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Five Regrets To Avoid

Posted by terrepruitt on December 6, 2011

I believe one of my Nia friends on FB posted a reposting of Bonnie Ware’s Top 5 Regrets of Dying*.  You might have seen it.  You’ve probably heard many people repeat the saying and maybe some people even admit that they don’t regret things they have done as much as things they did not do.  This saying kind of sums up what Bonnie said most people’s regrets were.  Or at least the majority of regrets had to do with things they did not do.

The list she compiled consisted of the following 5 things.  To see her post you can click here.

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

Wow, huh?  She said this was the most common regret.  I think living a life true to oneself is very difficult for some people.  First of all one has to decide who they are.  With so much information out there and so many ways to be it is not easy for some to decide who they are, so it is even more difficult to be true to oneself.  Then add on the fact that there are people in your life who expect things from  you.  Not an easy task, but according to Bonnie one of the ones that people regret most not doing.  So while you have a chance, I would suggest you work on it.  I work on it daily.

2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.

Again not an easy task.  Especially if you have kids, bills, and/or a mortgage.  Sad that having kids is the very thing that makes you work more because you want to provide THINGS for them.  They are inundated with WANTING and MUST HAVE, so you, as a good parent want to give them things.  With all the extra hours maybe you end up working through a lot of special times.

Most of us could probably learn to live without a few things, exercise restraint when it comes to certain things.  The article states to simplify which could lead to less need, which could lead to more space and happiness.

Yes, I know easier said than done.  But if we listen to lessons from people who have been there sometimes we can save ourselves a lot of heartache.

Remember Bonnie has shared this information from people who are dying.  And these are common regrets.

3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.

I think learning how to express one’s feelings correctly helps supply courage.  Feelings are emotions that cannot always be helped.  But our actions based on feelings CAN be controlled.  If we are hurt or angry; screaming, yelling, hitting, throwing things, etc. are not good ways to express your feelings.  These things might be therapeutic ways to vent, but they are not good ways to express feelings.  Learning better ways is a step in having the courage.  Also, being in tune with who you are expressing your feelings too helps.  If you have feelings which are strong you want to share with someone and you are having to work very hard to NOT scream and yell it is usually a good idea to do it at a time when the person is receptive.  Try not to have a serious talk where you are emotional when the other person has had a bad day, is tired, or is in the middle of something.  These circumstance make it difficult for the person you are trying to share with to listen openly and give you what you need.  If they had a bad day and you coming to them telling them they hurt your feelings, might make them feel guilty with an instant reaction of yelling and blaming you.  Putting yourself in that type of situation would do the opposite of helping you have courage.  While Bonnie reminds us we can’t control the reactions of others, we can control WHEN we share with them in order to receive a better response.

4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

Wow.  None of these are easy, huh?  I mean, I have many friends I don’t see as often as I’d like.  Life is busy.  And maybe #2 and #3 actually had an effect on #4?  Could be.  But maybe if we work less and have less stuff to deal with we would have more time for friends.  I know that I could be a little bit more timely with some things instead of waiting for the last minute.  Then I might be free to meet with a friend when she called instead of having to buckle down and get stuff done.

But with all of the social networking available to us, keeping in touch with people might be a little easier than in the past.  We will have to see.  Because it also leads to us having more friends to keep in touch with.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

Hmmm.  Interesting.  Seems like people on their death bed actually admitted to keeping themselves from being happy.    According to Bonnie, they didn’t realize until they were dying that it is a choice.  One chooses to be happy.  Again, maybe this ones ties in with the ones above.  If you figure out who you are and are true to yourself you’ve probably realized you made a choice to be happy.  If you work less and fill you life and your heart up with more wonderful moments you have made a choice.  If you learn the dance of self expression, you will have allowed yourself to be happy.  If you keep in touch with friends and they are the good ones that fill your life and heart, then you’ve made a choice to be happy.

Wow.  Seems like all the regrets on the list are related.  Seems to be that working on these now could help keep us from having regrets when it is too late.  Doing these things when you have the health to do them is important.  As I mentioned maybe #1 thru #4 can help with #5.  Or maybe it is the other way around.  What do you think?

*Bonnie Ware is the author of the new book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.  Visit her official website Inspiration and Chai.

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“The Science of Social Media” – hosted by HubSpot, presented by Dan Zarrella

Posted by terrepruitt on August 23, 2011

I have stated before that I joined the world of social media to promote my Nia business.  Nia has been around for almost 30 years, but not a lot of people know about it.  It did not have the marketing push of Zumba.  Nia is a fitness/wellness practice that includes a cardio dance workout.  I grudgingly joined FaceBook, Twitter, Wellsphere, Merchant Circle, Yelp, Youtube, and many more to share things about health and wellness, and yes primarily Nia.  What happened, of course, was I found friends on FB both new and ones I had lost touch with.  I made friends through my blog and other people’s blogs.  I connected with many people on Twitter.  With all of these real friend connections I often get distracted with conversations on these social media sites.  But then again, I don’t really think of them as distractions because these are my friends now.  They might be people I may never meet face-to-face, but I care about them and — lucky me — they care about me.  But I do still have to try to learn things.  Today I listened to a Guinness World Record-breaking webinar hosted by HubSpot and presented by Dan Zarrella .  It was really interesting.  He shared how a lot of things you might hear are myths.

The presentation was labelled “The Science of Social Media”.  I guess the “science” came in because Mr. Zarrella compiled a bunch of figures from research.  I am gonna share some of the things he stated that I found interesting. Ok – really I am stating interesting facts off the slides because he talked so fast I missed a lot of what he said.  AND they had an earthquake in Virgina before the webinar and it was felt where the presentation was taking place.  They said the audio was having issues because of the earthquake.  But when Mr. Z slowed down, it was fine.

He had a lot of charts graphs and all types of things explaining how he came to these conclusions and these were the times when his rate of speech doubled so I think he was very excited about how he came up with this info but it also made it very hard to understand.  But . . . this provides a great opportunity for me to let you know that Hubspot is going to post the webinar so you can listen to it yourself.  I am just pointing out some highlights and what I got out of it.  It is always better to listen to the source when you have the opportunity.

Here are three myths:

– Engaging in the conversation is the most important thing.

From what I understood, he was saying this is not true IF you were trying to get huge exposure.  We are all on social networks for our own reasons.  So this MIGHT be a true fact for you, but in Mr. Z’s context he was saying it is NOT the most important thing when you are trying to get exposure.

– Don’t call yourself a guru.

His research showed people calling themselves gurus had HUGE followings.  So as long as you follow up your “guru” claim with good/valuable info you can call yourself that.

– Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are bad days to publish.

He said he found this not to be true.  He explained people can spend much more time on things (posts, links, e-mail, etc) because there is less traffic on those days.  So it sounds as if so many people believe this to be true so they don’t publish on those day which actually makes it false.

Additional points:

– Highly followed accounts tweet a lot of links.
Well, for me as a follower, if that is all that I see in a twitter stream I usually don’t bother following.  So, as I said, we all use social media for our own purposes so not all of his information applies to everyone.  He was sharing what his research showed by the numbers he studied.

– Don’t tweet “over” yourself. 
If you tweet out a link or information, let it set a bit. Give people time to see it before you tweet more information.  Some of this I think you just learn as you go.

– Don’t talk about yourself too much and
– Positive tweets and posts are what people want to read
These two points I thought were funny because I think of them as obvious as the sky.  But maybe it was stated for people living under a rock.  And there is a fine line, which was not actually addressed.  I think the fine line would be more educational.  I mean, people DO want to hear about you as a person, but how much is the question.  And people also don’t care to read false positives.  I mean life does have some negative aspects and sometimes it is ok to share them.  Again, the question is: how much?

– Write to the 5th grade level.
Regardless of what your audience’s education level may be this is a widely used level.

– Asking for a retweet works.
He said when you ask nicely for followers to retweet or share they do.

These are highlights of what I found most interesting.  There was a lot of information to support the busting of each myth, but that information you can hear when you listen to the webinar yourself.  You’ll will want to, if you have time and you are interested in learning more about social media.  HubSpot is a great tool for learning about social media.  They often have free webinars and downloads.  You might want to visit their site to see all they have to offer.  Thanks again, HubSpot and Mr. Dan Zarrella, as always I received some great info from you!

Here is the link to the webinar, http://www.hubspot.com/science-of-social-media-thanks/

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Its All About Love

Posted by terrepruitt on October 14, 2010

As you know, I wanted to share Nia with the world. There are a lot of people, students, teachers, trainers, and participants that share my desire.  For me the easiest and quickest thing to do was to join the plethora of Social Networking.  So I joined Twitter and when I did I looked for people who were tweeting about Nia.  In doing so I ran across Lissa Rankin.  She lives North of the San Francisco Bay Area.

She recently wrote a book that I had no intention of buying because I just didn’t think I needed it.  Then during her book tour she did an in person launch but she was across the country.  So for us on the west coast she did a live online launch.  She read from her book and that is what had me jumping on Amazon to buy it.  Her book is not so much NEW information as it is more like confirmation for me.  I am not even half way through the book so I can’t say that I won’t learn something I never knew.

I can say that I love the way it is written.  Lissa is down to earth and lovable.  While she is an Medical Doctor not all of her answers are “go see a doctor”.  This last section I read had me jumping up to the laptop because I have been trying to find a post topic and the feeling I felt made me think, “Ah-ha!”

The feeling I am getting from this book thus far is health and well-being.  Every topic she touches upon has the same message . . . “its your body . . . . be aware of what is a healthy state and a not healthy state . . . love and take care of your body . . . above all be safe.”

It is a book — so far — I would recommend women of all ages read and men read too.  It could serve as a great learning tool for men and women a like.  I am sure when I am done reading it I will have more to say, but so far, I just wanted to put it out there that even though this book is about “What’s Up Down There?” its underlying message is be healthy and safe and love yourself and your body.

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