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Goodie Jar – Check In #35

Posted by terrepruitt on October 25, 2013

Ha, ha, ha.  Seems like “The Fox” will not go away.  Two weeks ago I posted a video of a “live” version Ylvis did on Late Night.  Today I received word that some of my fellow Nia teachers are going to use the song in their Halloween Nia Routine.  They even printed out the words so that people can sing along.  I love it.  So funny.  I posted the words here:  I Give Up, What Does The Fox Say?

I am still filling my Goodie Jar with good things.  Remember this is a practice to help us recognize things that we might not stop to notice normally.  Also it is something to help us remember the good things even when there are things that are not good happening.  So . . . . really . . . . anyone can do it.  It is not too late to start, if you have not already.  There are two full months left of the year!

So . . . . how is your jar coming along?

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Goodie Jar – Check In #33

Posted by terrepruitt on October 11, 2013

Hey!  Yay!  Two Fridays so far in October, two Goodie Jar – Check Ins!  Yay!  I do put things in my jar at least once a week, but there have been a couple of times when I forgot to post the check-in.  At this time I am writing the check in on Thursday because I have a Nia call I want to participate in on Friday.  I think I might get so involved in the call and its topic I will forget to post my check in.

So, how is it going?  On last week’s check in a friend of mine commented that her jar would be over flowing because her daughter just had a daughter.  First grand baby cute.  Not everyone has such a huge GOOD THING.  But that is kinda the point.  The HUGE good things get document and noted in other ways . . . so sometimes it is the jar that reminds us of the little things.

Of course, we can still write down the big things and put them in the jar.  Anything you want.  Anything that will make you smile when you read it and say, “Yeah, that is/was a good thing!”

May your Good Thing Jar overflow!

I have already posted this, but I when I opened Facebook a minute ago I saw I was tagged in a status.  I just had to add it to this post because to me it is a GOOD THING!  Ha, ha, ha, ha!  Thanks, Danielle!

Jimmy Fallon has Ylvis on Late Night doing a “live” version of The Fox!

And, if you want you can hear for yourself that Ylvis is Correct . . . . he has “what the fox say” down pat!

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