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Hanging Among The Stars

Posted by terrepruitt on December 23, 2016

I have a large assortment of ornaments.  I love them all.  I am not one to have a theme for the Christmas tree or only hang certain ornaments on the tree.  I love all types of ornaments.  My hubby is not really all that fond of Christmas, but he does have some ornaments that he loves.  He loves his superhero ornaments and his Star Trek ornaments.  I thought it was funny that this one (which one is it, Honey?) ended up among the stars.

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Bye Bye Bill

Posted by terrepruitt on April 28, 2015

We ditched cable.  Yup.  My husband has been asking me forever if he can cancel cable.  I have not been receptive to the idea because there are a few shows I like to watch on Network TV.  He got a ROKU and he signed up for Netflix.  This was a long time ago.  We watch a lot of our favorite shows on Netflix.  Not new stuff.  We tend to watch things over again.  I am in the middle of watching Fraiser for the third time.  We also watch the Star Treks over again.  We have a few other series that we watch on Netflix, but sometimes we have to wait for Netflix to get the seasons.  You may be familiar with the phenomenon of binge watching a show and then having to wait for the next season to be acquired by Netflix.  Recently my husband signed up for Hulu.  This was because some of his shows could be watched on Hulu.  Hulu gets shows sooner than Netflix.  It works out because we can watch them when we want to watch them.  We don’t have a DVR, so Hulu and Netflix work good.  That left just us needing cable even less.  But doesn’t it figure that the only channel that is not on Netflix or Hulu is the channel and the shows that I want to watch.  Well, he must have been doing a lot of research in order to get rid of cable.  He found CBS has their own streaming channel.  Ahhh . . . . my shows.  Anytime I want.  So we got rid of cable.

We didn’t have any fancy cable package because we don’t really watch that much “new” TV.  As I said, we tend to watch shows over and over and over again.  I think I mentioned that before in a post.  We have a lot of DVDs and Netflix works good for us.  Not only did we not have a lot of cable channels we didn’t have the channels in HD.  That is one of the reasons why my husband likes to watch the shows he watches on Hulu instead of when they are broadcast on TV because it is in HD.  Once he got Hulu for his shows the number of shows we watched on broadcast TV was down to three.  So he wanted to cancel cable, but as I said, CBS didn’t put their shows on Hulu or Netflix.

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We had our first giggle this past weekend while we were trying to decide if we were going to watch a re-run of Saturday Night Live.  We were discussing that it really wasn’t that good, when my husband said, “Oh, we can’t watch it even if we wanted to.”  Again, I laughed because we don’t have the TV channels any longer.  Ha!

I am already really enjoying the CBS channel on Thursday nights because I have to teach and usually I rush home to get dinner on the table by 8:00 so I can see Big Bang Theory.  I find that when I watch reruns I think I haven’t see the episode, but 10 minutes in I realize I have.  But what happens is I am busy with putting dinner on the table so I miss the first few minute.  Now . . . I can watch it when I want.  I think with both Hulu and CBS there is a time limit.  But so far I haven’t been affected by it on Hulu and we just got the CBS channel thing so I will have to see about that.

Another great thing is we have one less remote.  At one point when cable did something (I don’t even know what) they gave us a remote that we had to use INSTEAD of our TV remote.  We had five (eyes rolling).  Now we only have four.

Do you have cable?  How many channels do you have?  What are your favorite shows?  Do you have Netflix?  Do you have Hulu?

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Ferengi Shot Glass

Posted by terrepruitt on March 5, 2011

Do you collect anything?  My husband collects shot glasses.  He has them from all over.  ALL over . . . . . . even space.  This one is probably from the furthest away.  This is a shot glass from Ferenginar 🙂 .  Ferengi is from the Star Trek Empire.

You might be able to see it is made up of two pieces.  The metal piece made up of rings that hold the glass “shot glass” portion.  It is a fun design.  I guess it is perfect for off world shot taking.  I don’t know if he has ever drank out of it.  Now that I think about it is quite funny.  He collects shot glasses, but he doesn’t really drink shots.  He does like to buy a shot glasses from places we have been.  So it is the collecting of the item that brings him pleasure.  It is a bonus if the shot glass is cool or unusual.

Because I started this blog to promote Nia, my Nia classes, and grow in my Nia practice by writing and posting about it, I always have Nia in the back of my mind when I am writing a post.  Even if it has nothing to do with Nia, like this one.  It is about collecting, it is to share picture of this particular shot glass.  But as I was typing the part about my husband collecting shot glass because it makes him happy, it brings him pleasure I thought of a comparison to Nia.

The  similarity is that he doesn’t really like to drink shots, a person could not really like to workout or exercise.  My hubby likes to buy shot glasses, it brings him pleasure, Nia is a dance, if you like to dance it brings pleasure.  If the shot glass is cool or unusual it is better, Nia is cool, it is unusual, it is different.  The fact that John doesn’t really drink shots doesn’t mean that it is not nice to have shot glasses around in case he wants one so he gets the benefits of owning them.  Nia doesn’t really FEEL like exercise because the participants are involved in a movement that bring pleasure, but since we are moving in all different ways, up down, around, fast, slow, and engaging so many body parts and muscles it IS a workout.  You DO receive benefits as you do when you do traditional exercise.

Funny how things can be connected.  Funny how things can be collected.  Do you collect anything?  What?

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