off the ground when practicing a standing balance pose. In the gentle yoga classes we often have chairs so that people can hold on if they feel the need to when they take their foot off the ground. One can use a chair, a wall, a table – anything that gives them security in knowing they have something to steady themselves if need be.

Vrksanana (Tree Pose)

To do this asana we start in mountain pose. We keep the spine lengthening and straight (neutral) for the entire pose. With a tall spine shift the weight to the right foot. Rotate the left thigh out, away from the body, let the left knee and toes point out to the left. Then bring the left heel up onto the inner ankle of the right leg/foot. If you can, bring your hands to prayer position in front of your heart center. If this feels like enough of a challenge to your balance, then stay for a few breaths then come back to mountain and repeat on the other side. If you feel you can, lift your left foot higher up on your right leg, letting the left toes point DOWN. Some may even grab the left foot and put the heel at the groin with the foot along the upper inner thigh and the toes pointing down.  The foot can go anywhere along the supporting leg (it is recommended to NOT have the heel press into the side of the knee of the supporting leg). If at any time the left knee starts to point forward lower the foot until you have the knee point directly to the left and allowing for the stretch in the inner thigh.

Put your hands wherever it best supports you in the pose. Some people like to have their hands in prayer position at heart center. Some people like their arms up with their hands over their head and facing each other. Some people like their arms to be out. When arms are lifted whether they are up or out, the shoulders need to remain relaxed. I remind my students that they are trees and their arms are branches and they can go wherever is best for them.

The supporting foot’s toes are not gripping. The foot is relaxed allow the toes to be like roots spreading out and giving support.

As with all balance poses looking at one spot can help steady you. Also breathing is key. Holding the breath may happen, but breathing is what will allow the pose to be held – so breathe.

Remember to do both sides. Also remember that, while our sides may have been created equally, they do not function the same so just honor each side and see what it can do.

Balance poses require concentration so the idea is if you are having trouble concentrating try doing a balance pose to help your mind focus. But remember to be safe and have a chair or wall nearby if need be. This pose helps strengthen legs and feet and may even help calm the nerves. If you sense an inner thigh stretch then you are getting some flexibility in the inner thigh and hip joint.

Do you include Vrksanana in your yoga practice?  Have you seen this pose before even if you don’t practice yoga?

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Crimson Stinkers

Posted by terrepruitt on April 17, 2020

We’ve had a couple of days of sun which helped with the opening up of our rose. We have two rose bushes. The oranges ones and the “Crimson Stinkers”. I woke up this morning and these were set out for me. I love having flowers in the house.

I am sharing our roses on for this Friday Photo.  How was your Friday?

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TV Music And Earworms

Posted by terrepruitt on April 13, 2020

Have any of you ever purchased music because of a TV show or a movie? What I can think of offhand is purchasing an album because of Veronica Mars. I purchased the soundtrack album.  I love it and I still play it over and over . . . even six years later.  And from that album I purchased music from Tegan and Sara. I can think of a song I purchased because of a TV show but I am not sure which one, I think it might have been Dead Like Me – Boom Boom Ba.  I just remembered another song I purchased because of a show, but I don’t remember the show.  My husband and I purchased two versions of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical album – but that was a musical so that kinda doesn’t count.  I bet we all have Grease . . . so I am not really thinking about music from musicals because that is kinda a given, many people purchase the album for a musical. But I am thinking more like when you see a show and you end up looking up the theme song or one of the songs they played in the show. Have you ever purchased music from that type of scenario? A couple of days ago I purchased a song because it is stuck in my head. It has been stuck in my head for probably about a week.

It is not in English so it is impossible at this point for me to sing, but it just plays over and over in my head. And not even the entire song . . . yet. The part that plays over and over is basically the part that they played in the beginning of the show. But now that I have the whole song I think more of it is stuck in my head.

It is catchy. The song is FUTURO by Café Tacvba Here is their official video on Youtube.

What do you think? I have an earworm of it. So . . . what music have you ended up purchasing because of a TV show or movie?

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Beer Cheese Potato Soup

Posted by terrepruitt on April 6, 2020

Yesterday I was hungry and thinking about what to make for dinner when I happened to read a tweet about beer, potato, cheese soup. Mmmmm. That got me thinking. Then she tweeted something about making a roux. My wheels were turning even more. This kind of depended upon whether my hubby was going to go to the store to get more milk. I was thinking I would be using milk for a creamy soup. But then as I began compiling ingredients, I thought, I don’t need milk. Then I thought, yes I do, no I don’t, yes, I do . . . . so you can’t even imagine what the heck was going on in the kitchen. I was silently chanting, “Don’t come in. Don’t come in. Don’t come in.” I am not sure, but I think when I make a huge mess in the kitchen it gives my husband anxiety . . . and it looked like a tornado went through. I didn’t know what I was doing so my plans kept changing along with the pot/pan I was using. My original idea was sound . . . I think, but I wasn’t certain about amounts so I didn’t make enough – base, let’s call it. So in the middle I had to make another batch. But I think if I would have stuck to the doubling of the batch I would have been ok. Because once I added the second portion it was yummy. So I am going to tell you what the recipe would be like had I executed it properly.

I didn’t like the recipes I was finding online because one of the ingredients was celery . . . I know I could leave it out . . . and I would have, but that just turns me off. In addition, I had @KrisColvin’s idea of a roux stuck in my head so I had thought of making a white sauce as my base, then it morphed into using cheese fondue as the base. So that is what I did. I used my mother’s fondue recipe and just made it soup.


Beer Cheese Potato SoupDance Exercise, Nia, Nia online, Zoom meetings, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, Nia Technique, Yin Yoga, stretch classes

4 potatoes
salt for boiling potatoes

1 cube (1/2 C) butter
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp dry (powdered) mustard
3 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 C flour
1 can (12 oz) room temperature beer
4 grated cups medium cheddar cheese

5 cups potato water
2 tbsp Better Than Bouillon Roasted Chicken
3/4 cup room temperature milk

Put water in a big pot for boiling – more than you need to cook the potatoes because you will be using some of the water for the soup. While the water is heating up, wash and peel potatoes. Cut them into bite size pieces. Salt the water. Put the potatoes in the water and cook them.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia online, Zoom meetings, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, Nia Technique, Yin Yoga, stretch classesWhile the potatoes are cooking, in another large pot/pan, melt the butter, then stir in salt, dry mustard, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder. Add flour, a little at a time, keep stirring, stir all the lumps of flour out. Bring to a boil, lower the heat, then stir the milk in a little at a time. You want it to keep thickening. Then stir the beer in a little at a time. –Keep in mind you may have to keep adjusting the heat on the burning. Often times, I just take my pan off the burner then put it back on.– Once all the beer is in and the mixture is somewhat thick, put some cheese in and stir.

In a separate container get a cup of potato water and mix in the Better Than Bouillon. (I never wait until it is all melted because I figure it will get all mixed up eventually.)

Keep adding cheese to the flour beer mixture, stirring until it is all incorporated. –Adjusting heat as necessary.– Once all the cheese is melted, slowly add the potato water with the Better Than Bouillon.

I just pour the water slowly in and the Better Than Bouillon might not be all the way melted and it may stick in the measuring cup, but that is fine. Keep using it to measure the water from the potato pot and by the time you are done with the five cups it has all melted and is incorporated into the soup. Keep adding potato/bouillon water slowly until you have added five cups. Make sure it is all incorporated. Then drain your potatoes and add them to the soup.  Mix it all together.

Serve hot.

NOTES: I did not peel my potatoes, but I probably will next time

If you are making cheese fondue it MUST BE BUDWEISER Beer, but for this . . . since it was going to be turned into soup, I wasn’t so particular.

So, this was good. And it hit the spot – the one that KRIS created with her tweet – it is all her fault! It was chilly and raining yesterday so a hearty soup was perfect. And now we have . . . . . the best thing! . . . . LEFTOVERS!!!! If you have ever read any of my posts with recipes you know I love leftovers.

So, I am sure you can add many things to this to make it heartier and yummier. So please let me know what you are adding to your soup!

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia online, Zoom meetings, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, Nia Technique, Yin Yoga, stretch classes

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia online, Zoom meetings, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, Nia Technique, Yin Yoga, stretch classes

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Brown Elephant

Posted by terrepruitt on April 3, 2020

Ahhhh. Here is another beautiful water color from the community center where I used to teach gentle yoga. I feel bad because I could never capture the true beauty of the water colors. Some of them were behind glass (or maybe they all were . . . I don’t even remember now) . . . and it was difficult to get the picture without the reflection. And my goal in being at the center was not to take pictures, but to teach yoga so I was usually in a rush (to get back to my class and focus on creating space). Sometimes I didn’t have time but would snap a quick picture anyway. Funny how it seems like so long ago. Here is a beautiful elephant.

I hope you enjoy today’s Friday Photo . . . even thought I am posting it almost on Saturday.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia online, Zoom meetings, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, Nia Technique, Yin Yoga, stretch classes


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ALWAYS Late To The Party

Posted by terrepruitt on April 1, 2020

Ok, if you ever read my blog you will know that I am always late to the party.  Two weeks ago when we were told to shelter-in-place, many of my with-it Nia cohorts jumped on this Zoom thing and started teaching.  My space is limited in many ways so I didn’t think to join in.  My circle was going on and on about all the Nia classes they were taking so I decided to take one.  It was fun.  Nothing beats an actual class- especially, when, as teacher, I dance to Nia DVDs/online routines all the time, but when you have no choice, it is nice to “be” with people.  And after a couple of weeks, I was getting a little pouty because I missed talking to people and so I asked a friend if she wanted to get together online to chat.  When we came done to figuring out when she asked if it was just us and we decided to invite a few more people.  With a little group of 4 (X2) we had a nice little visit.

Dance Exercise, Nia, Nia online, Zoom meetings, Nia Teacher, Nia Class, Nia San Jose, Nia workout, Nia, Gentle Yoga, Group Ex classes, Nia Technique, Yin Yoga, stretch classesI say 4 (X2) because it was actually four of us online, but our hubbies were there too.  But the meeting was really just four connections.

It was a very needed human connection time.  We had fun.  I didn’t take a picture when we were all online because it was really low key.  I mean, I talked a few of them into it by saying they could be in the dark.  The picture you see is just two of us having joined the meeting and I am only posting it BECAUSE it is blurry so . . . . protecting the people I didn’t ask for permission to post.  🙂

Well, it was fun and I want to do it again this Saturday.  But I am curious are YOU Zooming?  I also just learned that you can FaceTime with multiple people.  But when I do it with one it never works so I don’t understand how it would work with multiple people.

Anyway, let me know if you have taking a class via Zoom?  Or if you are gathering with friends via Zoom?  Or what you are using to visit with friends during this shelter-in-place period.

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